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Our word is our bond.

If we don't stand by our truth, then who are we?

Now that is not to say we can't change our minds about things.

Changing our minds on our opinions often signals that we've learned something new.

Therefore we've grown and now stand over here.

Sadly that seems to be missing more and more these says.


Redditor Youhavemystapler11 wanted to hear about people's 'to the death' convictions. So they asked everyone around:

"What’s a hill you’re willing to die on every time?"

Pineapple is good on pizza. I. STAN!


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"Repeal Citizen United. Nothing to discuss. Politicians should have to list where every freaking dollar comes from."


Full Coverage

"Health insurance should cover the whole body. The fact that vision and dental are separate things is a pure cash grab."


"So is most dermatology. I find it ridiculous that I can’t utilize a regular dermatologist unless it is suspected or confirmed that I have skin cancer. Won’t even biopsy anything cosmetic. I have very fair skin and red hair. My younger sister is blonde with olive skin and has already had precancerous moles removed."


A Wonderful Place

"Public libraries are undervalued by many."


"I’m in a situation where I just can’t do my homework nor can I study at home and my public library has saved me. Honestly now that I’m going to the library everyday, I have a schedule and I feel overall way less depressed and way more productive."


"Yes!! Same. Going to the library to study was the only thing that stopped me from spiralling into depression when I was at uni. It also forced me to have at least a little human interaction."


For the love of God!

"Use a damned turn signal."


"What I really love is when I'm at a T intersection trying to make a left onto a highway and the people coming from the left don't signal that they're making a right, and after it becomes clear they're making a right it's now too late to turn because of cars behind them. Makes me want to throw a Molotov through their window."


18 & Up

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"Children beauty pageants are creepy as hell and parents who subject their children to such scrutiny and judgement are crazy, and don’t deserve children."


Are we STILL doing child beauty pageants? So creepy.


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"People are completely fine with immoral/morally gray actions as long as it’s someone they like doing it."


"Expansion on that thought. They’re fine with horrible things being done to people as long as they feel no need to identify with the people having horrible things done to them."


Just Listen

"Disagreeing is not a personal attack."


"Also: you can listen to someone and understand what they’re saying, without agreeing with them. Just because you don’t agree, doesn’t mean you’re refusing to listen."


"Sadly, most people think they already have both, so they lock their feet in and never actually achieve the ability to practice either."


Yes I Can

"Getting compliments as a Dad for normal parenting behavior."

"Yes, I can feed, bath and put to bed a 9,7, and 2 year old. No I didn't need to call my wife for direction. No, the house didn't burn down."

"The praise you are heaping upon me doesn't make me feel good. It just makes me feel bad for you, your kids and your husband."


Know Better

"That 75% of the USA needs to retake an American Government class. The fact that most people don’t even know we have 3 branches of government baffles me."


"They're super simple too: The President, The Senate, and The Candlestick Maker."


"100% of this country needs to take a religious history class so that they can understand why our Founding Fathers gave us the Freedom of Religion. I’m amazed at how many people don’t know about the Inquisitions or the Reformation. People don’t know where their denomination came from. They don’t know that the Catholic Church was first."



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"Apologies mean nothing, without changed behaviors."


"This is part of the reason why I hate people who use apologies to get rid of tensions/awkwardness. If you don't plan on changing the way you act; just leave the person alone."


That last one right there... show you're sorry, don't say it.