John Sundholm

Dad Finds Map That His Teen Daughter Is 'Working On', And Some Of The New Additions Are Hilariously Alarming
@craigcalcaterra/Twitter; @BeauTFC/Twitter

The children are our future, as they say.

And in some cases, they're up to some truly absurdist genius.

Case in point: NBC Sports writer Craig Calcaterra's 16-year-old daughter Anna.

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Woman Whose Hilarious Meltdown About Aaron Rodgers While Coming Out Of Anesthesia Went Viral Gets Heartwarming Surprise
@Calliekessler/Twitter; @bmayer2008/Twitter

You can buy all their music, see every movie on opening-night, or attend every game in the front row.

But the ultimate fandom is waking up from surgery obsessing over your hero in a slurred-speech anesthesia stupor.

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Jameela Jamil Comes Out As Queer After Her New Job As Judge On Voguing Competition Show Is Meet With Backlash
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

The Good Place star, activist and Twitter fave Jameela Jamil is the latest Hollywood star to come out as LGBTQ.

In a statement yesterday on Twitter, Jamil identified herself as queer.

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Guy's Decision To Try To Stifle A Sneeze At Work Backfires Spectacularly
Kathrin Ziegler/Getty Images

Remember when you were a kid and everyone would tell you not to plug your nose when you sneeze because it was dangerous?

Pretty sure there's still no one who knows if that's actually true.

But if ever there was a story that gave credence to the idea that you should never suppress a sneeze, it is this one.

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Pissed Off Little Girl Goes On A Hilariously Serious Rant After Her Classmate Stole Her Perfect Attendance Pencil
@tabgeezy/Instagram; @D3z0h/Twitter

Elementary school is where we first begin learning about the real world.

We learn math and reading and writing, sure, but we also learn how to share, how to apologize, how to work together and respect each other.

Big stuff!

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