People Divulge How They Found Out Their Significant Other Was Cheating On Them

Falling in love or merely just dating is an emotional minefield.

Being able to trust someone completely is a superpower.

Because cheaters are everywhere.

Discovering you're being cheated on is the worst.

But also, the best, for you.

When you learn, you can take out the trash.

Redditor rammalammamemedong wanted to hear about the times a significant other betrayed you, so they asked:

"How did you find out your SO was cheating on you?"

If you're lonely... put on some Adele and Whitney and dance and cry it out. You'll realize you're better off. But let's hear some stories of people who chose differently.

I See You

"I had a feeling for a while, but nothing concrete. We only had one car so she would drop me off at work and then go on to her work. We were supposed to have lunch together when she called and said she couldn’t make it, she was tied up at work. Boss heard I didn’t have lunch so he gave me the company truck to go pick up lunch for the shop."

"Drove to the fast food place my wife and I were supposed to have lunch at and saw her sitting outside with a coworker holding hands and feeding each other. I went through the drive thru, then honked at them. Her face went from confusion to shock and she tried to pull her hands away from the dude. Found out he was told I was her gay roommate."


Unhappiest Place on Earth

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"Used her IPad on our honeymoon at Disney. She hadn’t used it in a while so when I powered it... all her texts from her phone synced over. Saw the whole affair flash before my eyes. Doing much better now than I was then!"


Wing Night

"I was taken out for wings with her best friend's husband and another of her guy friends - we hung out quite a bit. They knew I was clueless to what was happening but they liked me. :) I was told straight out by both of those dudes. Solid move by them - it sucked hard to hear but after a bit of time I really appreciated that they felt I was enough of a friend to let me know. It's been a few years since I've seen or talked to either of them. Good people those two guys are."



"Back when cell phones had limited minutes, I got notified that we were over our limit. Checked the last bill and nothing but her and her boss talking at all hours of the day. Then she stupidly left her e-mail open on my computer and I got to read how he enjoyed touching her boobs a lot."


Take Her

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"Well the guy she was cheating with decided that he wanted her all to him self so he found me and told me about it."


People really are trash. Why am I still trying to date?


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"Her new boyfriend left 😘 on her Instagram picture. I clicked on his profile and his picture is them kissing. It was a pretty cool way to find out."


Excuse Me?

"My stay-at-home wife at the time got pregnant despite we hadn't had sex for a while and I had a vasectomy. She tried to hide her pregnancy under the guise of weight gain but the medical statements in the mail gave away the purpose of her doctor visits."


The Sleuth

"She accused me of cheating out of the blue. Made me jump through crazy hoops to prove myself, but 'believed' me. Everything settled, 6 months later she did it again. It took two more of these to see the cycle, simple sleuthery led to the admitted truth that every time I was accused, she was the one cheating."


Being Early

"I was early picking him up from work and saw the other woman dropping him off. They made out for a minute before he ran inside. He came out a few minutes later, having changed into his work shirt, and immediately started complaining about his coworkers."



Read Taraji P Henson GIF by HULU Giphy

"I suspected him of having a thing for my friend but he always gaslit me into thinking I was just insecure and paranoid. He had his phone connected to the Bluetooth in our (shared) vehicle. A text from my friend popped up and before he could stop me, I pressed 'Read.'"

"Text message said 'I love you, can't wait for tomorrow.' That day ended a 7 year relationship."


Sometimes it's best to just stay single. Can't trust no one in these streets.

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