They say that you should never meet your heroes.

But what if your hero is someone close to you, someone you love? No one is perfect, but best case scenario, the person you look up to isn't a complete jerk deep down. Worst case scenario, their bad behavior crushes any respect you've ever held for them. Redditor u/Weeb_Memer-Oof got to hear stories of such situations when they asked...

What was the moment you lost respect for someone close to you in your life?

20. Arguing over the wrong things

"My aunts from my moms side of the family also my mom because they will always have religion wars no matter what the ocacion is"


19. They weren't there when their friend needed them

Friend of 10 years who always pretended to be this super hard dude almost like he's a thug didn't step in between me and some dude who came uninvited to my birthday party even when I directly asked my friend to do so because I didn't wanna ruin my own birthday by getting into a fight.


18. This manipulative sister

"i lost all respect for my little sister when i was in highschool and to make friends she told everyone that i was an abusive ******* that stole her stuff and beat her.. i was kicked the **** out of daily by boys and girls and didnt know why..

it was years after when i met one of the girls and i confronted her about it, she told me and i told my sister that knew what she had done, she clings to innocents but her ex-friends have come out and said the same, so officially she is dead to me"


17. This sister did... a lot

"My sister recorded me screaming at her because she trashed my mom and made her cry for not giving her everything in her will. She sent the recording to my mom and my boss. Not to mention she slept with a married man several times. She may be my blood but she is not my family."


16. The spoke poorly of their sibling

"My little brother got into drugs and my sister said to me 'he chose this if he dies that's his fault' my brother is the most important person in the world to me and I couldn't have made it through my life so far without him. The fact that she wasn't willing to have empathy and want to help made me realize why he's so important to me and she isn't"


15. They lost a bad friend and gained a best friend

"A good friend of mine in school came up to me and told me not to talk with another girl anymore since she wasn't 'cool' enough. At that moment I stopped being friends with her and actively pursued a friendship with the 'uncool' girl. We are still best friends almost 7 years later and the only friend I still talk to from high school."


14. They got a new family

when my father divorced my mother when I was 10 then he divorced his kids it seems, because he went and raised another womens kids and left our lives, never forgive him for that


13. This mom overreacted and said something terrible

"When my mother compared me to my abusive and emotionally manipulative biological father when I told her I changed my major."


12. Yeah, that's hard to respect

"One of my parents sent me a video explaining how COVID-19 was caused by 5G cell towers in a ploy to get people to stop using paper money so we all have to use digital money. This of course is a step forward in the plan for everyone to need to have a chip or bar-code in their hand or forehead which is the sign of the beast."


11. People who refuse to emphasize 

"Anytime you see someone on social media ignoring the lack of police accountability and instead choosing to focus on the looters and rioters and being casually racist."


10. They didn't respect their goals

"To preface: I still love my parents, and they're usually pretty loving and supporting, but the moment I lost respect for them is when they laughed at me for saying I was going to lose weight. They said I would never be able to reach my goal. They discouraged me for eating healthy, and for joining the gym. Well I still have a long way to go, but so far I've dropped 40 lbs since January. I can't wait to prove them wrong when I reach my goal weight."


9. They took advantage of an elderly family member

"When they got my grandfather who was suffering from dementia to sign away most of his possessions to them on his deathbed"


8. Their college plans were ruined

"My own mother... when she gambled my college tuition money weeks before the deadline... I think of her now as a biological egg donor who's dead to me and will never look past such disrespect from her smh"


7. It was so bad, they got as far away as possible

"When I discovered my father and sister frauded me in our family business. I don't speak to them anymore and I moved across the country."


6. They apparently like to reward bad behavior

"I was never close with my older brother. My parents drove 8 hours to come see his new house. He wouldn't give them their address until he decided he wanted dinner. So we sat at a restaurant for 2 hours then he decided he didn't want to see us, so he had them pick up dinner, take it to his house. He of course just took his food and shut the door.

Meanwhile my parents don't want to acknowledge the house I bought, and its a year later and they still haven't seen it.... I should act like a ******"


5. That is not, "just how it is"

"When they said that my sister was going to burn in hell for being lesbian, then apologized to me but 'thats just how it is'."


4. They mocked their mental health

"When I told a close family member that I had PTSD they made fun of me and then called me a liar. This was years ago and they deny they ever did it too. They still don't think my diagnosed PTSD is legitimate either."


3. Their horrible behavior at a funeral

"When she decided to make a scene in her sister's(my aunt) funeral and yell that it should have been her other sister (my mum) the one who died. She also tried to demand her death sister's husband money since she supposedly gave her/owed her. She left her daughter with her grandparents and went to live somewhere in the middle east."


2. Their mom wasn't there for them 

"I mean, I never had much respect for my mother. 30+ years of drug abuse, lying and stealing will do that to a child. But what little I had evaporated when she went through a downward spiral of withdrawal a couple years ago."


1. They showed their racist colors

"when my grandad started spouting racist and homophobic views, first happened when I was in my early teens.

I still love him but from that point he became the complete opposite of how I aspired to be."


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