People Who've Cheated On Their Partners Share The Real Reason Why
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Many relationships that have soured tend to lend themselves to infidelity.

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People Divulge How They Found Out Their Significant Other Was Cheating On Them

Falling in love or merely just dating is an emotional minefield.

Being able to trust someone completely is a superpower.

Because cheaters are everywhere.

Discovering you're being cheated on is the worst.

But also, the best, for you.

When you learn, you can take out the trash.

Redditor rammalammamemedong wanted to hear about the times a significant other betrayed you, so they asked:

"How did you find out your SO was cheating on you?"
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People Explain Whether They Think Cheaters Will Always Cheat Again
Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

You want to look for the best in people.

Knowing someone who once cheated on their significant other in a past relationship, or maybe this individual even cheated on you, can be a difficult thing to look past. There might always be that seed of doubt in your heart, knowing they can flip a switch and emotionally or physically break their bond with you again.

Or maybe you're capable of giving that trust over, knowing people can learn from their mistakes.

Always good to see what the internet has to say.

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People Share The Dumbest Reasons Their Ex Has Ever Given Them For Cheating
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Some people are just trash. And we can't help ourselves but fall in love with these fools. We give ourselves to them. We love them and teach how to love. And what do they do? They cheat.

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People Who've Gotten Away With An Affair Confess Whether They Feel Guilty Or Not
Image by Alejandro Tuzzi from Pixabay

Cheaters never win or prosper. Or do they? Those are especially pointed questions when it comes to matter of the heart. Being in a relationship is difficult. Just because you love someone doesn't mean the devil still isn't beguiling. We're not perfect. I love vodka, but I don't pretend rum isn't out there. I just have to commit to not imbibing. ;)

Redditor u/tofuandvegantendies wanted to see who was willing to discuss the times they've strayed from the path of righteousness in relationships by asking... [Serious] People who had an affair and got away with it: what's your story? Do you feel any guilt?
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