Secrets and lies. That is what life is about. We're holding back a few details from our loved ones and the world at large. Sometimes the truth hurts, sometimes it sets you free. Ahhh, the great coin toss of life.

Redditor u/ceraix wanted to see who was willing to spill some tea regarding relationships by asking.... What secret are you keeping right now?

Born Different. 

Not keeping it anymore, but I was born with cleft lip and palette so when people asked about my scars, I said I got into a knife fight. I was also like 7 inches taller than everyone and a hockey goon, so all my private school friends thought I was just cool. mccewan



I let my cousin win when I play smash bros with her and she always gets really happy when she wins.

lately, she's been letting me win instead and I love seeing her smile when I win. Reddit


I really really like my best friend. She's just got out of a long term mentally abusive relationship. Nows not exactly the right time to say. Captain_Cone

Good for you for realizing that she needs time to heal. Just continue to be there for her as a friend for awhile before you tell her your feelings. Best of luck to you! 14kanthropologist


Throwaway because duh.

I committed fraud to get out of school. I legit faked my mother's death certificate so I could leave with little repercussions after the add/drop period. Told everyone my mom died in a car accident and I had to leave to take care of the estate.

I am doing much better mentally now. jennygetyourguns


My depression hasn't actually gotten any better and if anything has gotten worse. I felt so guilty any time I'd talk to one of my friends about the way I feel, and I couldn't take it anymore. So now they all think I'm doing a lot better and I don't know what to do with myself

Edit: I should also mention I lost my job at the start of the year and due to that no longer have money or insurance and can't afford therapy or my prescription anymore. Thanks for all the advice and well wishes. Namsewell

Praise You.


I won a $10,000 scholarship to pay back school loans. I was told i was the top pick over hundreds of students. But Bc i don't deal well with direct praise, my family doesn't and won't know. phonendatoilet

Big accomplishment! Congrats, internet stranger! katieno14

Movin' On. 

I told my best friend, who knows I'm in love with him, that I'm moving on and trying to find someone else. But really I don't know if I'll ever actually move on, I just don't want him to feel bad. actuallywaffles

We Rent Now. 

My wife might be pregnant and she is really against me telling anyone (including family) until the three month mark. Even though we might be buying a house soon so two very big expenses starting at once scares the crap out of me. (We rent now).

Update: my most upvoted comment thanks!

She told me yesterday after I made the post that she was spotting and I figured that's normal, but this morning she told me that it's full on period time. This relieves me but she's not feeling the best. She was late by three days and we had just put two and two together. Also the house we both really want dropped their asking by 3%, to something that is still at the top of our range, but not as bad as we thought. Ilikewatchingtv

Down Low Sexy.


I've been working out in secret and hiding my power level by wearing hoodies and wearing my hair down for the past 3 months even at the gym and at work. The plan is to go from skinny long hair to shred city crew cut and surprise everyone. So far I've amassed 18 pounds so things are on track! Mydogcopper

Cafe Time. 

Im currently working in a cafe and i work pretty hard and have more experience so i get paid a bit more than other staff and they found out. This has changed how a few of them treat me. But they don't realize I'm in the process of buying the business and how they treat me and act is going to influence if i renew their contracts or not. SycoticManti

Some "Friend"....

I suspect that my conversations with a friend is being sent to my ex, who is trying to bring me down, and I've started to spread false information to that "friend" to truly see if my text messages is being leaked. Bobrasaka

That crap happened to me in high school. My best advice is to just drop them. If they're willing to do that to you, they aren't a real friend. Just a spy.

Edit: confirm first but don't waffle when you know. Super_Bagel

The Love Story. 


I know a couple that broke up about a year ago. They still are friends though and work together and I'm not supposed to tell anyone they broke up. After this long I wonder if it's just a long, elaborate test of my loyalty. DaughterEarth

Soap Opera!

My buddy is planning on leaving his wife, mostly because he found out that his kid isn't actually his, and he suspects the one she's pregnant with isn't either. warboy3

PSA Levels....

I am getting a biopsy on Friday. I may have cancer but I am not telling my siblings or my mom because she also has cancer and it would destroy her to know I might have it also. I am 47 and my sister, dad,u ncle and aunt all died of cancer. Doctor says the PSA level I have means I have a 25% chance of having cancer.

Biopsy is over(thank god) doctor said my prostate looks normal. I won't get the results back until next week. celrdweller



My buddy and his wife are expecting their second kid. He got really drunk one night and told me the news with the biggest smile on his face. I'm the only one who knows right now. My happy, wholesome little secret. whiskeyteacup

Get Help. 

My family doesn't know I walked out of my job nearly four weeks ago. I had two solid interviews that fell through afterwards and I'm still looking. I think I'll get a call back after the job interview I had today. I'm too embarrassed to tell them because I don't want anymore financial help from them. I'm late on rent and broke. The last time I went to my mom's house I stole a couple rolls of toilet paper. ewanmcgregorisgod

Better Days.

That I'm SO lonely after moving to a new city for a girlfriend who broke up me 2 weeks ago. Gotta put on that brave face. Reddit

I was married to my ex for 8 years, drove her to Alaska from Virginia in late 2017. We went because she joined the air Force and got stationed there. She went on deployment about 6 months after being there and when she came back 6 months later she dumped me. I had to live in her house and drive her to and from work every day for two months before I was able to leave.

Now I'm living in my parents spare room and all I have is my computer, my car, and my tools. I'm lost and I have no idea what I'm doing anymore. It only gets worse for me so I feel like I'm afraid to do anything with my life because whatever I do or however hard I try things get taken, broken, or fail on me. I have to pretend I'm good every day and there's nothing good about each day. R4N63R

Hey Karen.

That the operations manager at my work who is a b*tch to the core (her name is actually Karen, shocker) is under investigation for several incidents that should hopefully get that snake canned. Also, I was the one in 10th grade that accidentally pooped my pants in class and those were my boxers in the trashcan in the bathroom. Kickinpuppies

Not Alone.


I just graduated from college and now I'm really depressed. I'm supposed to be looking for a job right now but all I want to do is sleep.

Edit: I am overwhelmed by your response to my comment. Thank you for taking the time to commiserate or give advice. You've given me a lot to think about and I appreciate you all reaching out. 122784

The Fuller Extent.

I'm bulimic. Only my wife knows, and not to the fullest extent. lukeekullukeekul

As someone who recovered from bulimia, I hope you find the help you need. You might not be ready to recover yet, which I understand completely, but when you are, know that there are some amazing resources out there. Life gets a lot better when you're not constantly searching for a bathroom and stressing out everytime you eat. imjustapuppy


If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at

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