LGBTQ+ People Reveal The Things They're Sick And Tired Of Hearing
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You know how when you hear the same thing over and over again, it kind of makes you want to kick someone in the shin? Yeah ... this article is totally about that.

Reddit user _ligaya asked:

LGBTQ+ people, what are you tired of hearing?

And if you, like me, foolishly thought that some of the more awful or annoying stereotypes had gone away, then brace yourself. They're still here in full effect. Here are some of the things that members of LGBTQ+ community are tired of hearing, both from outside and inside of the community.

In the words of Motormouth Maybelle: "Brace yourselves for a whole lotta ugly comin' at you from a neverending parade of stupid."

LGBTQ+ people, what are you tired of hearing?

And if you, like me, foolishly thought that some of the more awful or annoying stereotypes had gone away, then brace yourself. They're still here in full effect. Here are some of the things that members of LGBTQ+ community are tired of hearing, both from outside and inside of the community.

In the words of Motormouth Maybelle: "Brace yourselves for a whole lotta ugly comin' at you from a neverending parade of stupid."

Bye Bye Bi


You're not part of the LGBT+ community if you're in a "straight" relationship.

- ScreamingOpposum

But you're not bi anymore, you chose your side -after entering a "hetero" marriage

- Missashley21

Bi characters are always considered straight or gay depending on their current partner. Let us have our bi rep! I also find it a little annoying when people try to pin "gay" onto bi people, even though it's not the same thing. So many people and characters have their bi identity forgotten because they're called gay instead. Freddy Mercury (real person) and Rose Quartz (character), for example. Or "gay pride month" even though pride month is for the whole acronym.

- KindlyKangaroo

LGBT stands for Lesbian, gay... looks at writing on hand ...b-biscotti? Bionicle? Bionicle. And trans.

- Planeswalking101

What's the most frustrating is that I hear it more from lesbians and gays than anyone hetero! A lot of my hetero friends just accept it, sometimes maybe joke that I sure have a lot more options than them, and that's it.

My gay friend flatly asked me why the hell I consider myself a member of LGBT, because of my 4 partners I only had one woman. To him the world consists only of gays & hetero who may "experiment" a bit.

- I_am_the_flower_lord

"Not A Threat" 

I am not gay but I have had other men mistakenly think I was gay to where they go into a speech of how they are cool with me being gay. I can see how that gets old quick. Like, even if I was gay I don't need your permission for it to be okay.

In response to people thinking it is okay to do because it let's people know you are not a threat just realize it might be better to say nothing. That is how you show acceptance by simply treating them like everyone else. Also if you think that telling people you are not a threat works then go ahead and explain to strangers you're not a murderer, what is the first thought that is gonna pop into their head?

- Squirrel_Fer

My god, I said "my husband" at work the other day - just started a new job - and immediately got a "Husband? Well just so you know I've never had an issues with gays, it's a free country -"

Like dude can we just get back to discussing anime wtf?

- Caspiir

That's the equivalent of a white person telling every black person they meet "I voted for Obama."

- Wild0ats

You Don't Look Trans... 

"You don't look trans!!!!!!!!" Yeah, for me that's the whole point.

- slick_bedpost

I'm a trans woman.

Hearing, "You don't look trans" or variations of that is really kind of gross to hear, it makes it seem like it's inherently bad to be trans and makes it sound like, "You're not like those other trans people! You actually look ok."

In the end, trans people just want to be treated the same way as everyone else. If you're going for a gendered compliment just compliment a trans woman as you would a cis woman, a trans man as you would a cis man, and nonbinary people as you would anyone (just stick to gender neutral for nonbinary people.)

- rainmitchell

Don't mention the trans thing. I know I pass, but putting that "You don't look really trans!" kind of implies that looking trans is bad.

Compliment my hair or style. Better, compliment my intelligence or nerdiness. Best? Compliment my puns.

- Alliethecat

Not That Powerful


"Have you tried the other gender, you might like it." I could ask you the same thing dude

Or "I could turn you straight." Trust me, your dick ain't that powerful.

- ackorna

A Victim

"You're a victim of the gay agenda."

Yeah the homos kidnapped me and forced me to have sex with women until I loved it.

- NukaCupido


I'm tired of being told my existence is political. Just me existing. That's too political.

- KazeBreegull

Gay person in fiction: exists

A large part of society: "WHY IS THIS BEING POLITICIZED, GOD."

- GabuEx

Feminine Validity

That feminine lesbians are less valid because they are straight passing. Irritates the hell out of me, because our community wants acceptance within the wider community, yet we don't even offer it ourselves. It makes no sense.

- forever-halloween

Nobody Is Converting Anyone. 

Straight men to lesbians, "i can turn you straight." How would you feel if a gay man came up to you and said, " i can turn you gay." Awkward right?

- Sqvip

Also not fun when women do it, drunk cougars are the bane of gay bars. They always get so gropey and rapey, especially in groups like bachelorette parties.


I call that the "Magic Dick Syndrome." Lesbian? It's because you never tried MY dick. Headache? We should have sex so it'll pass. Asexual? I'm sure that I could make you like it.

Some guys just believe their dick is a magic stick that will save the world.

- Yunnie_Unicorn

Two Jokes

"I identify as an attack helicopter"

- Kelggg

THIS! also "did you just assume my gender??!??!??!?!?!!!"jokes

- Sunnearts

Transphobes have exactly two jokes about trans people, both of which have gone unchanged since 2014, and neither of which are funny.

- Bugsecks

Hate The Sin

"I don't hate you, I hate the sin."

- jjjknj7


"Don't force that gay stuff on me."

Said to me by someone seeing my rainbow bracelet. I didn't even know who they were.

I hear this stuff all the time about every little gay thing that ever happens, and it's exhausting when we live in a society literally built on catering to the straight experience.

- Snerpahsnerr

Pedophiles and Veterans


Saying that pedophiles are in the LGBT community - cuz no. And the "Veterans don't have a month they get TWO DAYS!" Well, dumbass, yes they do. The month of May is Military Appreciation Month.

- Becca_tm

People think gay men are more likely to be pedophiles, but it's factually not true. Predominantly, pedophiles are heterosexual. Just like statistically, a child will most likely be murdered by a parent or close friend/relative of the parent, not a stranger.

The things you learn in psychology of murder.

- Anaxamenes

As a veteran, I am tired of non-vets using my "service" as fuel for their bull. Many of us are forced to make a choice between selling my health, safety, and time for 6 years to the government or end up poor with no options. Yeah, having a 'month' will sure help me with my plethora of post-service health conditions.

- Aranoxx

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