People Share The Dark Realities That People Are In Total Denial About

Ah, denial what a lovely river. Isn't it?

But denial is a problem.

We can't keep turning blind eyes to the things we don't feel comfortable seeing.

So let's have an honest chat about the things we know are happening that we pretend are not.

Maybe once the initial shock dissipates we can move forward.

RedditorSpartan1694wanted to compare notes on what people turn a blind eye to. They asked:

"[Serious] What are some of the most common dark realities people choose to live in denial about?"

Rude customer phone service. I'm tired. I know there are more important things, but we mustn't be complacent.

Not Forever

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"Just because something lasts a long time - like a marriage, or a job - doesn't mean it's any good at all. There are lots of reasons that things don't end, some are very bad."



"That you can also alter your memories to believe your own lie if you think about it enough."


"Had a girlfriend in L.A. who made this a habit. She said that there's no reason to not embrace your own reality; who wants to feel crappy about all kinds of memories? Just alter them. She went on to date a movie star."


"I remember learning about this one case when I was in school about how researchers recruited people for a study who had never been in a hot air balloon, but then showed them fake pictures of themselves in the balloons and talked about it enough that at the end they believed they had been in a hot air balloon."



"Sometimes you’re the problem."


"It’s pretty wild to me how many people can’t recognize this. For myself I remember as a young teen I would always play the victim with most problems in my life, but as more people called me out on it I realized that I needed to take more accountability for my mistakes. It’s pretty sad that a lot of times people will be too stubborn to question themselves and only blame others for any problems."


The End

"Just because people aren’t suicidal don’t mean they don’t want to be dead."


"The only reason I don't want to do it myself is that I have this philosophical thing: Everyone only gets to die once. Life is a resource everyone only has one of, and generally people don't want to give it up. That means that my life, or my willingness to give my life, has value. I don't want to live, but I also don't want to throw it away."

"I want to die pushing an old lady out of the road or saving a kid from a burning building or something. I want my utter detachment from my own mortality to create a net good in the world. For at least one person. So I have a death wish, but I'm not suicidal, because I'm saving that gift everyone can only give once for someone who needs it."




"You will lose everyone you've ever known and cared about - either to the end of the relationship, your death, or theirs. We only borrow the people we love for a short time."


It all fades away. Including us, we'll fade as well. Just truth.

Where are you?

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"The memory of most people’s existence will be completely forgotten sooner than you think, even by their own families. I can’t even tell you the names of my great-great grandparents."


"too old to work"

"Gen X is in serious trouble when it comes to paying for retirement."


"They won't retire. Simple. They keep raising the retirement age. Did you know it used to be 55? Now it's 67.5. I promise it will be 70 by the time millennials retire. If not even older. Oh and retirement benefits have been getting worse and worse too. So don't forget about that. There may not even be "retirement" when we are old. It might just be 'too old to work.'"


I will never be rich...

"That a majority of us are completely utterly ordinary people, and that’s okay."


"I am an accountant. I have a husband and 2 cats. I'm not having kids. I have a little apartment, and maybe one day a house with a garden. I will never achieve anything significant. I don't even want to have my own business. I will never be famous. I will never be rich."

"I will be forgotten by everyone within a couple of decades of my death. Nothing will be different because I was here. I am completely and utterly okay with that. I like being anonymous and unimportant. It's very freeing. I am very grateful for my life. I am very, very happy."


Down the Road...

"There could be kidnapping victim suffering from extreme abuse right down the road from you and you’d never know. I work in daycare. There’s a lady I used to work with who discovered something like this. She said she went to babysit for a neighbor who she didn’t know had a baby. Was told not to go into the baby’s room. Did anyway. And discovered an abused child. Who had apparently been with this lady for years."


Not Enough

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"Love is not enough. Loving someone enough will not ensure your relationship will be successful. Loving your child enough will not ensure they love you back or that they live a good life."


Too Soon

"One thing wakes me up every night. The fear that I might lose everyone in blink of an eye. My friend lost his entire family in an accident and a year later he passed away from depression."


"Lost both my parents fairly young, not both at once but like a year apart for each other. Some times making jokes is the only thing that makes it hurt less. Some people get uncomfortable with the jokes but as Dan Soder says 'you know who hates dead dad jokes? People who don't have dead dad's.'"



"The human body is actually pretty fragile when put in everyday situations like going 70 mph, or working around machinery, or even just falling backwards and hitting your head or your back. Such things can lead to injuries you won't recover from. And once you are disabled, you have to learn to live with limitations you never had before. For the rest of your life."



"Horrible things happen everyday, and the ones we hear about are largely a reflection of self-interest."


"You can easily pick and choose the horrible stories you tell to paint a picture of the world. You can tell 100% true stories and still lie."


Just Once

"One Accident or tragedy can completely flip your life upside down."


"Worked as a CNA for a few years and one patients story always stuck with me. He was an elderly man who had gotten paralyzed and was in rehab trying to get WHATEVER function he could get back."

"How did he get paralyzed? He went to pick up the newspaper in his driveway on a rainy day. Slipped while bending over and hit his head. That was it. Man got paralyzed just trying to grab the fucking newspaper. Life is horrifyingly fragile."


Good Things

"Good things can happen to bad people. They can live the best of lives and sleep soundly at night. They could live their entire lives and die without ever being held responsible for anything they’ve done. Millions of horrible people have lived and died and no one will ever know of the horrors they’ve been apart of. Meanwhile, horrible things can happen to good people. In the grand scheme of things there is no universal morality or justice. Most people don’t get what they deserve - except in movies."


Is it Real?

"That our memories are subjective, full of errors and patches in order to maintain a balance in our understanding of events. Some memories are even false and some memories are so different from other people present at the same events that actions, reactions and outcomes could be entirely opposite from each other. Humans assume that memories are correct all of the time, however they are prone to errors and even change over time."


Bad Blood

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"Toxic relatives... Just because they have your blood doesn't mean they are good for you or that you have to stay there."


Know your problem...

"Their alcoholism. It’s incredibly scary how many people go home after work and have 4+ drinks a night, every night. Then they deny that it’s a problem because they don’t feel buzzed or don’t drink past that. Nobody wants to face the reality that perhaps the drinking is a problem."


Well this wasn't the humdinger I was hoping to read, but now we know. Eyes wide open.

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at

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