Medical Experts Dispel Common Myths We Need To Stop Believing

People believe some really crazy things when it comes to medicine. Sometimes it's what they're taught, sometimes it's nothing more than baseless assumptions. It's important that science and facts are promoted so that false claims don't cause harm. And remember, believing something to be true doesn't make it true.

Aveman201 asked, What are some medical myths that just need to go the f_ck away?

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Reading in the dark does not make you blind.

Reading in the dark makes you blind.

Cold will not reverse an overdose.

If someone overdosed on heroin (or any opioid) DO NOT SHOVE ICE INTO THEIR RECTUM. I promise it will have no effect on their outcome.

Call 911 (now is not the time to worry about cops), breathe for them if so inclined and give Narcan if you have it.

Men and women have the same number of ribs. The Bible is not science.

That men and women have a different number of ribs. People cite the bible for that, but it isn't even in there. Some dumb idiot just read genesis wrong and thought that all men were missing a rib from then on.

He's gonna be really grossed out when he learns what causes pink eye.

I had a great laugh the other day.

I'm currently in Latin America with my boyfriend who is Indian. I'm working at a kindergarten here and one of the kids had pink eye (conjunctivitis) that day.

I came home and told my boyfriend, and asked him to tell me if he noticed my eyes looking red as I shouldn't go back to work if I had caught it. (Which was quite likely really because eww, kindergarteners)

"Why don't you just wear sunglasses?" He asks. "...what?" "If you did catch it just wear sunglasses to school." He looked at me weirdly, as if I should have thought of this already. "I...I don't think that would help. I could still pass it to someone even if I'm wearing sunglasses? I also don't think I can keep sunglasses on all day at work...."

I'm super confused at this point and eventually get him to explain his theory. It turns out that he was taught in school that pink eye was spread through eye contact, and when one of them had pinkeye they would just wear sunglasses. He was 23 years old before finding out this wasn't true.

1) It's true, your hair and nails don't grow after death. 2) Ammonia can help a jellyfish sting, so if you're stung, spray it with Windex.

Two off the top of my head:

1) Your hair and fingernails continue to grow after you die. No, they don't. Your skin dries out and recedes giving the appearance that they continue to grow.

2) Do not pee on someone who just got stung by a jellyfish. All that will do is increase the chance of infection...and maybe turn them on if they're the right person for you.

CPR should only be used on someone who isn't breathing.

That you use CPR on someone if they're having a heart attack.

Cardiac arrest ? heart attack.

Blood is always red. Always.

Your blood is not blue inside of your body. Your blood is always RED! Varying shades of red, sure. It only appears blue because of the way your skin absorbs and reflects light.

Please - don't set your ears on fire.

Ear candling is a safe and effective treatment for excess earwax.

Antibiotic misuse is partly responsible for the rise of superbugs. Only take them for bacterial infections, and finish your regimen!

If you're sick in any way, get some antibiotics.

Relax - it's just differences in air pressure.

Cracking your knuckles will give you bad joints.

Antibiotic soap can do more harm than good, because it kills beneficial bacteria too.

That you need antibiotics in everything and for everything. It's causing bacterial strains to resist antibiotics now.

Regular hand soap will get you just as clean as antibacterial hand soap for everyday use.

Edit: yes I said antibiotic and then proceeded to use an antibacterial example instead. I was trying to make 2 different points, but I can see how it could be misread. The point is still the same though. Overuse both things (although antibiotic is the bigger issue).

One of the oldest of wive's tales...

If you shave, your hair will grow back thicker and darker.

Naturally occurring fats are great sources of energy, having 9 calories per gram.

That all fat is bad for you.

You can't smile your way out of clinical depression.

Maybe not a myth but the ignorance surrounding mental health disorders. OCD, schizophrenia, depression, etc. Not a choice, not to be made light of, and definitely not something you can "snap out of."

Sorry grandma, getting wet in the rain doesn't cause colds.

Would somebody please tell my grandparents generation that rain does not actually have cold germs within it? Thanks.

GMO foods aren't harmful. The science is pretty clear on this.

Most things related to genetically modified foods being bad for you. Scientists aren't trying to kill you, they're trying to increase the nutrition/size of things while reducing reliance on pesticides.

Being gay isn't a choice, and prayer doesn't cure disease. Ever. In fact, telling someone to "pray the gay away" can cause great psychological harm.

Pray the gay away.

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