Is it just me or is life getting too expensive to survive?

Gas is up, housing is up, food is up... seems like breathing is up.

Heck, even death costs a pretty penny. You basically have to just walk off into the sea and never be heard from again so nobody is in debt for a funeral.

The list is endless...

Redditor Cochrane01 wanted to discuss the items that you have to win the lottery for in order to be able to afford to buy. They asked:

"What do you wish wasn’t so expensive?"

Have y'all tried to have a vacation lately?

It basically costs $20 from the front door to the mailbox.

That's a fun trip.

Stay Healthy

"Getting sick. Was in hospital for less than an hour I'm getting charged 2k." ~ AgreeableRub7


It's All a Mess!

"Houses." ~ NirvanaPenguin

"I bought my house 7 years ago. I thought I paid way too much for it. It is doubled in value since... and I hate it. The value of my house does nothing for me, if I sell I would need to buy another house that is similar in price anyway AND qualify for a mortgage based on value that is double."

"My house is supposed to be a starter house for younger couples, I don't understand how a young couple is supposed to afford 5k a month on mortgage payments and $600 a month in property taxes and another $100 for insurance. Then car payments and cell phone and groceries. It is f**ked. You have to make $150k yr to live in a starter home." ~ Sintek

Pricey Farewells

"Funerals... as some one who is arranging my husband's funeral, and he had no life insurance, the whole thing is a racket." ~ SlowpokeLib

"My parents arranged to donate their bodies to a local hospital for research. When my dad passed away they picked up his body and cremated it when they were done doing whatever with it. No cost to them or us. They spread the ashes at sea, which is what my dad wanted anyway." ~ pittipat

After Taxes

"Not having a car, or having a car. Public transportation is so unreliable that not having you own car often means not working, and because you're not working you can't afford a car. But just take the bus? Well rural America let's say I have an 11:30am appointment."

"Bus runs at 9am or 12:30pm so you take the 9am and wait 2 hours before your appointment which wouldn't you know it your appointment gets out just after the 12:30 bus, so you wait for the 4pm bus. Now imagine trying to coordinate a work schedule around bussing that can arrive 15-30 minutes early or late and require you to spend hours on top of an 8 to 10 hour shift."

"So you HAVE to have a vehicle your own to be reliable. But now you have purchased your $800 beater that might last a few years. But now continue $120 a month for insurance that costs $1440 a year, or $640 more than your vehicle was worth. Plus $60 a week in gas because you're again rural and the nearest employer is 50 miles away or 100 miles round trip."

"20 miles to the gallon, $3.50 a gallon, or $17.50 a day to travel. Insurance $120/month. Fuel $260/month. So $380 is what you pay each month just for the ability to work. And maybe you're making $1600 after taxes if you're lucky. Minus the $380, so actuality $1220." ~ KnowsIittle


"Dental care." ~ pk1950

"I spent $5,000 to get Invisalign. I'm poor but no longer want to be told I'm poor because of my terrible teeth." ~ Ambitious_Piglet


Housing and dental... the stuff of dreams.

Wouldn't it be nice to have health and a home without bankruptcy?

Is it Cheaper to Die?

"My insulin and diabetic supplies. It’s unreal how much I pay just to stay alive and healthy. I didn’t ask to get sick (pancreatitis), I didn’t ask to become type 1. Life’s unfair but you have to keep your head up and not be so angry all the time." ~ KingSean910


Problems Down Under

"Cost of basic utilities and fuel prices in Australia are through the roof. Luckily our federal treasurer gave us great advice on how to afford it was to 'Just get a better paying job' and 'Poor people don’t really have cars or drive far anyway if they do.' Meanwhile he said this on TV while sitting in a leather wing bound chair in front of a fire place with a picture of a thoroughbred horse above the mantle." ~ chiselmybrownpants22

It's a Pen

"Epipens would be nice, but nah I gotta fear for my life every time I think about wanting a dessert that wasn't homemade." ~ That_Anonymous_One

"The worst part to me is the cost of materials for an epipen is so negligible. The epinephrine itself costs maybe 1$, the materials to make the device probably costs like 5$. There’s likely a small chunk of change which is dedicated to paying research and development royalties but at the end of the day we’re still talking about a maybe 6$ object being shelled out for more than $300."

"Would you be surprised to learn that Mylan has hiked the price up 500% since 2008? No, probably not. Because this is America, where essential, life-saving items will cost you as much they possibly can before too many people will literally choose death over buying it. One day a freaking bee will probably kill me simply because I refuse to buy into that dystopian nightmare." ~ TimPoundsCornish


"Getting almost impossible to buy eggs which don't make vague promises about animal welfare and come with a 25-50% mark up in price. Hell, the humble cucumber tripled in price during the height of the pandemic, and is now merely doubled in price. Before the pandemic I used to be able to do my weekly grocery shop for between $40-$60; now it's more like $60-$80." ~ ENGAGERIDLEYMOTHERFU

Life Itself

"What depresses me is that most of these responses are for things people actually need. It’s almost like without major policy reform, life itself is a luxury." ~ DoctorTaco123


Life is hard. And the prices to live or die just keep soaring. Oh well. Save those pennies.

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