Nobody said life was going to be fair; whoever heard that statement needs their hearing checked. It's a given that life is going to be wildly unfair a strong amount of the time. People are judged in ways that others are not. Things are expected, nèe, demanded from certain people while others get a free pass for what feels like any and all situations. Where is the equality everyone is chanting about? Who has it? Because there is certainly not enough going around for any one side.

Redditor u/Awkward_Dog wanted people to express their life frustrations by asking... What double standard makes you really angry?

Closed for repairs...

How open minded most people think they are versus how they are in reality. Reddit

This really grinds my gears too especially when you can tell that they've never even considered the other side of an argument. Like they go to straight up demonizing people with different opinions, never once considering or definitely not having the empathy to see how someone might think differently. It's just lazy and to me shows that they underneath have a hidden fear that they might be wrong and that their mind will change. But ironically this is the exact opposite of being open-minded. shamus4mwcrew

Male role models are in need... 

I once dated an elementary teacher and the subject of male teachers came up. I was shocked when she said she would be embarrassed to introduce a male elementary teacher as her boyfriend/husband. woolmittensarewarm

2 Way Street...

How adults can treat teenagers and children with IMMENSE disrespect but the moment a teen or child thinks "wait a second, I deserve respect." They get shot down. Pondwater29

Then the adults expect the teenager to respect them, when they didn't even have to common decency to treat that teen with a shred of the respect they expected. You don't earn respect because you're an old rickety piece of crap, you earn respect when you act respectful. rokudaimehokage

Beauty is everywhere! 

We can't call men pretty or beautiful WHEN THEY ARE! OofSame

There aren't enough positive descriptive words for men as there are for women, I think.

Women: beautiful, gorgeous, hot, knockout, dime, ravishing, foxy, stunning, etc.

Men: handsome, hot, attractive... can't think of any others? shampooboo

I have mixed feelings when a woman calls me pretty. I know it's a compliment, but it's such a feminine one. BearWithAHammer

Hands to yourself! 

When men are abused/beaten its viewed as less bad than when women are abused/beaten. CaptionHQ

In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data from its National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey — and one of the most shocking statistics wasn't just the sheer total of victims of physical violence but also how those numbers broke down by gender.

According to the CDC's statistics — estimates based on more than 18,000 telephone-survey responses in the United States — roughly 5,365,000 men had been victims of intimate partner physical violence in the previous 12 months, compared with 4,741,000 women.

By the study's definition, physical violence includes slapping, pushing, and shoving.

More severe threats like being beaten, burned, choked, kicked, slammed with a heavy object, or hit with a fist were also tracked. Roughly 40 percent of the victims of severe physical violence were men. The CDC repeated the survey in 2011, the results of which were published in 2014, and found almost identical numbers — with the percentage of male severe physical violence victims slightly rising.

Sometimes — many times — woman-on-man abuse has nothing to do with thrown punches or weapons. Rather, it's emotional. "In addition to physical abuse, women also engage in psychological abuse," Ivankovich adds. "This controlling mechanism can include humiliation, intimidation, and belittling words or statements."

Based on old stereotypes and typical gender roles, it is often very difficult for men to get fair treatment. They are often stuck in situations in which they cannot win. "Many women who are aggressive toward their partners know that if the police are called out, they will arrest the man," she explains. "I once had a client, who was the mildest guy ever. In no way would he have ever been violent — but his girlfriend was very volatile and a drug user. Once, she was trying to provoke him to hit her. When he wouldn't respond, she raked her fingernails across his face. He was standing there bleeding when the police arrived at the house. They still arrested him." Mahjling

Equal Stupidity... 

Idiot husband commercials. If the genders were reverse and the wife was portrayed as a troglodyte, the damn world would melt down in its rush to boycott and burn the entire corporation to ashes. But portray a husband as an incompetent moron, and nobody bats an eye. thudly

The genders were reversed for years. We are still in the overcorrection stage. Only when women and men can be equally depicted as idiots will we have achieved true equality. ankylosaurustenders

So  many genders, so little time. 

Bisexuals are often shunned from the lgbt community, while pansexuals are widely excepted. They're essentially the same thing. PlusTrash7

It's probably because of the history of both words and the connotations that come with both. I think that tumblr and the fact that "pan" includes trans/nb people by definition (even though bisexual means "your own gender and others" so whatever) helped it gain popularity.

Bisexuals themselves face some double standards among each other. Bi women are seen as straight women wanting to be special, and bi men are seen as gays who don't accept themselves or are "taking the easy way out." There's so much discourse and I'm tired of it all. 52_Blue_

Love you Mom! 

It takes so little to be seen as a crappy mom and so little to be seen as an amazing dad. My husband changes our son's diaper once in a public bathroom and people actually stopped to comment about how awesome he was doing. I don't put socks on his feet in the middle of July for a trip to the grocery store and someone told me his feet will get too cold and I don't know what I'm doing. breentee

Nobody's Perfect...

A woman is having problems finding the special someone: "You don't have to change. Someday your prince will come. You're perfect just the way you are."

A man is having problems finding the special someone: "You need to improve yourself. You aren't good enough and don't deserve love. If you're not perfect, you're worthless."

Both sides kind of hurt the other side, and neither one even gets it right. throwaway48u48282819

But... It's Michael B. Jordan. Enough said... 

Your GF can drool over Michael B. Jordan for hours but you say one girl is cute and suddenly you're the a**hole. magnumdong500

A lot of my friends do this and it makes no sense to me. They'll come to me to whinge about it too. If they keep checking out dudes, keep checking out chicks. Chicks and balances. woahwehaow


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