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When I started my career as a performer, I was terrified about auditioning.

For actors, there is no other vulnerable moment than when you show strangers your capabilities, passions, and everything you've dedicated yourself to learning only to be dismissed with a "Thanks for coming. Next."

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One sign of a truly intelligent person is having the ability to change your opinions in the face of contrary evidence. Note, we did not say anything about enjoying the process.

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I'm actually a big fan of Canada...

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Oh the things we learn with age. Realization and wisdom are gifts of each decade. One of the first things you realize is that when we're young... we're pretty gullible. We will believe anything and our minds and imaginations run on sugar into perpetual overdrive. Kids are funny.

Redditor u/_definitelynotgod wanted to discuss all the things we were way off about when we were too young to know better by asking..... What was the biggest misconception that you had as a child?
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It's human nature to be very stubborn about opinions we hold. From the beginnings of humanity, we have disagreed about everything from religion to sports teams. But what happens when someone changes their mind about one of these strong opinions? These Reddit users have some interesting answers.

u/Coolheaded_Convector asked: What's the strongest opinion you've ever held that you changed your position on? What happened?

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