Movies are weird, man.

Do you know how many movie plots could be resolved if people just talked to each other?

That's a sure sign of lazy screenwriting, by the way. When a simple misunderstanding could be cleared up with just two minutes of conversation, you know the stakes aren't necessarily high.

But it happens all the time.

If someone demands you explain yourself in real life, you'd probably just do it so life can go on and everyone can live happily ever after.

Turns out there are even more annoying things in the movies we watch that don't exactly ring true.

We heard all about them after Redditor Webbie-Vanderquack asked the online community:

"What do people do in movies that nobody does in real life?"

"Live in a gigantic apartment..."

"Live in a gigantic apartment downtown even though they don't have a job. AND it's decorated by art dealers."


Yeah, what's up with that?

You can't just do that!

Meanwhile, the rest of us are just poor as hell.

"Even if..."

"Even if it's a one vs multiple people fight and they could have easily overhelmed the one person together, they always take turns/do it one on one. What's up with that?"


Have to pause while you get those wisecracks in, don't you know?

"Not answering questions..."

"Not answering questions with yes or no. So many movie plots could be cleared in 10 minutes."



What did I tell you?

All this "I can explain!"

BS... and then they don't explain (or listen, for that matter).

"Drive along..."

"Drive along regularly making eye contact with their passenger for more than 2 seconds. Makes me uncomfortable every time."


Clearly movie characters never learned to keep their eyes on the road at all times.


"Rotating the steering wheel back and forth all the time when going completely straight."


I wonder how many people grew up thinking that that's just the way you drive.

Must have made things quite awkward at their driver's test.

"The TV..."

"The TV always turns on to the exact moment the relevant news story is on."


How convenient!

No flipping the channel... nothing.

What a world.

"Having an idiot sidekick..."

"Having an idiot sidekick constantly asking questions about what you’re doing. I know the sidekick is a stand in for the audience."


Incredibly annoying, but I guess this means filmmakers think general audiences are stupid.


"Books with a thousand pages and microscopic type always open to the exact page and explicitly give the exact solution to the crisis."


No one's ever heard of a table of contents or being forced to skim and skim and skim until you find the answers.

"When a sex scene..."

"When a sex scene finishes and both characters roll over and go straight to sleep as if they haven’t just made a big mess."


Movie characters are so confident about their smells and aromas, aren't they?


"Sound editors..."

"Break traction and squeal the tires around every corner, regardless of speed, even on dirt and gravel. Sound editors seem to have a serious hard on for the sound of burning rubber."


They really do–makes you wonder if they've ever actually driven a car.

Remember, movies aren't real life, so it makes sense they take at least some of these liberties.

I hate that I have to stress movies aren't real life but have you been outside lately?

Characters who won't explain things right away are the least of our worries.

Have some observations of your own? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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