Guy's Decision To Try To Stifle A Sneeze At Work Backfires Spectacularly
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Remember when you were a kid and everyone would tell you not to plug your nose when you sneeze because it was dangerous?

Pretty sure there's still no one who knows if that's actually true.

But if ever there was a story that gave credence to the idea that you should never suppress a sneeze, it is this one.

The latest story to take the subReddit TIFU (Today I F'd Up) by storm, titled "TIFU by holding in my sneeze," is a doozy. A messy, even gory doozy.

It comes to us via LivinCrazy, who was having a bit of a challenging day at work. While eating their lunch, Living Crazy did that thing where you somehow, accidentally, basically punch yourself in the face?

Or as they eloquently put it:

"...I went like brain dead for half a second and I lifted my hand up too fast and hit my nose with an uppercut Mortal Kombat style."

Yep. Been there. Not cute, not fun.

The situation was further complicated by the fact that LivinCrazy was also under the weather, which obscured the severity of the beating they dealt themself.

"I felt like my nose was bleeding but I dismissed it as my nose running since I have a cold."

You see where this is going, right?...

Brace yourself.


So LivinCrazy goes on about their day.

Their boss asks them to pick him up lunch, so they go grab him a hamburger.

And as they're on their way into the boss's office...

"I felt a little sneeze sensation up in my nose but I try to hold it in because my boss is waiting for me."


And then, it happens—the sneeze.

But not just any sneeze...

I walk into his office, give him his hamburger and this point my body can't hold it. Cue three very bloody and harsh sneezes all over my bosses white shirt, paperwork, and hamburger.


The biggest "yikes" to end all yikeses—all the grossness of a regular sneeze PLUS you've made the entire place look like a murder scene. The mind—and the stomach—truly reels.

Thankfully, LivinCrazy's boss—after sending LivinCrazy home, thank God—took it all in stride.

"...he seems to have found it a little funny so I don't really feels as bad."

Which is pretty much the best-case scenario when you sneeze blood all over your boss and his stuff.

Three times.

Of course, LivinCrazy's fellow Redditors had plenty to say about this nasal massacre.

"This is how a pandemic starts in the movies." --u/elcondormagnificente
I'm laughing so hard right now at the image of blood spraying out of your nose 3 times like a shotgun blast --u/Finnish-Karelian
"Never hold in a sneeze, always let them out! Sneezing is such a freeing sensation!" --u/Lima1998
"That tingly air is gonna find its way out, some way or another." --u/DK_Son
"You got off light. You could have shi* your pants." --u/sbeesp
"I figured you were going to say you did what I've done in the past. I've completely throws out my back/shoulder a few times from holding in a sneeze." --u/joleme
"I think the one living crazy is your boss, if someome [sic] sneezes blood all over me I'd be freaking out running to the next clinic/hospital or whatever to check for any deseases [sic] and not wait for another clean shirt lol" --u/Iago4400
"Your boss totally thinks you did a lot of cocaine." --u/johnnyutah0305
"I would be mortified but the outcome seems to have been alright." --u/expiredgatorade

So the moral here is listen to your body and let those sneezes fly.

But as more than one fellow Redditor pointed out...

"...It doesn't matter if you are at a rave or at home all alone like you will be for the rest of your life: COVER YOUR UGLY-AS* FACE WHEN YOU SNEEZE!" --u/itsthreeamyo

God gave you elbows for a reason.

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