In this day and age we should all know that there is no reason keep any racy or secret pics on our phones, computers, tablets or in our clouds. Everything is hackable and nothing is sacred. The secrets we keep on our instruments will always find a way out and usually it's at the most inappropriate moments. How important is that random shot of God knows what?

Redditor u/TylerDuuurden wanted everyone to fess up about what's been "exposed" on their phones and computers by asking...

What's the most embarrassing/cringy thing you've accidentally shown someone, or something they accidentally saw while using your phone or computer?

 It worked. 

In college I had a crush on a guy whose name was 4 letters. I set it as my phone passcode. When I was home for break, my brother took my phone and started teasing me about liking this guy, then he tried to unlock my phone using his name as the passcode. It worked. cunninglinguist32557

That last video....


Not me, but a friend of mine was living with his dad, and they only had one computer in the house (this was 15+ years ago). My friend was showing his dad how to do something on the computer and they opened up Windows media player. Somehow it started playing the last video watched... which was a lesbian porn video that my friend had been watching. DeathSpiral321


That would be when my sister saw my vagina.

We recently reconnected. We had been estranged because of my absolutely insane mother. We were laughing, talking, just generally catching up on 20 years of life, and of course we were showing one another pictures of our families/houses/friends.

I thought "oh, I'll pull up google photos because then she can just open albums and see each person or whatever all at a time" and I FORGOT that one of the albums is called "naughty" and Google photos chose a VERY naughty pic for the album cover despite my begging it to choose another.

I had the app open to an album of kid pics when I handed it over. She closed the album, swiped to see what other albums she wanted to look at, and I heard "....oh..."

She told her fiancé we got to know one another REALLY well in that first meeting. infinitejezebel

"What the heck is that?"

Way back when, I was playing a bunch of World of Warcraft. This was back when people were making funny machinima youtube videos constantly, and I had them downloaded to my computer so I could show my friends.

Then one day, I setup a very early version of Plex (video streaming software) on my computer, and I hookup my TV for a small party.

Little did I know, Plex scans your media library and then runs out to the internet to find a cover image that Plex thinks matches your movies, so that you have a thumbnail to click when you want to watch that video.

For some of my WoW youtube videos, it found pictures of Orcs and Elves having relations, and threw that up on the screen.

The girl I liked at the party: "What the heck is that?"

Me, borderline speechless: "... I have no idea." Luckboy28

Hey Napoleon....


My mother was once trying to show my friend a picture of John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) she got while at a panel of his. There were my dad's penis pics instead O_o! Tokiw4

Tell Me Toni.....


I was at a pool party and someone asked if they could use my iPod for the music, I obliged. He found a playlist with some songs he liked and put it in. I didn't realize it when the music started but about halfway through making that particular playlist I experienced some heartache, so suddenly the pool party heard "Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton.

I ran out of the pool and was like "oh how'd that happen? Weird" and put in some metal. Smooth. If it happened today I'd just own it and laugh but 17-18 year old me was embarrassed. soulfister



My partner showed his friends some pictures from a vacation years ago and he scrolled too far back and he accidentally showed them my nudes. I was 5ft away and died. osmosisaturn

Mom No! 

Handed my mom my phone to show her a picture of something or other. Didn't think. Next thing I know, she starts swiping.

"Mom, you need to stop! Right now!"
":swipe: why? I never get to see your pictures! :swipe: :swipe:"
"Stop!" :attempt to grab phone:
:look of horror on mom's face:

"Because I have pictures of my penis on there." InsertPlayerTwo

No Nudes. 

I had sent nudes to a guy I was dating. This was before I realized google photos saved everything. I proceed to delete everything from my phone and think I'm in the clear. Well, my ex logged into my google photos and saw I was sending nudes and freaked the hell out. I thought he had downloaded some hacker crap onto my phone. I figured it out, eventually. WalkingOnPavement



My GF and I had just gotten back from my sister's out of town wedding. Her super conservative mom asked to see some photos so I opened one on my phone and handed it to her. What I had completely forgot was that my GF had dressed up as a sexy nurse that weekend (I had just gotten out it hospital for some health issues) and I had taken a bunch of photos of her in costume, straddling me.

These pictures were RIGHT before the wedding pictures. I don't usually have scandalous things on my phone so I completely forgot. Her mom didn't say anything and just handed me back my phone after a minute. She's super polite and I doubt she would ever say anything but I'm pretty positive she saw. My poor GF was mortified. smas1



My fiancé was sending me some sexy nudes on Snapchat one day. She had a bit too much to drink by this time. I got all of them, but so so did one of her sisters and a few she accidentally posted to her story. Luckily one of her female friends saw it and told her so she could delete them before anyone else saw them. Her sister snapped her back a thumbs up that said didn't want to see that, but hey nice vagina! Lol. She was incredibly embarrassed naturally and it took a while before I got saucy pics again. Dis4Wurk

"Is there anything else you need?"

Oh god.

My internet was down. Had to have the Bell Aliant guy come to fix it. When it was fixed he asked me to just check it was working properly, so I refreshed a tab and it instantly opened the porn I was watching before the internet died.

As a 21 year old woman that was the most horrifically embarrassing moment of my life. He then said "Is there anything else you need?" And I became worried I was living in the plot to the world's most cliché porn. DreyaNova

Damn Bluetooth!

During college my girlfriend worked night shifts so I would sometimes crash at her place that way I'd be there when she got off in the mornings. one night her roommates had a few people over to drink and I, being alone, decided to crank one out. Spent about 3-5 mins watching some.... material wondering why the audio wouldn't work on my phone. Then I hear an eruption of laughter from the kitchen (it was a small apartment).

Turns out I was the last one that connected to the bluetooth speaker they were using and was blasting my porn audio to an apartment full of people. I have never been so embarrassed in my life and I laid there for what felt like an eternity afterwards listening to them all die laughing. thabender



I was kind of on the flipside of this when my uncle was going through pictures of my baby cousin on his phone and swiped too far to show me a picture of my auntie standing completely naked in a doorway. The image is still burned into my mind!!! jamiedunne420


IT guy here. Waaaaay back in the day I was using Netscape which had this feature of popping up the last site you were on (I believe this was default). Anyways I had legitimately been doing some research on hacking since I was the administrator for a small web hosting company so of course the sites I hit were chock full of pop up ads with porn.

So some Monday my boss and another woman, I think she was basically the EA, wanted to look at something on my computer so I go sure, np. Fire up Netscape and bam, up pops like 8 adult sites. I was pissed. Luckily they believed my story (I think) but still, embarrassing.

Other than that nothing, I'm not stupid enough to use a work phone or computer to look at "art". Also LPT, if you're attached to your work VPN, don't be browsing the naughty bits. AztecWheels

Praise the Lord!

I was helping a man with some kind of intellectual impairment download a Bible app onto his phone. I had to go into his browser to search something for him, and it was all porn. About 50 tabs open, each showing what term he'd put into Google, and the search terms were the kind that a 10 year old would use.

I finished getting him the app and attempted to peace out, although not before having to tactfully decline giving him my phone number. LittleBitOdd



A friend was showing us his holiday pictures and accidentally swiped too far and showed us all a selfie of his b-hole when he tried to fix it. bfgjuju123

"I didn't see that."

Had the minister of my church at my house. He wanted to upload music from his laptop onto my Zune (tells you when this was). He turns it on and the Zune immediately displays a topless picture of my fianceé, a girl he's known since birth having been best friends with her parents. He just clears his throat and says, "I didn't see that." The rest of my time with him that day was incredibly awkward but he never brought it back up again. edit: To clear up any confusion the picture was on my Zune that I had taken. The pastor knew nothing about it prior to seeing it. gil_beard

"hey, we can share."


Older man caught me looking at boobs on my phone during a bus ride home. I quickly scrolled up, realizing that I was in public. He leaned over and said "hey, we can share." Got off three stops before my own. gyratepirate

Lifted Tricks. 

Dude I used to lift with. His phone is face up on the floor next to the bench bar. Literally every day at the gym she'd be texting pics of everything.... What's funnier is she'd be texting him , "come home to have this" and he'd just keep lifting... it was odd. mysticalfruit


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