People Describe The Types Of People They Have Absolutely No Respect For

People Describe The Types Of People They Have Absolutely No Respect For
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There are just some people in life we all really need to try and avoid.

Some humans just can't stop themselves from being rude, mean-spirited, and difficult.

Of course people can change, learn and grow, but they need to do it on their own time, don't let them take up yours.

The older you get, the circle of friends gets smaller, and you learn to embrace that as a gift.

Choose people wisely. People you can respect and be respected by.

Redditor i_am_notthewalruswanted to share everyone'e thoughts on those that have left some bad personal impressions, they asked:

"What types of people do you have zero respect for?"

I have little respect for anybody. My biggest issue is with people who are blatant hypocrites. They make me seethe.

Clean Up!

Pick Up Trash GIF by REIGiphy

"Those that litter! Pick up after yourself you child!" ~ CrispyWT

Just Be Kind

"People who make fun of people who are trying to be helpful." ~ FilmStew

"I used to go to the gym (just to keep fit, nothing major) and I used to see this really big guy there every week walking on the treadmill. He always worked himself really hard and I admired his dedication. He came in wearing an anime t shirt once that I was a fan of so I remarked on it and told him how well I could see he was doing."

"He told me I was the only person who had ever spoken to him and some people had even laughed at him. It made me really cross. What is the point of a gym if not to help lose weight? Why mock people that are just trying to improve themselves and make themselves feel better? I made a point of speaking to him if I saw him after that and before I left he told me he'd lost 12 kilos." ~ FluffofDoom

it's a horrifically ugly trait...

"People that constantly feel the need to put others down to make themselves look/feel better." ~ CjThaPrince1

"Yes 100%. I used to work with someone like this, when I 1st met her I thought we could be friends as we had so much similar on the surface but after a few hours of actually working with her I realized I very seriously wanted to punch her in the face every time she spoke. I'm not a violent person but she was just a fool, through and through. She would make fun or put someone down every chance she got, it's a horrifically ugly trait."

"I then made it my mission to say something nice about everyone i came into contact with at least once a day just to piss her off. I was overwhelmingly relieved when she left a few months later, I think I would have left if she hadn't, seeing her name on the same shift as me made my heart sink. I actually had to block her on social media as even seeing her made me go urgh way too hard. She just made whatever was around her less enjoyable." ~ shannonspeakstoomuch

Texas Girl

"During a public speaking course in college, we had to do a presentation in front of the class. A Japanese guy got up to make sushi. He was one of the most nervous public speakers I have ever seen; visibly shaking, could barely speak. Everyone in the class was cheering him on, except one girl from Texas."

"She was tall, blond, pretty, and popular. No one could believe it when she started heckling him, trying to get others to join in. So much for being popular, no one even wanted to work with her after that. Laughing at someone so vulnerable is unforgivable." ~ blameitonmyouth


rude liz lemon GIFGiphy

"People that treat others like crap and expect to be treated nicely and like a God." ~ TheFailureOne

Who made you God? Sadly, I've asked that question a few too many times. Also, pick up your crap! Don't be so lazy

Own it

Golden State Warriors No GIF by NBAGiphy

"People who don't take responsibility for their actions." ~ DarkPasta


"People who don't admit they were wrong when they clearly were. It's okay to backtrack or change your mind." ~ twentythreeturtles

"This. I always support my friends telling me I'm wrong and I am trying to always remember to apologise when I'm wrong and admit. I feel like it also makes me more courageous and less afraid to admit other things." ~ bruhitsahnaf

Put it Away!

"People that flaunt wealth that they didn't work for and then think they are above everyone." ~ rice_krispie_5206

"I work with someone like this. It's awful. They married a really rich old guy and suddenly are coming into work with super expensive clothes, handbags and jewelry."

"They are always boasting about how wealthy they are now. It's so uncomfortable to be in their company as in our line of work you won't get rich. Most people are struggling to get by and they rock in with shoes and bags worth $8,000. Read the room or quit the job." ~ OfficerOLeary


"Child abusers." ~ SentientBuickCentury

"Wild to think there are people who go home beat their spouse/kids because their boss yelled at them at work that day or the kid spilled his drink or the wife didn't cook or cook the food right. How can they possibly feel powerful by hurting someone weaker than them? Straight up wussy crap. Every single abuser is an a**." ~ Rolyat28


Janet Jackson GIFGiphy

"I'm a rude a**hole who tells it like it is! Deal with it, it's just who I am! It's not my fault you get offended!" They never fail to fall apart and throw tantrums when they're told they've messed up though." ~ user deleted

I have encountered every person on this list. Do better y'all.

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