People Break Down Small Changes To Live A More Fulfilling Life
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If you want to change your life, you're not going to find the answers in seminars you pay hundreds of dollars for just to spend a weekend in some cramped room near Penn Station and hear some faith healer yell at you about your choices. That's what some people I knew in another friend group did and let me tell you, they went all-in on this self-help cult.

Turns out the things you need to do are far less complicated and often less expensive, as we learned once Redditor whendidwestop asked the online community, "What are some small changes someone can do to live a more fulfilling life?"

"I leave work..."

I leave work at work then go to my second job lol. It's okay to worry about to tomorrow... In a healthy way. Worrying about tomorrow is why I had to get a second job and it was very important I had that sort of insight otherwise I'd be facing homelessness.

I'm also always thinking about tomorrow's tomorrow because in the near future I should, not only be caught up in my debt, but have some extra savings and money for art supplies for the brighter tomorrow where I'll have enough time to paint and a cushion in case of emergency.


"Be proactive..."

Be proactive about your relationships. Touch base with your friends/family on a consistent basis.



Be appreciative.

Appreciate what you DO have rather than what you don't

Appreciate that every day is a gift that someone else might not have the luxury of living through.

Appreciate those around you who make your life brighter.


"People either will like you..."

Stop trying to make people like or love you.

This is not just a waste of time, but it's often counterproductive as there is often nothing more offputting than someone obviously working hard to garner your affections.

People either will like you for who you are or they won't, or maybe the timing just isn't good and they don't have time to be a better friend, have new friends, having a serious relationship, etc.



Consistently do the small things that keep your living space a bit more clean and organized: wipe down counters after use; put dishes in the sink even if you won't wash them right away; make your bed, even if it's literally just straightening and pulling up the comforter; put away clean clothes even if you don't fold or hang them neatly; keep dirty clothes in a hamper instead of on your bed and floor, etc. It helps your mood, productivity and health much more than you'd think.


"They say holding a grudge..."

They say holding a grudge is like taking poison and thinking the other person will die. You don't have to forget everything to learn how to move on with your life. Living well really is the best revenge.


"Try surrounding yourself..."

Try surrounding yourself with positive people and good positive back and forth relationships and friendships. I've recently started distancing myself from some real toxic argumentative and negative people in my life and it has done wonders for my mental health and daily outlook.


"Don't get hung up on..."

Don't get hung up on who asks who to make plans. If you want to see people or socialize more, just ask them even, if you asked the last time and the time before. Being a social initiator is really valuable and people appreciate it a lot.

Don't make how many people ask you to do things an assessment of your worth.


"The longer you take..."

BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR MISTAKES!!! This one changed my life. The longer you take to own up to a mistake, the harder it gets to open up about it. Own it early, fix it if you can (if not commit to doing better next time), then move on. Taking responsibility and learning from your mistakes is huge.


"We've created a toxic pop culture..."

Instead of avoiding responsibility, embrace it.

Responsibility creates meaning, and meaning creates a deeper, more fulfilling life.

Without it, nihilism will take over your life and cause you to waste the precious little time you have here.

Take on the responsibility of your life, your family, a job, a business, a work of art, some creative endeavor, something to be proud of..

We've created a toxic pop culture that centers around avoiding responsibility....if that's how you're going about life, you are doing it wrong. You will wake up one day and feel totally empty.

Responsibility -> Meaning -> Fulfilling Life.


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