People Who've Caught Their Partner Cheating Explain How They Reacted In The Moment
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Warning: Some of this content is NSFW.

What drives people to cheat? If you've ever been cheated on, then you may agree that you don't care - because the pain of finding out can be brutal. The betrayal of finding your significant other in another's arms is like no other. Understandably, old and sore wounds were opened when u/pugsarelife2 asked people how they reacted when they caught their partner cheating. And even if they were totally over their exes, that damage to the trust they had in others would never be forgotten.

This guy needs to leave his ex alone

He was acting strange. Kept asking if everything was ok and before anything we were friends so he could talk to me about anything. Kept telling me everything was fine and it was work related. We worked together so I knew it wasn't work related. One day in a meeting we sat next to each other, our iPhones were next to one another. Felt a vibration, looked over thinking it was my phone and it was his. His ex was replying to his message of: "Yeah I'll stay over today until Friday. How's your day honey?". After the meeting I left work early. Felt nauseas. My ex stopped me at the stairs. What's wrong? You're going home? I thought we were going out for coffee after work."

I looked him in the eyes and said: "How long have you been sleeping with your ex?" He said: "I'm not." I cut him off immediately and said: "Please note I said SINCE WHEN not ARE YOU." And he said: "We slept together two weeks ago, how did you know?" I said: "I didn't, thanks for the info." And walked out to my car and left. Later that night he sent me a voice message crying telling me his ex was pregnant. That was January 2019. It's August 2020 and he's still stalking me.


The worst quarantine story

I found out my husband had cheated on me a month after our wedding. Something in me told me to go through his iPad and in his google photos he had screenshots of conversations with "an ex classmate" where he asked her to "go over and **** him till he sleeps again." I saw nudes, more sexual conversations from three years ago. The same time I was getting ready to go to grad school and the same time I told him I found out my father had cheated on my mother. But he didn't care.

We're living with my parents because I just finished school and getting up on my feet with my first job. I didn't want to make a scene because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, and I know my parents would've kicked him out no questions asked, so I sat there and pretended nothing was happening in front of my parents. Two months later. Covid happened and we're all at home together. It's rough.


Revenge isn't worth it

I took my ex wife to urgent care because of migraine and an MS flare up. The Dr came in with test results and said "did you know you're pregnant?"

I'd had a vasectomy 15 years prior.

I revenge cheated, we stayed together another 2 years then I finally left her. Lots of reasons (none good) for not leaving immediately


At least they had prom?

My ex-girlfriend and I were on our way to school. She had been mad at me for about two months because I had been distant after her parents threatened and accused me of things I hadn't done. She told me word for word,

"You never try anymore. You don't even care to pay for dates. So and so took me to dinner the other night and he paid for it!"

I broke up with her about a week after prom and her birthday. Some acquaintances found that guy wrapping his arm around her at school. They began to date right after I broke up with her.


The Cloud gave it all away

Her iPhone broke. When she bought a new one I helped her re-upload her iCloud because she didn't know how to do it. When it uploaded I ended up seeing a million texts from her co worker about how they loved each other. They were sleeping with each other for a while before I saw this too.. literally the "working late" excuses all made sense right then and there. I broke it off after that and am way happier because of it.


The cats were coming with them

shared cell phone plan and lots of long calls to same number at 2:00 am or so. Strangely corresponded with nights that we would have sexy time. Area code for where we went to college. Opened her email, confirmed the cheating, woke her up to tell her I knew, packed up the cats and went to a hotel. Thankfully only a GF, not wife.


I hope there were more reasons than a bike

Google Streetview caused some neighbors to divorce.

It was a new thing at the time, so the first thing everyone did was look up their house. Well, the streetview car had caught a custom motorcycle parked out front that was not his.


The classic catfish

He was showing me something on his phone and he got a new tinder match. He talked his way out of it, but I knew something was off. I created a fake tinder profile and I matched with him. Then he sent fake me a flirty message. Done. He still tried to come up with excuses


This cheater lost a great, caring partner

Female dating another female. Partner of five years was recently diagnosed with MS recently, so I was helping with chores around the house, and was emptying the trash can in her bathroom that was attached to the master bedroom we both slept in. It was a two bedroom apartment so I used the spare, and when I emptied the trash I found a ton of condoms. Basically she was screwing some guy in our bed when I was at work. Dumped her *** the day I find out.


The best friend new what they were doing

We had dated since sophomore year of H.S. He was kind of a jerk and a lot of people told me to leave him...for years. Especially my best friend, who had grown to become like a little sister. I got her a job at my work, her mom was my whole family's hairdresser and we spent nearly every waking moment together.

Freshman year of college I get kicked out for pot and have to commute to community college. Went a different route one morning and saw his car parked outside my best friend's house, at 6:00am.


There was a surprise in the weed

My ex husband and his family smoked a lot of pot, still do. His sister, kids, and nanny were visiting from out of state for a few weeks. When it was time to fly home they left their stash at my ex MILs house because they didn't want to take it on the plane. My ex asked if I would pick it up because I was nearby. Stupidly I agree. I don't smoke and I was willing to carry it in my car for him. To my surprise I found a note from the nanny to my ex saying she was in love with him and she was so happy for the time they had together. Obviously she thought he would get the weed instead of me. While it was incredibly painful at the time I am definitely living my best life 15 years later.


To be a fly on that Facebook wall...

Worst one I know of is an acquaintance of mine, came home from work one day and found his missus having sex with his dad. That blew up all over Facebook, and became a local drama fest where people tried to organize a shunning of the dad and missus. I remember it well because, well... I know people cheat, but with your partners father? Come on...


Blue Man Group was ruined

We were engaged, and it was about four months to the wedding. It was her birthday, and a Friday. We had both wanted to see Blue Man Group for a while, so I had ordered tickets to for us. Being a Friday, I took off half a day to surprise her.

There was an unknown car in the drive, and the garage was open, which was extremely unusual. It also happened to bypass the camera we had facing the front door...

I go in through the garage to hear the unmistakable sounds of sex in our bedroom. I had no clue who the guy was, but he was ****s-deep in her ***. She had the nerve to say that "doesn't count."

I ended our relationship then and there, which her family claimed "broke" her. The last time I looked her up a couple years ago, she had had two kids with two different guys, and had spent time in prison for meth (it was a small town, so no surprises there). Her family still make me out to be the bad guy in the relationship when I ended it because I didn't forgive her.

"Worst" of all, I never did get to see Blue Man Group in person.


Two dumps in a row!

It wasn't a big dam-breaking moment. It was a lot of little things. Like how she'd cancel plans at the last second. Or the random phone calls from unknown numbers she'd get (this was back before spam calls were an epidemic), or how her phone was mysteriously off one night when I needed to get a hold of her.

I had my suspicions and then finally it clicked into place when I did some Instagram snooping and found a guy who followed her who posted a selfie wearing a very unique jacket that belonged to her.

I confronted her the next day. She denied it. Tears. Begging. All of that. I dumped her and walked away. The next day I messaged that guy on Instagram and he confirmed everything. Had no idea I existed. He dumped her too.


Glad they found a spouse that deserves them

I owned a house with my fiancé. I woke up in the middle of the night and he wasn't in bed. I went searching. His truck and another vehicle were in the driveway. Then, I went upstairs and found the guest bedroom was locked. After barging my way in... I found him with another woman in bed. That bed happened to be my childhood bed. He forced me out of the room... literally grabbed me by the neck and pushed me out and closed the door back. I knew I couldn't do anything at that point, so I called his parents who lived a few blocks away. His dad showed up and another fight broke out. I ended up leaving and staying at his parents until dawn. I moved out that weekend and let the house foreclose. 9 years later.. it's finally off my credit report, I'm happily married to an amazing man and we own a beautiful home together.


Early nudes sender

Me ex-husband was an early adopter of sending **** pics. I got his phone to get the numbers of his friends to invite them to a surprise birthday party while he was sleeping off a hangover, and there they were in his outbox.

ETA- this was more than 12 years ago. When camera phones were barely functional


This story hurts

June 1, 2018. Normal day. A Friday. My husband had kissed me goodbye and gone to work. I was cleaning the house for company who was coming to stay the weekend. The doorbell rang. There was a man at my door who introduced himself as the husband of a woman who my husband worked with. He was there to tell me that my husband and his wife were having an affair. He had busted them about six months prior and had told his wife that she had to end the affair. He thinks that she did end it...for about three months, but then they started up again. When he found out they were at it again, he called my husband (because he knew if he confronted him in person, he'd be in a jail cell for what he'd have done). On the phone, he told my husband to leave his wife alone or else he would come and tell me everything that was happening. Apparently, my husband thought that he was bluffing.

So I was literally the last to know. My husband never came home again. He got an air b'n'b and a lawyer. The divorce was December 21, 2018. We had been together for 24 years. Still hurts.


A game of telephone

She confessed to her mom... Then mother in law called her other daughter and told her...Sister in law then called me and told me, she let me listen in on a three way call to her mom and tried to convince mom to tell me but she refused which basically confirmed it.


Called the parents on 'em

I had come home from a 5 month cruise. My GF at the time was a court stenographer. So when she wasn't at the pier I figured she had a case or was catching up on transcripts. So I got a ride from my friend to see unfamiliar BMW in my driveway. I walk in to see her blowing some stranger on my couch. Keep in mind this was my house not hers. I didn't say a word to her. I just started grabbing her **** and throwing it in the front yard and called her father to come pick her up because her car was an old Quattro and in the shop...again. And up to that point I was letting her drive mine until it was fixed. I will not bore you with the drama but she was taken by the MA's instead of her dad.


This is a moment none of us ever expect to happen to us so it's interesting to see how people react.

Do you have a similar experiences? Let us know in the comments below.