The mysteries of a woman's body have enchanted men since the beginning of time.

Having met many men I feel that mystery will continue to the end of time.

Which is a surprise seeing how you can research just about anything on Google.

Class is in session gents.

RedditorMiguenzo wanted all the men out here to take some notes, the ladies need you to listen up.

They asked:

"Ladies of Reddit, what is the biggest misconception about your bodies that all men should know?"

A Rusty Knife

"Trim and file your nails, your penis might not feel it when you pleasure yourself but weare like ‘wtf does he have a rusty knife on him?’ We know and it kills whatever you were trying to accomplish."


Like a wave...

"Miscarriages are not, in my experience, a quick over and done with situation. My miscarriage started out as spotting and I immediately got nervous. Went to the ER and of course found out ultrasound was picking up no heart beat. HCG levels were falling. I was not given a D&C. I was sent home and had the worst 'period' of my life at the point for over a week."

"There was a lot of painful cramping, blood went from spotting to full force to chunky. My hormones went out of whack and I broke out like I was in puberty. I was physically and emotionally and mentally a wreck. If your partner is or ever suffers a miscarriage, even if they didn’t want the little bean, it’s still a huge event and just be there for them."

"And don’t tell that person things happen for a reason. I heard that a lot that week. Though it might have actually been what found my thyroid condition, I still don’t consider my miscarriage and my loss some trivial reason to have found another medical crises. I really wanted that baby."

"It was early on so I’ll never know what it was but my heart always sticks to the feeling it was my little boy. And if the person who lost a pregnancy still thinks about it, or still feels sad and it comes to their mind now and then, just let it rush in and then back out. Like a wave, sometimes we just need to wade in the waters."


For the very first time...

"Just because we are tight doesn’t mean we are a virgin. We are probably either uncomfortable or just built that way. Once had a conversation with a boy who tried to convince me (a woman) that I’m wrong and he’s right. He was a Virgin."


"Along the similar lines, having intercourse can strengthen the vaginal muscles and make a girl feel tight. The vagina stretches to accommodate different sizes and constricts afterwards back to its regular size."


ask, ask, ask!

"Only a select few will have a natural and healthy thigh gap. It is by far not the norm. Also, what worked on your ex' doesn't necessarily work for your new partner, so ask, ask, ask!"


"The thigh gap thing is just obvious. Only time I could see a guy being confused about that is if a woman is using shapewear and everything just falls out when they take it off."


Wow women have a lot going on.

The Messy Truth

"Pregnancy really f**ks a body up. There's still a lot of stigma about talking about it but it's not just getting big and then popping out a baby. Your abs can separate, your vagina can tear, most care kits for new moms involves a lot of numbing spray for her body that is ripped apart."

"If your wife has recently given birth she's going to need you to be a superstar of support. Tuning out and letting her take the lead because you can't breastfeed is about the worst thing you can do for your marriage."


Body Marks

"Stretch marks are the most normal things in the world! Treat them accordingly. An ex friend of mines old boyfriend got her naked and saw them and asked her, horrified, how she got hurt. Of course men can get them too! any single person who has a growth spurt anywhere can. I've just only seen confusion/assumptions about it more often on the male part rather than knowledge."



Bbc Three Comedy GIF by BBCGiphy

"I swear I wish I was making this up, but I had one guy ask me if it's true that our vagina 'closes' when we get to our menopausal age. Like it ceases to be there. No sir, it doesn't."


Well that is a lot to process. But I date boys, so I can let it all go. The rest of you, pay attention.

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