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Some people are just trash. And we can't help ourselves but fall in love with these fools. We give ourselves to them. We love them and teach how to love. And what do they do? They cheat.

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Cheaters never win or prosper. Or do they? Those are especially pointed questions when it comes to matter of the heart. Being in a relationship is difficult. Just because you love someone doesn't mean the devil still isn't beguiling. We're not perfect. I love vodka, but I don't pretend rum isn't out there. I just have to commit to not imbibing. ;)

Redditor u/tofuandvegantendies wanted to see who was willing to discuss the times they've strayed from the path of righteousness in relationships by asking... [Serious] People who had an affair and got away with it: what's your story? Do you feel any guilt?
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Why even bother being in a relationship? Seriously, if you're cheating something is wrong. So why not confront it and fix it or move on? Why do people choose to be cruel? And if cheating just "happens," then why not own up to it? If you run astray of your relationship, you're obviously not happy. Why be a sociopath by continuing to harm the people you profess to love? This isn't bitterness asking just curiosity.

Redditor u/santino_musi1 wanted to hear some confessions about straying by asking... People who cheated on their bf/gf/partner, what was going through your mind while doing it?

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I don't know if it's really a smart decision to wed the person you've been cheating with. The whole relationship is tainted from the jump. It all begins with scandal and lies, those are not promising ingredients in the beginning of a love story. But the "heart" wants what it wants. So who are we to judge? There has to be a bunch of great tales that discuss what happens when the forbidden aspect of your "relationship" just becomes... regular sex and marriage. Let's find out. How exciting.

Redditor u/Mexican_Tragedienne wanted to hear about some love stories that started off a tad scandalous by asking.... Married men of Reddit who got divorced to marry their lover, how did it turn out?

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We all have suspicions and questions when it comes to the behavior of others. It's a natural part of the human psyche..... natural and crazy. You just have to temper the crazy. Hiring people to spy and follow others at your request can be a bit over the top, but, can also lead you to a treasure trove of information. You just have to be careful about opening that Pandora's Box.

Redditor u/edgeworth_ wanted to hear all the details about certain discoveries many people may or may not have been ready to know by asking.... Redditors who have hired a private investigator...what did you find out?

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