People Break Down The Worst Accents They've Heard In Film and TV

As an actor, I find it insulting when other actors' accents are not correct. It's simple if you can't do the part, then please don't!

And completing the part may very well be mastering an accent different from your voice. Get a coach, get a teacher... WATCH A MOVIE FROM THE REGION!

This is not an arduous task to take part in, especially if you're being paid!

Get it together, people.

Redditor bungeeman wanted to discuss and critique all the bad acting we've had to listening to, by asking:

What's the worst attempt at an accent you've ever heard in a movie or TV show?

Now we can't all be Meryl Streep, but we can try.

"please stop that"

Smackdown Live Reaction GIF by WWEGiphy

"I love that bit in David Tennant's run of Doctor Who where his companion attempts a Scottish accent and David Tennant (who is Scottish) just goes "please stop that" in character." ~ available2tank


"Sons Of Anarchy when they 'visited' Ireland. Abysmal. Just employ Irish actors, there are freaking crap loads of them." ~ Kenneth-Kebab

"Enjoyed this until that season."

"So much of it was bad, having to smuggle across the border from Northern Ireland to Ireland (there is no border, its open), the accents were terrible, and even when they got Irish actors, they didn't even try to do the correct regional accent. We have super green grass, we do not have brown sun scorched grass! Also why were the paramilitaries running guns from Belfast, where it's hard to get guns, to the USA!" ~ bickykid

Mr. Reeves

"Keanu Reeves in Bram Stokers Dracula. Love the guy, but no. Just bad, bad, bad." ~ UnfinishedThings

"I loved that version of Dracula. The visual style, the cinematography, and the performances of Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins. The biggest problem in the movie are Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder. They're fine actors, they were just kind of miscast in those roles. And the accents (especially Keanu's) didn't help." ~ Hutcher_Du


"Half the people on True Blood." ~ keesouth

"It started as a Louisiana whodunit and the adventures of a Mindreader, Vampires (from the mysterious new arrival to the vampire politicians having debates on CNN), racists drug addicts, and the most flamboyant drug dealer in recent times (RIP Nelsan Ellis). It was always off the rails, it;s just a fun ride that wasn't meant to be taken seriously (but yeah still last seasons are all over the place)." ~ Dynamicphone


Steven Seagal Reaction GIF by MOODMANGiphy

"Every fake accent Steven Seagal has." ~ brock024

Steven Seagal. Is he still a thing? Does he even have a normal voice, never mind an accent? And Keanu Reeves can do no wrong!

Oh Girl!

cameron diaz thinking GIFGiphy

"Cameron Diaz-gangs of New York. Comes and goes, and is difficult to figure out what accent she's doing." ~ PirogiRick


"Not as bad as some of the others mentioned here but, Emma Watson's American accent. Her English accent always slips through." ~ mandafofanda

"Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of my favorite movies but when I recommend it I have to acknowledge that her accent is spotty and best and kinda distracting." ~ painterknittersimmer

"I just watched this last week, and MAN it was hard to watch. It's like she could do nothing else but focus so hard on trying to mimic an American accent." ~ GavinTheAlmighty

Tommy Boy

"Tom Cruise's Irish accent in Far and Away. Worse, I was watching it in Ireland at a movie theater when it came out. The audience was laughing so hard it was difficult to hear the dialogue." ~ desertsail912

"It's LEGENDARY in Ireland as the ultimate example of a truly terrible Irish accent. It's up there with Derby O'Gill and the Little People!"

"To be fair, most Irish accents in film and TV are terrible With the notable exception of Charlie Cox in the Irish drama Kin that's airing at the moment. His Dublin accent is almost flawless. Ireland is super impressed, the media keep mentioning it!" ~ Queen_beeeeee


"German language in general sounds awkward in english productions. It seems they never bother to get an actual german speaker to do the lines." ~ Mangobonbon

Y"ep and they always use that 80 years old dictionary to have them say 'Fräulein' and 'Liebchen'. 'The man in the high castle' had some actors who at least spoke german. But mostly it's just gibberish that makes germans cringe." ~ DocSternau

Stop Talking

gerard butler GIFGiphy

"Every movie that Gerard Butler has with his horrible American accent. Just let the guy talk with his Scottish brogue! I'm always embarrassed for him." ~ Canuck_Loonie

That is a lot of wasted money. I remember Cameron in "Kings of New York"... that was a mess. Do better Hollywood.

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