Why do men have such an issue when it comes to sharing?

Specifically sharing about what matters most in life, our feelings and insecurities.

I know men feel that they've been trained to repress all of that.

And that is sad.

It's time to let it go.

Redditor Forsaken_Zucchini420 wanted all the gents out there to take a moment to discuss a few things. They asked:

"Fellas, what is your biggest insecurity as a bf/husband and why?"

This is your time gents. Speak up and share. No judges here.

Never You

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"I play with my daughter all the time but at the end of the day, she always prefers mummy."


Care work is work...

"Well I quit my job to pursue my dream of owning my own business but it's going to take a long time to get there so right now, I'm just a stay at home dad. I thought it'd feel awesome being at home and being with my daughter while my wife works. It is awesome being with my daughter each day but man I feel kinda crappy now being a stay at home dad, like I'm not doing my part as a husband and father."



"My gf becoming dissatisfied with the relationship and slowly losing the affection she has for me eventually leading her to cheat."


"This is how I feel. I’m afraid that somebody might come around who will catch her attention. And then just like that, she will be gone. I try my best every day to be the best boyfriend that i’ve learned to be. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in past relationships. This relationship I will not f**k up. I want this woman to be by my side."



"That I'm not worthy of her. She's the total package and I'm just... me. What makes it really crazy is that we have been together for almost 34 years and I still feel this way. In no way, shape, or form has she shown me that this might be true. She's literally the perfect partner."


"just settling"

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"That I am not good enough, in any sense of the word, and that my partner is 'just settling' because I'm stable. Can't help but feel sometimes they're just waiting for something better to come alone, ya know?"


It's sad how we all think we're unique in our worries. But yet, here we are, more alike than not.


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"That I cannot fix every problem they have and that I am not always the problem when they’re upset. I have to let them be upset and understand it’s not always me and it’s okay to just listen to them."


Show me the...

"The lack of money that I make."'


"Just to chime in here because most people haven’t really understood you. It’s ok as a man to have an expectation of yourself to be able to provide for your family. If the wife earns more so be it but if crap hits the fan then you know you got your family covered financially when the worst happens."


Wrong Time

"I know it is unlikely but dying at the wrong time. Like driving the family somewhere or she is at work (she works odd hours) and it is just me and the kids. I had this walking nightmare for years of me getting like a stroke while driving down the highway and sliding out of control with everyone screaming or me just keeling over at home while my kids sit with my corpse for 6 hours. As for why maybe it is because I like problem solving stuff for them and one day that is going to go away."



"The fact that I’m about to be a stay at home dad and her parents keep bothering me about what I’m gonna do. She’ll makes significantly more than I ever could and there’s literally no point in me working anymore. I just don’t like being judged. Thank you all for the thoughts and encouragement! To clear a matter up I tend to be a people pleaser and it’s something I’m really trying to work past right now, so I may not want to care about what they think, but I still do at this time!"



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"I married her because she is the only woman I have been with that actually makes all my insecurities go away."


Everyone has insecurities gentlemen. You're not alone.

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