There’s no question that therapy is one of the most helpful treatment methods with regard to emotional hardship, trauma, or mental health. A licensed therapist is full of good advice.

They can show you some smaller forms of therapy you can implement, defense mechanisms you can use, or even tell you what you need to hear.

A therapist once asked my friend, "Is there data to support that fear?" It is now the question of the day every day at work. Therapists can be brilliant!

Redditors have seen this firsthand, and they are ready to share what they learned.

Redditor SugarMumma asked:

"What was the best advice you got from your therapist?"

Setting Boundaries

"Setting boundaries will upset the person who crosses/needs them set the most."

– wrongreasons2242

"Bingo. Resistance to boundaries or annoyance them is a solid red flag."

– SiliconPenguin

You Are Only Responsible For Yourself

"You are not responsible for what other people do."

– Doodle-Cactus

"Similarly, you are not responsible for how someone is going to feel."

"Meaning, “if I tell my girlfriend that it bothers me that she leaves the dishes unwashed, she’ll be mad at me. And I don’t want her to be mad, so I’ll just not say anything”

"You’re not responsible for her reaction to your honest good faith communication. You need to communicate it anyway and let her feel how she’s going to feel. Don’t “decide” for her."

– sevencoves

"If I'm not the problem, there is no solution."

"That one saved my life."

– marvelousteat

Love Heals

"She got me to realize how many defense mechanisms I had constructed to defend the little kid inside of me who wanted love and acceptance. Whether that be judging myself and trying to get ahead of other peoples’ criticism, or lashing out defensively at perceived slights."

"She was a good therapist, so she got me to come to those conclusions myself."

– mjknlr

Writing Also Heals

"The greatest thing a therapist ever told me to do was to keep a journal. I thought he was crazy at first but it’s incredibly therapeutic to write your day and thoughts down."

"I also like to go back and read previous entities and see how far I’ve come from certain situations and such."

– Starlight_City45

"I've been journaling for a year, yeah it's not easy on some days but let me tell you... It helps! Really helps to unclutter the clutter in my head. I have a journal app with prompts. Makes me think about my feelings which really helps and takes me through steps to feel better if at all I'm feeling negative feelings."

– noir-Blossom

Examine Your Role

"Just because your feelings are hurt doesn’t mean you’re right. I didn’t listen in the moment, but I think about that almost a decade later."

– mbane_800

"Yep. Stop and consider how you have contributed in this"

– pineapplewin

Making It Work

"Anxiety will never go away, but you can learn to manage it."

– Present-Tension9924

"I think the takeaway from this is to try not to get into a mindset of 'waiting until you're better' to move forward in life. It's more like hey, this is who I am, let's figure out how to make it work."

– baywchrome

Does The Data Back It Up?

"If you catch yourself making assumptions about a person's actions or intentions, ask yourself, "Where is the evidence for this?""

– philwatanabe

15 Minutes of Infamous Tasks

"Take at least 15min of your day every day to do something you don't want to do, but that needs to be done. Like cleaning your room, paying bills ect. It won't be as hard to begin with it if you tell yourself you can stop after 15 minutes. Often times you will do more than that just because you tricked yourself into starting. And at the end of the day, you won't feel like you wasted your time because you achieved something."

– firedexo

Don't Get Dragged Into Drama

"Not your circus, not your monkeys."

– chrisbe2e9

"F*ck this is such a good one to keep in mind though"

– Few-Background2498

Therapy is not a magic solution, but therapists are here to help, and sometimes, their advice may even save a life.

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