People Explain Which Stores, Restaurants Or Brands They'll Never Mess With Again
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I refuse to deal with Discover Card. They are a terrible company and you won't convince me otherwise. What's the point of fraud protection if they don't back you up, right? Much like how some people feel looking down from great heights, it's something I have no desire to deal with again. It's nauseating.

Some people feel similarly about other companies and other brands, as we discovered after Redditor unknownmiffett asked the online community, "What is your 'never again' brand, item, store, or restaurant?"

"They charged me $300..."

Ohio Savings Bank. They charged me 300 dollars over the span of a year because, unlike normal debit cards, every time I put my pin in instead of signing, it charged me an extra dollar fifty. By the time I caught it most of the charges were past the 30 day refund policy so they gave me 10 dollars as a refund. I didn't make a fuss because I know it's not the workers fault but I did withdraw all my money immediately and switched banks. To hell with that place.


"I don't know where they get them..."

Melons from Sprouts Farmers Market. I don't know where they get them, how they store them, or how they ship them, but, in order to prove I am not insane by doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result, I have given up trying to find a decent melon there.


"I can't imagine..."

The dollar store in my area has $1 steaks. I can't imagine trusting a $1 steak to not kill me.


"When 50 percent of my orders..."

Doordash. When 50% of my orders never made it to me, and one of the drivers cusses me out for having the audacity to ask for my food, they go on the never again list.


"I will NEVER..."

Greyhound. I will NEVER step foot on one of their buses again. Every single time I've rode with them, something catastrophic happens.

From buses breaking down to felons getting arrested mid-trip, I think it's safe to say I've had enough.


"I'll skip the details..."

Target brand tampons. I'll skip the details. If you know, you know.


"It was basically..."

Smokey Bones. I ordered a "loaded nachos" from them recently. It arrived. It was basically a pile of plain corn chips with maybe a tablespoon of cheese sauce. It included several tiny tablespoon portions of salsa, tomatoes, jalapenos, and sour cream. This was $13.00! Total waste of money. I will never order from them again!


"And I haven't."

Soon after she left me in 1998, my ex wife wanted to meet for a post mortem conversation. I suggested we meet at Pizzeria Uno. About 20 minutes into our agonizing conversation, she looked around and said: "Wait. You hate Pizzeria Uno." I replied: "I sure do. I'm not going to ruin a place that I like with terrible memories. I'm never entering a Pizzeria Uno again."

And I haven't.


"Manager called me..."

Planet Fitness. Manager called me after I had emailed about an issue and left a voice mail. Except when he hung up, he missed the receiver and I was treated to two minutes of him trash talking me. Called back and said "Yep, go ahead and cancel that membership and next time make sure you hang up."



Generic American Cheese Slices from Walgreens.

Dog needed medication. We typically encase it in some yummy soft american cheese. Kraft was like $5. Ouch. NoName was a buck for 16 slices. SOLD! Kraft slices also make a damn fine grilled cheese sandwich on the cheap.

Except that the dog wouldn't touch it. Like actively turned away and refused to go near it.

We had to get white slices when we went to the store next time because he needed to forget the yellow ones. It was that bad.


Sprint Won't Get A Cent

Sprint- couple of years ago they let someone buy over $2,000 worth of phones in my moms name. Didn’t ask for ID or anything. They got an address but it was off by a couple of numbers.

My mom didn’t notice for a couple of months when her credit got flagged when they were trying to get approved for a loan or something. She fought with Sprint to get the charges removed from her credit. We’ve never had Sprint before so don’t know how that was a massive oversight especially with no ID and the wrong address.



Doordash. When 50% of my orders never made it to me, and one of the drivers cusses me out for having the audacity to ask for my food, they go on the never again list.


Me too! I hate them! My neighbours have one of those door cameras. We were waiting for our food. The driver goes next door. Puts the food down takes the photo then picks it up again and drove off. He stole our food! My phone said my food was delivered. No. Neighbours come over to show me the footage.

It took me a week to get my full refund. They tried to call me a liar because the driver said he delivered and he tried to call me. Why did he try to call me if he delivered? Logic. They didn't want to give me the full refund because they paid the driver. Not my problem. Give me my money. I can't buy the food again with the money you're trying to give me. Like I said. A week. It took a week to get it back. A**holes. And f**k you driver you cunt!


My wife and I ordered door dash for the first time last week (wife got a gift card at work); delivery time: 45min.

An hour after placing the order, the driver calls us and tells us that he can't find the restaurant. We will have to call the customer service hotline....

I call the hotline and ask for a driver than can find the restaurant... The representative asks me if I'm sure I still want everything, trying to dissuade me from using their service?

Yes. It's 8:00 and it's too late for me to make dinner now, please give the order to someone who can find the restaurant.

After reviewing it, the rep tells me that the restaurant never even made the order, and asks if i really want to do it again (really trying to get me to not use doordash).

Yes! It's too late to make dinner, we already ordered... We want food. Bring food. We are hungry and i don't want to dine on club crackers.......

Delivery time est: 1hr. Fine, just order the food.

At ~9ish, the food arrives, obviously made at 7 when we placed the order and had sat out too long to even reheat to where it tasted okay.

F**k you, doordash. Never again.

Why dont the drivers:

  1. Have a way to find the restaurant
  2. Have a place to call if they can't find the restaurant
  3. Have a way to cancel or reorder things a customer ordered
  4. Take under 2 hours to deliver a stone-cold meal
  5. Have a way to give the job to another driver if they are having trouble
  6. Call the f**king customer service hotline themself when they cant do their own f**king job.

Again... F**k you, doordash, and everything you do.


Ashley Furniture

Ashley furniture

Tried to use the extra protection plan we brought for our sofa that broke. They picked it up and then they tried to deliver it back to the wrong address 4 GOD DAMN TIMES.

We were without a sofa for a month and a half when we were told us it would be 7 days because they couldn't figure out how to update our address.

I literally had to go into a physical location because their phone customer service just couldn't figure out how to update a simple address and refused to escalate and it was literal insanity. I wish I was exaggerating.


Bus Lane

Greyhound bus. If you’ve got no other option, buckle up, it’s going to get weird.


My dad always says, "you don't ride Greyhound to go somewhere. You ride it to leave somewhere."



Jared. I went in with something specific in mind for a ring and asked the salesman to please show me what he had comparable to that criteria. Right off the bat he put his hands up and said "whoa whoa whoa, slow down. Just be calm." And quite frankly that set my teeth on edge because I don't think there's anything aggressive about truthfully answering the question "how can I help you" ya know? He then kept trying to get me a latte and telling me to relax and settle down which was only serving to upset me more.

When he finally got around to showing me merchandise, he showed me a ring that had an inclusion so large in the stone that it looked like a giant scratch through the middle. And when I said "this ring has a scratch in it" he insisted to me that I didn't know what I was looking at and that I wasn't properly appreciating the beauty of this ring. When I pointed out that I didn't even need a loop to see the "scratch" and asked if perhaps he had something else to show me, he told me this was the only stone I could possibly get for that price and that I would have to be willing to up my budget significantly. I thanked him and made to leave and he made a shi*ty comment about how I'd never find anything as nice as what I showed him. (I found something far superior at a local jeweler for an even better price).

So yeah, whenever those stupid "He went to Jared!" commercials come on I always yell out "you can tell because her ring has a f**king scratch in it!"


"Once bitten, twice shy" is a very common saying for a reason. Wrong the customer once and they may never return as seen in many of these stories.

Do you have something to share? Let us know in the comments below.