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Not all secrets are taken to the grave. In fact most secrets always find a way to be heard. Usually guilt is the key to unearthing confessions, it's often too much to bare.

I think it's because nobody wants to die guilty, just in case there is whole afterlife situation. It's best to start the next journey with a clean slate. That's why we hear so many tales about sudden deathbed confessions. Nurses, doctors, cops, witnesses have a plethora of memories and secrets they've been told. And I am here for all the tea.

People are scandalous! Shall we listen?

Redditor u/alyssaoftheeast wanted to hear all the dish health care workers have to serve, by asking:

Nurses of Reddit, what are some of the most memorable death bed confessions you've had a patient give?
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Secrets can be good with intentions of keeping others from experiencing the pain of knowing. Sometimes they can be more devious or damaging nature. This writer certainly doesn't like being kept in the dark.

A big part of secret-keeping though is knowing that often, it's something just plain embarrassing or super private. Like the time that boy from school wet the bed during a sleepover and blamed the poor dog instead…Chad will probably take that to his grave…well he would have if we hadn't said anything.

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Life is full of uncomfortable, crappy moments. It's how we get through those moments that defines the way we build character.

And at this rate, I should have the greatest, most dignified, full character ever created. I can't remember all the times I've been left with uneasy and just plain yuck feelings.

A lot of those feelings can be self inflicted due to the dramas of life. But we've all been there. Sometimes, well, a lot of times, we hit low spots. You learn quickly that just about anything can drag you down low.

Redditor u/marcz52 wanted everyone to open up about the things in life that have left us with feelings of unease, by asking:

What is the worst feeling ever?
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Learning about a juicy family secret can typically go one of two ways.

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We are all dying to know the juicy secrets behind something as controversial as a non-disclosure agreement. An entire world of information that we don't know--and, as humans are extremely curious creatures, we are simply absolutely on board with learning all of the juicy secrets behind an NDA.

The trouble is, NDAs are used on a lot of things. Sometimes they're just to prevent corporate espionage. Sometimes it's because you've booked a job onboard a major film/tv-series and the creators want to keep it under wraps.

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