People Break Down Why They Genuinely Lost All Respect For Someone

People Break Down Why They Genuinely Lost All Respect For Someone
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You think you know someone. Until they open their mouths and spew negative nonsense.

We may have plenty of mutual interests that make us gravitate towards certain individuals, but it only takes one objectionable opinion for us to move on from those with whom we thought were friends.

Curious to hear from strangers online about the moment they realized this, Redditor tiny260 asked:
"Have you ever genuinely lost respect in someone because of their opinion? Why?"

People with no compassion and don't have an open mind can stay living under a rock.


"Any time I hear from someone that my depression is fake, my doctors are brainwashing my brain and the pills is just placebo to act like a zombie, I can handle it. And an ex-friend did that except she wanted to sell to me her Bach roses/mlm sh*t and told me they CURE everything. I asked her if she even had a time per month to listen to my worries and said 'I don't have time for that.'"

– Edgefish

Questionable Therapy

"A friend I have since withdrawn from told me that she wanted her boyfriend; who has Aspergers; to go on a 5 day course to 'change his personality'. I didn't even know this existed! Horrifying."

– Cute_Island_260

The Xenophobe

"I'm an immigrant, and I have lived my whole in Europe ever since I was 4 months old . A 'friend' of mine back in high school complained about immigrants, and that they're 'filthy'. I told him 'Well, I'm an immigrant as well, and he just answered 'Well, you're a different immigrant. You're not like them'. I had known him since middle school. I guess I saw his true colors lol."

– EntertainmentFit2023

The Racist

"When I was in the break room, watching videos on my phone and my boss walked in, sat down, and was waved at me to take my headphones off and so I did and she said"

“'Do you go to the mall? Cuz I don’t, I hate seeing Mexicans and blacks just living off the government.'”

"I'm Spanish decent and I’m brown as well, what the f'k."

"Edit : added Spanish descent because an account reposted my story throughout my comment history because they were mad I said I was brown."

– Flywire789

Blaming The Victim

"Yeah Mt ex said that women who walk by themselves in the dark and get raped need to blame themselves."

"He was the ugliest man I ever met after that discussion."

"'I know it's illegal to rape someone but why walk about on your own after dark if you don't want that to happen to you?' BECAUSE WE NEED TO GET HOME FROM WORK, DANIEL. IT'S DARK AT 4PM HERE."

– [deleted]

An unpopular belief system is enough to write off a friendship.


"An old friend of mine thought wars are good and necessary due to overpopulation. She specifically mentioned WWI & WWII and why innocent people had to die."

– HotIcePack

Just The Facts, Please

"Yes. If someone’s opinion contradicts a scientific fact then I can’t respect them. Flat earthers are a good example of what I mean."

– Bjorn_Suicide

Flat-Out Believer

"A guy I was friends with started going on about how the earth is flat. I thought he was joking at first as there are a lot of flat earthers out there. But no, he's one of them. I struggle to hold a conversation with him now as it's all I think about when I (now rarely) see him."

– An-Englishman-in-NY

Support For An Autocrat

"A classmate of mine posts stuff on Facebook how it's NATO countries fault that Russia is invading Ukraine and not Putin. He makes it sound like Putin never had any fault in this and is blaming western countries. He also supports a dictator's son who is obviously a liar and a thief who is running for President. Seriously, that Dictator's son is a coward who doesn't show up at debates and interviews because they are 'biased'. That coward also has lots of troll farms on Facebook and Twitter."

– 567stranger

Outdated Norms

"A friend had his nephew (2 yrs) with him at another friend's place, I said i have toys at my place that I could bring over. I brought the toys over and he straight up said NO, he's not playing with these. Why? Because it was a kitchen set."

"I have had many of my nephews and cousins (boys and girls) play with them. I had already been realising that he was kind of sexist, but that just left no room for doubt."

– 1_step_at_atime

Perception Of Attractiveness

"People who think a relationship only works if you're entirely physically attracted to them. No I'm happy with being half into their looks. Really isn't as important as having a good personality with matching chemistry."

– joelfoy44

About Healthcare

"A former friend of mine once said that he hoped that healthcare was privatized here again. He said that he was 'sick of paying for other people's healthcare' and that people who couldn't afford it deserved to die anyway.He's from a middle class family and he said that to a group of people who were from working class families, who wouldn't be able to afford privatized healthcare and who in his eyes 'deserve to die.'"


These Redditors frowned upon those who lack having any sense of morality.


"People who cheat on significant others, when I learn you cheat I instantly assume you have zero integrity, I have 0 respect for you and I will distance myself from you any way possible because you are a backstabbing piece of sh*t."

– Kusanagi8811

Perception Of Criminals

"I work in medical research. It's a complicated topic and I don't want to get into an ethical debate in the comments, but I lose respect for somebody every time they say 'Why don't we just test drugs on criminals instead of poor little animals?'"

"You're philosophically bankrupt. We've got historic evidence that defining someone's right to human dignity and human rights based on criminal status is a bad f'kin idea. Tying that to profit motive and encouraging an increased 'production' of criminals to test on just gives you a system that is somehow even worse than the current American prison system."

"Kind of a niche rant, I know, but it bugs me that people actually believe this would work."

– Stradoverius


"people who treat the weak badly."

– rasbperr1

Actions Speak Louder

"I have a sibling who is one of those people who makes a huge performative display of empathy and liberalism, but never undertakes action to back up the displays. A virtue signaler, I guess would be the term."

"Anyway, after years of outward display of being an LGBTQ+ ally, they justified Hillary’s stance against marriage equality in 2008 because 'it just wasn’t a smart political move'. This same sibling also told me they could never love a bisexual person because you could never trust that they wouldn’t cheat on you."

"Me and my fiancée are both bi and haven’t come out to our families."

– MagnusCranmegranate

Human beings are complex individuals, and we are constantly being influenced by our environment and those around us as things change.

So it's unsurprising how we grow distant from certain people as we get to know others who come into our lives.

And even though we may get along well with them on the surface, their views on the world around us and how they perceive others is a telling characteristic of who they are as a person.

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