Products People Can't Imagine Buying The High-End Versions Of

Products People Can't Imagine Buying The High-End Versions Of
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When shopping for a product, consumers have a wide range of options to choose from.

Headphones, for example, are offered for sale in various forms, including for those who prefer in-ear-buds or over the hear headsets.

Of course, good quality is something that costs them more, and figures into the purchasing decisions.

But there are certain things many consumers just don't understand about others' buying choices.

Curious to explore this, Redditor Don_Tommasino_5687 asked:

"What product can you not understand people buying high end versions of?"

There's a certain demographic for which many people don't think spending a lot of money is rational.

Not Made For Walkin'

"Baby shoes. They can’t walk."

– A_Cat12886475

Infantile Fashion

"Clothes for infant/toddler range. They're just going to get ruined or outgrown."

– markphil4580

Wasted Shades

"My idiot dad bought Ray-Bans for 4 and 5 year old kids and yelled at them when they used them as shovels at the beach."

– AR713

Brand names are pricey. Is it really that worth it? Some consumers think so.

Luxury In Protection

"When I was in San Francisco last year, I saw people with Gucci face masks."

"Really? Really?"

– BakedTatter

Pharma Preferences

"Ibuprofen/paracetamol costs 10-20 pence for supermarkets own brand in the UK. Compared to like £5 for branded that does exactly the same, plus a bit of caffeine or something. Just have a cup of tea for crying out loud."

– IJHaile

Sounds Like A Waste Of $$$

"Beats by Dre. Sh*t is overpriced garbage. There are many options that far outperform for less than half the price."

– BehindBlueEyes5001

Goop It

"Celebrity brand items. I'm sure there are some good ones, but usually it's stuff like the first generation Beats by Dre that were performing around the same level as off-brand headphones that cost 90% less."

– Grievuuz

Statement Of Success

"Most of the things mentioned here are not bought because of its main function but as a status symbol to signal others that you are well to do and hip."

"Watches, purses, cars, clothes all fill that criteria."

"The real thing I cannot understand are things that are 1. Unnecessarily expensive and 2. No one gives a sh*t about, like luxury bottled water."

– jorsiem

There are those who can't speak for themselves that could care less about brands.

Where The Kitty Lies

"Luxury pet bed. Lots of cats love boxes and will be happy with a shoe box more than a $100 cat bed. And get soft fabric and do a rough sew job for a soft blanket. Been able to do that for less the $10 and the kitties still have and use them years later."

– wiccacat18

Now, Catch This

"My dog loved footballs, loved playing with them, loved chasing them, loved playing a tenacious defender when I'd try to dribble one past her, loved killing them. Left alone with one she'd put in a solid afternoon's work ripping that f'ker to shreds and then proudly come trotting up to me with the ragged rubber inside bit. And I'm like 'Great, but now you no longer have a ball.' I started buying solid plastic ones, they survived longer. I guess everyone needs a hobby."

– ButterflyAttack

The Exception

"The most I spent on a dog bed is $80 AUD, which is a fair amount. But I have an old girl who is 15 and needed support for her old lady bones, so she has a very nice full-on orthopedic, pocket spring and memory foam mattress-bed."

"It's so good. I needed one thick enough that her weight didn't make its stuffing compress down so she could feel the hard tiles under it. This one doesn't at all, I a full-grown human can lay on it and be supported. It'll be the only time I spend that much on a dog bed. Old doggies deserve the best."

– ErinnShannon

There was a time when I didn't bat an eye for spending over $350 for a pair of Diesel jeans just because "all the kids were wearing them."

The cut of the pair I settled on didn't quite fit me or look flattering from behind, but I wore it with pride, flaunting the brand name while I wore them out.

Looking back on my buying choices, I roll my eyes as I sit here comfortably in my $29.99 pair of jeans I found at Target.

Designer jeans...pffft. Maybe it's an "getting older" thing, but comfort will always determine what buy and don't buy.

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