People Explain Which Foods Are Best Eaten In Small Quantities

People Explain Which Foods Are Best Eaten In Small Quantities
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Some treats or delicacies are meant to be consumed in moderation. They enhance an experience of a meal or are fine in small portions are their own.

We as humans love to indulge in these treats, but often don't know what 'too much of a good thing' really means until we are running to the bathroom. Why would we eat something that will make us sick? Well, it could be we're innocently unaware of the consequences.

Redditor EZZ2 wanted to hear some people's cautionary tales:

"What food is only good eaten in small quantities?"

Let's find out what foods we should keep to a minimum.

Harrowing tales of wasabi.


- Marley_Chanson

"I was reading once about the video game Tetris. It said the Russian creator Alexey Pajitnov got famous and was able to do some world traveling, but he was a little sheltered when it came to other countries."

"Supposedly, the first time he was in a Japanese restaurant, he thought a bowl of Wasabi was some type of custard, so he took a big spoonful and swallowed it before they could stop him. He felt like he was going to die while the rest of the table was laughing."

"A Tale of the Mirror World, Part 8: Life After Tetris:"

"The atmosphere was warmer that evening when Rogers, still playing the role of chaperone and tour guide, located the only sushi restaurant in Moscow and took Arakawa, Lincoln, Pajitnov, and Nintendo's legal consultant John Huhs out for dinner there. Pajitnov was skeptical of the notion of eating raw fish, but soon got with the program — at least until he popped an entire ball of wasabi into his mouth just ahead of his companions' urgent warning cries, nearly causing his head to explode."

- RealisticDelusions77

"My Thai wife can use hot sauce like water. We went to shoguns, one of those sit around the grill cooking show places. Appetizer of tuna samishi. She reaches out with her chopsticks and pops the entire piece of Wasabi, about the size of my thumb in her mouth and swallows. I was too slow to stop her."

I watched and her eyes went wide and she started to Vibrant, whole body vibrations. She started gasping and squeaked out, 'Take me home.'"

"I threw a bunch of money down and we hauled home. She basically stayed in the bathroom for 2 days and every time she had to go I'd hear this low moaning sound. I laughed my butt off."

- WinterDustDevil

These people seem to live for the pain.

"If you don't eat enough wasabi peas to completely fry your taste buds for a week, have you even eaten any?"

- HugSized

"But that's actually the best part."

- Greyh4m

"Agreed, part of the reason I get sushi is so that I can load up on wasabi and unclog my sinuses."

- Princess_Moon_Butt

Expensive fungus.

"Truffles - the fungus, not the chocolates. It's fabulous grated over something, giving it a wonderful earthy flavour, but if you overdo it, it's like someone has mixed mud into your food."

- fishywiki

"One summer I found out I really like fries with truffle Mayo and ate it a few too many times. Now I get sick just smelling it, it's been 3 years."

- idkjustsomeuser

"I worked in a small kitchen that used a lot of infused truffle oil. We were getting a shipment in, and there was a case of truffle oil that needed to be brought to our dry storage area, and our very own in-house Kevin (I'm actually pretty sure he's THAT Kevin), decided to drop the whole thing on the cement floor, and every bottle broke."

"Kevin probably got about a cup of oil in each shoe, and reeked to high Heaven. Chef was pissed anyway, and made him take a prep table outside so he wouldn't stink up the rest of the kitchen. I got a new job about 9 months after that incident, and no joke, you could still smell Kevin before he even got to the kitchen 9 months later because he refused to buy new work shoes. I've got some fun Kevin stories."

- According-Contact

The cinnamon challenge.

"Similar: cinnamon."

"At home we often had milky-rice (basically sticky rice cooked in milk) which you serve sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon."

"So the brain of 4 years old Mammoth was like: 'If this little bit of cinnamon already tastes so great, a spoonful must be heaven.'"

"And before my parents could stop me, I proceeded to verify, and thereby disproof, my thesis."

"So basically I invented the cinnamon challenge back in the 80s..."

- MammothMarv

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Too many gummies in your tummies.

"Sugar free gummies."

- turn_your_compote

"Is it just that the artificial sugar acts like a laxative? Is this true with sugar free gum and drinks, or is it specific to the gummies?"

- abqkat

"Sugar alcohols are laxatives. Beware. They taste better than other sweeteners, though!"

- Status_Poet_1527

"I ate a pound in one sitting once just to see if the rumors were true. I shat my brains out for 12 hours. My butthole was so sensitive by the end that I couldn't even handle wet wipes. I had to jump into the shower and gently clean my butt. -1000/10 I regret everything."

- twitchy -taco

"Please support your local Sugar-Free Haribo Victims Fund."

- KentuckyFriedEel

Something's fishy...

"Fish sauce."

"Use a little bit in cooking certain dishes and it's amazing. Use too much, though, and the dish just tastes like fish sauce."

- the_one_54321

"Ever had fish sauce chicken wings? Whew! I hate eating regular wings now."

- mrch3wybacca

"We Vietnamese dip everything in fish sauce though."

- KatieNguyenVn

"Ever had fish sauce chicken wings? Whew! I hate eating regular wings now."

"I do fish sauce, sugar, couple Thai chilies, let them rock for a day or two days. Fry them off, then reduce the same mixture as marinade into a glaze."

"Half cup fish sauce, 3/4 cup sugar, desired amount of chilies, couple garlic cloves, splash of hot water to dissolve sugar. For the glaze I do the same thing but had juice from a whole lime. Fry wings, reduce glaze, then I add fried garlic, cilantro and fresh limes at plating."

- mrch3wybacca

Those yellow Easter treats.

"Peeps. First bite, this is a nice treat. Second bite, I want to puke now."

- C137_James

"Had a contest at my cousins church for Easter that I volunteered for (my cousin told me not to but I don't back down from challenges) where it was men vs women to see who could eat the most peeps in the least amount of time. I won. I will never eat another peep in my life."

- SaveyourMercy

"So, I started collecting plush peep toys on a lark because they are cute. I don't super love the candy, just the shape. Well. This lead people in my family to believe that I am super in love with peeps and so I started to get tons of packages of them. And some plus toys and other stuff which I liked."

"One year I got like a dozen packages of peeps candy. I did try to eat some but blargh. Now when they do the limited edition flavors? Cool. I will try some. But the regular ones are a big no."

- maybe_little_pinch

Gooey Cadbury Eggs.

"Also Cadbury Cream Eggs. I can handle 1 a year. No more. They're just a big egg of sugar ooze."

- wifespissed

"Hahaha My son use to beg every year for a Cadbury egg as soon as the commercials started. I would tell him, you don't like them remember? Oh but I do Mom ! So we would get one, then he would open it and take a bite and cry and I would say what's wrong? And he would say, I don't Wike the cadbury egg. For like 5 years in a row. Lol I still buy him a Cadbury egg for Easter. He's 38."

- InlovewithMichnature

Bacon is a treat, not a main meal.

"Bacon. Yeah heresy I know. Local sandwich shop had a mix your own salad thing when I went to collage. Me and a friend bought the biggest box and filled it with bacon. Proceeded to eat it over the next hour."

"The human body isn't meant for that much salt."

"You also end up being the reason there's a sign with bacon restriction rules at the shop. And having to explain that to your peers."

- MrFeles

"Friend had a 'bacon party' which was basically just a potluck with bacon dishes. It was too much, all the dishes tasted just like salt after a while."

- Stryl


"Skittles sours or I guess anything sour. Unless you want your mouth to be hamburg."

- Ntpoirier99

"This reminds me of miracle fruit. If you eat it first, then anything sour you eat afterwards will taste sweet."

"Really strange. The effect lasts up to about 30 minutes."

- noxaeternumi

"I had a somewhat similar experience with those little sour watermelon candies and vodka. I was just devouring the little watermelon treats, and then took a swig of vodka because meh... All I could taste was sour watermelon treats. No vodka burn, no alcohol taste, it just tasted like I was drinking liquified sour candy."

- Atiggerx33

"It works well, however, we ended up with a stomach ache after from all the acidic/sour things we were putting in our bellies at once. Didn't think about that beforehand."

- SaltyDelivery6484


"Pineapple! Too much and my mouth feels so strange."

- sahltnpeppa

"That's probably due to the enzymes in pineapple, pineapple contain enzymes that break down proteins so to put it short it's digesting you mouth"

- ninjadan772

Something heavy and rich.

"Anything that is super rich. You're just gonna feel like sh*t for the rest of the day."

- prostateExamination

"Fudge!! I can only eat it in tiny bites over a long period of time due to its richness."

- Delicious-Mango83

"Eat the rich."

- scutiger-

"I'll never feel sick when I eat the rich."

- the_mover_of_mars

"Rich or poor, I always feel sick after eating people."

- BucketFrank

Vegemite is definitely meant for moderation.

"Vegemite—when I visited Australia a local gave it to me the 'proper' way (i.e. not slathered on like peanut butter) on toast with some butter and it was actually delicious!"

- gay_volcano

"Yep, same with marmite."

- HandsomeHeathen"

That's because vegemite is the wartime knock-off the Aussies made when shipments couldn't get through during WW2"


"I tell Americans to think like it's Wasabi. Which is also the top answer right now."

- matt21811

We've come full circle.

Strong flavors, bold spices, and delicacies are there to enhance you eating experience, not be the main attraction. You could very likely become ill. So take these as cautionary tales!

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