People Dispel Myths That Are Still Widely Believed Today
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How can an entire race stay so gullible for so long?

There are lies that we are still being fed and swallowing to this day.

Myths have a long shelf life, even when proven false.

We need to start digging deeper and then settle with reality.

I guess childhood naivete really is hard to let go of.

Redditor GlamourzZ wanted to expose some long overdue truths. They asked:

"What’s a myth/pseudoscientific belief that has been debunked many times, but people still believe?"

Step on a crack. Break your mother's back. Lies. I know. I've tried. Kidding.


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"Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis, no it won't!"


"I crack my fingers all the time and because I'm hyper mobile my knees crack every time I bend down more or less. But I love the feeling of it."


Fluid Scam

"Detox teas. Liver and kidneys do that for you."


"'Detox' is a scam warning word to me with 'cleanse' right behind it. I might be willing to believe what I'm being told about a product but the moment they use those words they've lost all credibility. The funniest experience I ever had with a product like that was a coworker telling me about this amazing drink that cleaned your intestines of waste that somehow got stuck and built up."

"The 'proof' that it worked was these long nasty looking things they crapped out after drinking this supposed miracle cure which they of course took pictures of to show everybody. I looked into it a bit and found that the primary ingredient they all used was the same as is used in gelatin. People were essentially making jello molds out of their colon and then showing off the results."



"Spinach has a ton of iron compared to other vegetables. The scientist missed a decimal place and he said it has 10 times as much as it really does. That’s why Popeye loves his spinach. It actually has the same amount of iron as every other green leafy vegetable."


On the tongue

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"'Taste zones.' All taste buds are all over your tongue; there is no such thing as a 'sweet zone,' a 'sour zone,' etc."


Thank goodness that knuckle one is a lie. I can't stop myself.


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"-- Caffeine stunts your growth."

"-- Pretty much any 'food pyramid' promoted by the western world prior to ~1998."



"Graphology. That you can determine traits about a person by their handwriting. I did an entire research paper on it. Plenty of 'evidence' in the common sensational news, but not a single damn article or shred of evidence from the academic research area, excepting 'yeah no we tried it and didn’t find any correlations.'"


Columbus Who?

"Europeans knew the world to be round in Columbus' time. Columbus just calculated the circumference very incorrectly and is lucky there was a whole other continent to run into before he and his men ran out of supplies. To be abundantly clear, the Ancient Greeks figured it out."

"So did the Chinese, the Egyptians, the Persians, and probably the Maya and many many others. My point is that 'proving the Earth wasn't flat' is a myth. Anyone thinking the Earth was flat had nothing to do with Columbus' bid to find a westward passage to East Asia. It is a myth that people thought the world was flat in his time."


Doggie Colors

"So my ex is a vet. Dogs can actually view pretty much all of the visible light spectrum from red to blue. They just don't see colour as vividly as humans do, so they don't distinguish very well between different shades. Blue and Violet they can just make out. Indigo and violet are impossible for them to distinguish."

"See also: the difference between reds and pinks and the innumerable shades of blue, green and blue-green."


Fly High

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"The thing with the bumblebee technically not being able to fly because of aerodynamics. Used as a kind of motivational tale about overcoming obstacles."

"Turns out, modeling a bumblebee as a kind of plane is a bad idea, you know with the moving wings and stuff. If you think of a bumblebee as similar to a helicopter then all of a sudden the aerodynamic calculations work out and the bumblebee can fly."


Now the truth shall set us free. Spread the good words.

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