People Explain Which Items Are Unnecessarily Expensive For No Reason
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The world at large is entirely too expensive. Why is gas more than a monthly mortgage payment?

There is a scene in one of my all-time favorite shows (Arrested Development) where one of the greatest characters ever created (Lucille Bluth) says to her son Michael (Justin Bateman)... "It's one banana, Michael. What could it cost? $10?"

When the show aired it was an absurdly brilliant line.

In 2021? $10? Could be!

Redditoru/OutrageousSea5212wanted to compare notes on what we've all paid way too much money for, by asking:

What's something that's unnecessarily expensive?

Rent. Specifically rent in New York and California. Sometimes for a good laugh, while I'm on a wine date with myself, I look at rent prices online. And I guffaw.


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"Graphing calculators. They've been using the same model for 20+ years (17 if we're talking a TI-84), and the prices are ridiculous."

- bookwing812

Fees Away

"Ticketmaster's service fees."

"Wow, by far my most popular comment ever! Just wanted to edit to say that if you're able, always order your tickets by calling or visiting the performance venue directly. You can avoid a ton of the fees you would otherwise be charged, and the customer service is nearly always several grades better than what you'll get with a faceless entity that really doesn't care about you at all."

- Boy11jb

A Cheaper Farewell


- whrebxtch

"Costo sells coffins btw (online), and they're much cheaper than what the funeral home is selling them for."

"Edit: this is one of those Good Guy Costco things they do, similar to not raising the prices of their food. AFAIK they think it's a rip off what funeral homes charge, and so they offer them online with shipping at a price much, much lower than what funeral homes charge."

"BTW, if you've not had to pick a casket yourself, let me tell you: a lot of funeral home's cheapest casket is literally cardboard with fake wood vinyl on the side. It's there as the "cheap" option so that you pick the one above it (which is more money, of course.)"

- ihahp

Airport Thievery

"Vending machines on the secure side of airports. You can't bring the $2 coke you bought within line of sight of the checkpoint through because it could be a bomb. You can buy another one once you get past security however! But now it's $6. The machines are literally within sight of each other."

- intashu


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"Chemotherapy. My infusions are $18k apiece. I'm lucky that it's not for cancer and I only get it twice a year and I have insurance but like… wtf."

- theniwokesoftly

Don't even get me started about the prices of medical care in this country. It's criminal.

Color Coded

printer GIFGiphy

"Printer ink."

- fleurdelis_1978

"Epson Eco-Tank ET3760 changed our lives…..not the world's best color printer but it gets the job done."

- beretta01

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Flying Receipts

"Emergency medi-flight. I understand the cost of fuel, wear and tear on the helicopter, as well as the pilot and medical staff. But $5,000 a mile? My ambulance ride to the heliport and ensuing helicopter ride ended up about $250,000."

- Dudebutdrugs

"That's because the hospitals know that they can overcharge insurance because they'll knock it down. If you ask for an itemized bill for your hospital stay, you can fight tooth and nail and they'll eventually be reasonable. They just do it cause they know they can get away with it via insurance companies."

- troublingarcher7

Keep me in the Dark

"Lamps. I work in manufacturing and have a good idea of how much stuff like that would cost to manufacture, and I couldn't believe how obnoxiously expensive light fixtures were when I bought some new lamps given how shoddy even moderately high end ones are built. Yet IKEA sells something made from probably the same factory for $10."

- dragoneye

Knowledge is Pricey

"I'm shocked I haven't seen college textbooks. That crap is incredibly overpriced here in the US."

- ultravioletblueberry

"I haven't thought of those in a few years but I remember every semester jumping through hoops trying to weasel my way out of paying full price for textbooks. And the people who have replied must not have been in school when ONLINE ACCESS CODES hit the scene."

"Now every single class has some reason to charge you 120 dollars so you can do your homework. So sure you bought the 4th edition instead of the 5th and saved 90 bucks. But now you have to buy the online code and pay 120 anyways. That crap should be criminal."

- jarredshere

A Girl's Bestie

"The diamond market is such a racket that for a period of years during the late 1990s and early 2000s, Debeers executives were unable to set foot on US soil because they would have been arrested by the DOJ for price fixing. The crooked company eventually agreed to plead guilty and paid over $300 million in fines and settlements. The cost of doing "business". -"

- bishpa

Stay Home

Rob Gronkowski Football GIF by Tampa Bay BuccaneersGiphy

"Any food or beverage sold at a sporting event or concert. And the parking as well."

- Actuaryba

I do my best to pregame with sporting and concert events. Otherwise, you go broke. Last time I bought a round at an arena event I purchased two WELL double vodka/sodas and one large Diet Coke... $94. Should've got a small diet.

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