People Explain Which Old Sayings Are Actually Complete BS
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There are some sayings and so-called "wisdoms" that need to go.

Like... "You'll use Geometry one day."


As much as we're trying to always stay on the bright side, the gloomy is necessary to hear.

Redditoradventureofanunnamedwanted to clear out all the crap when it comes to the old adages. So they asked:

"Which old saying is actually a bulls**t?"

The truth shall set you free. That is a lie. I can attest.

Told you so...

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"You won't always have a calculator on you."


"I told my teacher this wasn't true anymore because most kids have phones now, anyway I'll be in the office on Monday for being a smart-a**."


Don't Judge

"It's all good in the hood. It is not."


"Hood isn't all bad. There are upsides like that the community takes care of each other and crap. Idk why redditors are judging it so hard since 99% haven't even been there."


"That's true I'll try to stop judging without knowing. I just have some friends who live there and when I voice chat with them I always hear like 3 police sirens."


Cash Flow

"Do what you love and the money will follow."


"This is quoted by people who love starting businesses, and they don't realize that they are extremely lucky that their natural inclination is in line with societal expectations and reward systems."



“'Winners never cheat and cheaters never win.' Yeah, bulls**t. Cheaters almost always win."


"If you're cheating and still losing then you're cheating wrong."


"I remember cheating during a Monopoly game as a kid, it felt great because I was the boss. At the end, everything felt apart and I lost pretty badly. To this day, I still see it as an example to never cheat in a boardgame ever. Also, even if you win, it feels too dirty."


Mirror, Mirror

Sexy How I Met Your Mother GIF by LaffGiphy

"looks don't matter"

"I've noticed that this is usually said by people who are attractive themselves. That's like someone born rich saying that money doesn't matter."


We're so obsessed with looks. But that's not a surprise. But looks can matter.

Bow Down

The Lion King GIF by Walt Disney StudiosGiphy

"'Lions are king of the jungle.' They don't live in the damn jungle."


Bad Things

"Good things happen to good people. Crock of crap that is."


"Honestly some of the nicest people I know have had the most unfortunate sh*t happen to them. A lot of the time it feels like the people who don't deserve nice things are the ones who do get them."


Healthy Habits

"Feed a cold, starve a fever. Just eat nutritious, easy to digest foods when you're sick (and stay hydrated). As for the people who are telling me my version is incorrect, I can tell you that its the one I heard growing up, and the internet seems to confirm that it is indeed a saying (though starve a cold, feed a fever also seems to be a thing)."





Life Expectancy

"Only the good die young."


"This is a fairly common saying in the infantry. Mostly because the good ones are the ones who’ll stick their necks out because they care and go the extra mile to protect their guys. While the bad ones. Well they don’t care. But they tend to live longer because of it."


Higher Ups

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"'Age brings wisdom.' We have an Congress, Senate, and a bunch of aging baby boomers that prove that wrong."


No Backup...

"Do something you love, and you'll never work a day in your life. Bullsh*t, now what used to bring my joy is miserable and I don't have a backup career."


"Much better advice What I spent my youth so very excited about, I try to check at the door and not think about in my off time. I don't tell people what I do. Way more interesting things to talk about."



"Slow and steady wins the race… yet I always lose the kahoot"


"I used to be in track, and there was a certain race i was running, which I was not doing well in. some parent from off the track just tells me 'slow and steady wins the race!!' as if this wasn't a literal race in which going slow means you undoubtedly lose. I still have no idea why she said that."


One Leg

"My grandmother used to say, 'That man is as worthless as a one legged man at an ass kickin'.' Well, I worked at a mental facility. One day I saw a one legged man absolutely destroy another dude. Popped him in the head with his crutch, then pitched forward and just stomped on him with his one leg."



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“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

"It’s meant as an ironic/satirical phrase, because it refers to an act which is literally impossible."



"'Money can't buy Happiness.' No, but it can buy the freedom, time and funds that allow me to pursue the things that do make me happy."


"Even if money doesn’t make someone happy, lack of money can certainly make someone unhappy, so it does certainly make a massive difference."



"Blood is thicker then water... Always hated it, crappy family members."


"Mud is thicker than blood. It has a nice ring to it but i'm thinking it's meaningless..."


"Maple syrup is thicker than blood so pancakes are more important than family."


No Weirdo

wo glenn close GIFGiphy

"If at first you don't succeed try, try and try again. Don't follow that advice when dating. You will be branded as a stalker/creep."



"Recently had a huge familial... Fiasco. Couldn't relate to this more. Got a couple family members that I'm about three seconds from going no contact with due to circumstances/situations of their own making, 100% their choices that led them here. But I'm the bad guy for not coddling them from the consequences of their own actions... The people in question are all over 40 and should damn well know better."



"Go big or go home. You have no idea how bad I just want to go home."


"At least you have the choice of going home. When I was in school, sports carnivals were mandatory, so if you weren't an athlete, tough sh*t. Forcing kids to participate in sportsball, talent be damned, is slavery, and no amount of participation trophies will ever make it okay."


“meant to be”

Video Game Ubisoft GIF by Far Cry 6Giphy

“'If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it was meant to be.' If you let something go, it was probably for a good reason. Better to move forward without it than to live in limbo."

"Edit to clarify that I’m not at all opposed to letting go. I’m opposed to assuming something is 'meant to be' just because it keeps showing back up at your door."


This is a good list. I'd rather truth than fiction any day.

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