The Most Common Foods People Mistakenly Consider Healthy

There are foods touted as the greatest, greenest elixir for health, and then the next thing you know, they cause cancer or love handles.

Sometimes it seems like you can't win.

We have a lot of unlearning to do when it comes to food.

Redditor Xirkil wanted everyone to discuss the menu and all of its pitfalls, so they asked:

"What food do people mistakenly consider healthy?"

The list is long.

Let's start compiling.

Bad Water

50 cent drinks GIF by MTV CribsGiphy

"Vitamin Water. My dentist calls it 'sugar water.'"


"It’s part of my hangover cure, has been since college. I believe the unhealthiness goes well with a McDonalds McDouble lol."


I Can't Say

"My coworker brags about how she quit drinking soda because its so unhealthy and instead drinks 6 Gatorades a day. I don't have the heart to tell her."


"I legit gave myself Edema from drinking a bunch of Gatorade regularly--it wasn't as caloric because it was the low or no sugar varieties--without enough physical activity or another method to sweat the electrolytes out or enough water to flush them out."

"It was crazy when my doctor asked about my beverage consumption habits and that's the diagnosis I walked out with. A treatment of diuretic and avoiding the sports drinks unless I've been sweating a lot or at least sparingly and my hands, arms, and feet returned to their normal size lol."


So Many Calories

"Based on a lot of the comments it seems it needs to be stated that if something is high in calories or fats doesn’t mean it’s inherently unhealthy. Eating 400 calories of almonds is a lot more filling and nutritious than 400 calories of Cheetos."


"The shocking one for me was the peanut butter. I’m one of those people who will just grab myself a heaping spoonful as a 'snack.' And I’ll think 'Welp, a bit of protein would be great!' I’m probably downing f**king 500 calories with one mouthful."


From the Sea

"I read about a case where a guy was told to eat more fish, because of his heart health. But he only put on weight and his cholesterol, blood pressure and whatnot only got worse and worse. So the doctor asked a bit more carefully about his diet and the guy admitted to eating a lot of creamed fish soups, like chowder. So he was adding a little bit of seafood and a huge amount of cream to his diet. Not a good way to lose weight or lower your cholesterol!"


Low Quality

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"Fruit juice often has as much sugar as a soda."


"It's only redeeming quality is that it has a few vitamins. Cutting out fruit juice helped me lose a lot of weight."


The fruit juice truth kills me.


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"Frozen Yogurt. It might be better for you than ice cream but you still need to have it in moderation."



"Gluten free alternatives and gluten free diet in general. Obviously healthier if you have celiac/gluten intolerance as I do. Might also be healthier if you just cut gluten products out of your existing diet without adding replacements (essentially just becomes a low carb diet). But it’s amazing the number of people who think just switching all the junk in their diet to versions made with rice flour is going to magically make it way healthier."


All Lies

"Breakfast cereal. Grew up with the idea of it being 'part of a nutritious breakfast.' It's all lies. They might as well be donuts. Much like donuts, doesn't prevent me from loving the stuff."


"I eat cereal for dessert. Never in the morning, but I will have a bowl after dinner when I have a sweet tooth."


Bad Wisdom

"Completely excluding (natural) fats, sugars, etc. from their diets. You want a balanced diet, and excluding these often lead to eating more processed foods or a lack of protein or vitamins."


"It's outdated nutrition wisdom. back when they were trying to figure out why obesity was on the rise the processed sugar lobby tried to blame fat and that's why there's a market for low fat and fat free food."

"Now we know that sugar is the main culprit for obesity. it doesn't mean you should drink a cup of bacon grease every day, but nobody really does that (well some people do but they're weirdos and it's not common), but people do the equivalent of that with sugar all the time."



snacks offer GIF by safefoodGiphy

"According to the food pyramid when I was a kid, grains/bread. Six to ELEVEN servings a day?!"


Time to be smarter about our diets and learn more about the food we get our fuel from.

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