People Describe How They'd Die If They Were Given The Choice Of How
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Death is a topic most people are uncomfortable talking about, even though it's something that is as real as life itself.

Yet, our inevitable demise is a frequent talking point because people can't stop being fascinated with it. It's no wonder death is depicted in so many forms of entertainment and is the impetus for major plot points.
People are fixated on a scary, sobering reality that nothing lasts forever.
With a looming expiration date somewhere down the road for us, have you ever wondered how you might gracefully take your final bow and transition into whatever realm awaits us next?

Redditor strombreakerz threw the question at strangers on the internet by asking:

"If you could choose how you will die, how will you die?"

Some people envisioned an epic end.

The Snap

"dematerializing out of existence."

– reanu_keevs123

"I don't feel too good Mr. Stark."

– In_my_worst_timeline

Going Out With A Bang

"I personally would like to die by having all my atoms simultaneously divide."

– MIlkyRawr

Going Viral

"I wish I randomly explode in blood and guts while on live tv. It becomes number 1 viral video of all times and no one ever figures out why and how NippleThief exploded. I become a legend. One of the worlds greatest mysteries, forever unsolved. The exploding NippleThief."

– NippleThief

It's All About The Journey

"Riding a shark, with two hundred and fifty pounds of dynamite strapped to my chest, into the mouth of an active volcano."

– TheAngry_Avocado

To Serve Man

"Eaten by time-travelling space lizards, after first having my consciousness uploaded into their ship's computer for future holographic appearances on their homeworld."

– Utilitarian_Proxy

Thrill Of The Chase

"I want to be hunted, you gotta earn my death."

– jco91595

The Final Act

"Sky diving. If I ever get a terminal illness, that's how I want to go out."

"Just staring into the sky until the end."

"The thing is, I want to fake my death a week before. That way, I can time my landing to be at my funeral. It might take some practice, but might be able to land right in the grave as everyone is standing around."

– MaynardJ222

Final Flight Path

"Wingsuiting, high on morphine, with no parachute. A glorious glide into death."

– PwningPineapple

A Legend's Timing

"Do a Betty White. Become so epic that everyone is looking forward to your 100, then get to 99.9. Blue ball em all."

– Ishidan01

Heavenly Bliss

"Being given an orgasm so powerful my soul leaves my body."

– Sabina_Rouge

Others, however, preferred to go quietly.

No Suffering, Please

"Fast and painless and not.of.old age."

– uzumaki_bey

"Painless is the main thing. Surprised I had to scroll down this far for a simple answer that's basically that."

– slfnflctd

Loving Departure

"Both my parents died in 2021. Dad went first. He was transported to a hospice house, a beautiful place in a beautiful forested setting where he was kept comfortable and attended by skilled RNs and a caring doctor until he passed in his sleep. A few months later, my mother went to the same place and died in a room across the hall from where Dad had passed. She too was kept comfortable and drifted away in her sleep."

"I can only hope that I will have similar circumstances. Both deaths were beautiful in their own way, peaceful and loving."

"And everyone needs to understand that these hospice houses are covered by Medicare in full if the person is going to die there; there's no charge to spend your final days in these caring places."

– Oregonguy1954

Eternal Slumber

"In my sleep when I’m 100. Hopefully having lived a good life."

– EJohn7045

Ultimate Comfort

"In a warm place with a pretty view and someone holding my hand as I go."

"Edit: Thank you all for the upvotes and awards! This comment has a lot of meaning for me. Someone very important to me made a choice to leave while he was alone in a cold and dark place. I don't wish that on anyone. So I wanted to take this moment during one of my most upvoted reddit comments to remind everyone that there is nothing wrong with needing help sometimes and please be kind to yourself!"

– sstrand1

Some people don't have the luxury of choosing how to leave this world.


"I don’t get to choose. Everyone in my family dies of cancer. Every single one. So, do I get to choose my cancer?"

– DorianGre

"it's like pokemon. after you choose your cancer, the other cancer patient next door challenges you to a cancer battle."

– Darkmega5

This Is Only Legal In 7 Countries

"I wish euthanasia was an option. Like choose when you’re ready."

– Sapphiretulip32

Definitely, a painless death for me. It's also what I wish for all my friends and family.

In our epic adventure we call life, we experiences so many joys. But we also endure so many trials and tribulations, and suffering along the way.

The least fate can grant us in the end is to allow us to peacefully exhale our last breath for a life well lived.

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