People Divulge Which Snacks They Personally Cannot Stand

People Divulge Which Snacks They Personally Cannot Stand
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I hate mustard.

Yes, all of it.

Yes, wasabi mustard. Yes, fresh ground mustard. Yes, mustard powder in my curry. Yes, purple mustard. Yes, the greens too!

It's just ... it's gross, folks.

Please find a better food seed for your faith to be measured by. Mustard is awful.

Reddit user anonmitya asked:

"What is that one food/drink/snack/condiment/whatever that is very popular but that you personally don’t like?"

Turns out I'm not the only one who is just DOES NOT VIBE with a food.

Too Sweet

"Most icing or frosting on cake (except for cream cheese frosting in small amounts)."

"Its too sweet! I'd rather eat cake plain or maybe with whipped cream."

- RetiredEpi

"This is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen."

"My family, especially my mother, LOVES icing. I just can’t take it - I swear I can feel the granules of sugar in it and it makes me feel nauseous."

"Cream cheese icing, especially if it’s homemade, I can enjoy in small bouts. The more it tastes like cream cheese, the more I like it."

- liveandletthrive

"I think you may not like American style butter cream icing, which is butter and icing sugar whipped up."

"It’s one note, but easy to use. People tend to put way too much on."

"Some grocery store cakes I have seen have an inch of icing, the corner or edge price with the piped edge on top."

- timesuck897

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Just Ice Cream, Please

"Honestly not a fan of most 'too many additions' ice cream."

"You know the ones, they have 12 different things in them like raw cookie dough, chocolate bars, caramel, salted peanuts, and more... I like plain ice cream, I like ice cream with one or two additions, but the throw the entire sink of confectioneries at it really is just a sugar overload."

"When I want ice cream, I want ice cream. When I want cookies, I'll have them. When I want a chocolate bar, I'll eat one."

"I don't need to eat all of them together."

- VadPuma

"Lol I went to a 21 flavors and the person working there was talking about all these “amazing” flavors but when I just asked for chocolate she gave me the stink eye."

- getgnomedbtch

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"Coleslaw. Can't get jiggy with it."

- barito37

"See, it really depends on the coleslaw."

"When I was little, one of my relatives made this amazing coleslaw, I never knew his secret but it was the best coleslaw ever. My mom had told him over and over, I do NOT like coleslaw. It's true."

"Cause one day, I was eating a LOT of it and he laughed and said I must like it... I looked right at him and said: "Only this one."

"I hated all other forms of coleslaw because it didn't taste good."

"I don't know what he did to it to make it so light, but also rich, but also refreshing and peppery at the same time. It wasn't damp either, it was just... aaaa heaven."

"It was heaven."

"Anytime that family member was hosting a BBQ or invited us over for lunch he'd make it. Like, he and his wife loved me something fierce."

"I was technically their 'first' grandchild so they were like my adopted grandparents. They were my dad's aunt and uncle but I didn't call them that. They knew I loved some very specific things: His coleslaw and her strawberry shortcakes."

"The summer wasn't complete without going to one of their BBQs. This coleslaw tasted like summer and childhood happiness all in one."

"... Sorry this was a weird rant. I still hate coleslaw. I've never had one as good as his and while I've tried it... there just is something missing."

- Storm137

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Cheese Flavored


"I’ve been traumatized by it when I had a friend offer me one. It tasted horrible because it was cheese flavoured."

"I can never look at them the same."

- PersonalityDifficult

"When they have those ones where two different flavours of beans look the same, but one tastes good and one tastes bad?"

"I don't like it, but I'll eat a grass, earwax or vomit flavoured bean. Sure I'll make a face, and a comment, but it's no big deal."

"I ate a "Butter Popcorn" flavoured bean once, it is the closest I ever came to throwing up from a food. And it was the 'good' one."

"To this day I will not eat white jelly beans with yellow dots, I don't care what you say it tastes like."

- keyringer

"I was the head of Marketing at Jelly Belly when we developed those weird flavors for the Harry Potter franchise (first sold as 'Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans'), and I can tell you the backstory about the Vomit flavor."

"It's actually a flavor that we had previously developed but hadn't released: Pepperoni Pizza!"

"Thanks to the power of suggestion, if you eat one knowing that, the normal gag reflex isn't nearly as strong. Not that you should make any great effort to try it!"

- PeteHealey

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"Beer. Like literally any kind of beer."

"I tell people this and I always get the same 'it's an acquired taste' or 'you just have to find one that's actually good. Try my favorite beer.' "

"No. It's not going to happen."

"I'm 31 and I've tried beer countless times. I just think it's f*cking disgusting. It just tastes like old rotten garbage to me."

- bobthebobofbob

"Someone else who doesn't like beer!"

"I find beer is inherently bitter and so I hate it. I've tried so many different beers too."

"Only time I like beer is when it's been used to make stew because I can add sweet vegetables like carrots, boil off a load of the alcohol and maybe add some honey for good measure to get rid of that awful bitter taste."

"For drinking I'd much rather have something that actually tastes nice like cider or rum."

- MoonChaser22

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Daddy Issues

"Miracle Whip."

"I haven’t been able to eat it since I witnessed how my dad eats hot dogs."

"It’s a microwaved hot dog on a slice of white bread with American cheese, covered in miracle whip. I have never seen him eat a regular one on a bun with ketchup and mustard."

- dekuscrubber

"I'm not sure if that's better or worse than the sandwiches my grandfather enjoyed."

"He'd slather two pieces of white bread with Miracle Whip and stuff a thick round of raw onion between 'em."


"I nearly downvoted this out of sheer reaction to the horror that is now in my mind, but then I remembered that we shouldn’t suffer for the sins of our fathers and now I weep for you."

- LousBlues2

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Coffee Conundrum


"I love the smell of the beans, roasted and ground hell even brew the stuff I love the smell! But I won't drink a drop if it."

- Heykidsitsme

"I feel like you're the only other person I know who doesn't like coffee. I can't stand it, I've tried giving it plenty of shots and i just hate the taste."

"Looooove the smell though."

- dumbassliz

"You're not alone. I hate coffee."

- theconfather

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"There's a weird push for Takis in a lot of media lately."

"They're not that good, what the f*ck? It's obviously product placement."

- CircusStuff

"Takis have been around in Mexico for years. We are addicted. I personally crave them aggressively."

"I see why they are marketed, and why people love them."

"To be honest, Takis from Mexico taste better than those I find in the US. But US Takis are better than no Takis."

- aespin18

"Yes u become addicted."

"I'm from the US and couldn't imagine them getting any better. I need to try the ones from Mexico!"

- sjsRegime

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Hey We're Talking Cheese Again

"American cheese, cheap overly processed with no real flavour."

- Much_Committee_9355

"For the longest time I thought that I just didn't like cheese."

"Then I went to college and consistently ate at places that weren't my parents' kitchens. That's how I found out I DO like most cheeses; I just hate the Kraft singles that were the only "cheese" I had been exposed to."

- Ineedflavorice

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Ambushed Through The Straw


"All these places start popping up like it's the cool new thing but these chunks take up space that could be more of my beverage."

- aguycalledkyle

"I feel like I'm being ambushed up my straw."

"There I am enjoying my tea, but at unpredictable intervals *BAM* sudden slime ball."

- AskMrScience


Jim's dog treat

"Slim jims are dog treats packaged as human treats"


"Not a fan of the Slender James, eh?"


"I know this and yet I'm still fine with devouring them."


The disappointing rib

"The McRib. Tried it, don’t like it."


"Plus something about the formed meat into a fake rib seems gross."

"But yet Dino Chicken Nuggets (even if throwaway meat) are fucking delicious and a delight to bite their heads off"


"I read a thing that the real reason it's seasonal is to give people time to forget how disappointing it is. Then when you have forgot, they get you with the hype again and you fall for it and buy it."


​That's a lot of ways of describing it

"I can't stand for raisins, always hated them. They look like pieces of mouse crap and taste awful to me"


"Someone told me when I was a kid that they were flies with the wings pulled off. Haven’t eaten them after that."


"It’s not the taste but the texture that bothers me. Especially if they’re in a muffin or cookie and get all plump and mushy, like a rotten frog testicle."


Yummy diabetes

"I live in the south and can't stand sweet iced tea."

"Tastes like pond water and diabetes."


"I grew up making gallons of it for my dad. Certain water and low quality brands will give a pond water taste. And diabetes, duh, but that’s everything in the south."

"IMO- Luzianne steeped for 5 minutes plus cold well water… chef’s kiss"


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Played out

"Nutella. Please stop putting it in every dessert. It's too much."


"I’m a fan of Nutella but I’m still with you here. It’s totally overused and it’s like places have just given up when they rely on this. This product that I can just buy in a shop and eat with a spoon if I want to."


Not holy mole-y

"I'm Mexican and I can't do mole. It just tastes like dry sadness sauce. I've tried all kinds, homemade and even restaurant ones. Just no."


"Also Mexican. And I think mole is disgusting."

"BUT I have had a few people cook me some really good mole. They are generally sweeter/spicier than the stuff I've eaten before."

"The closest I can think to describe it is like chicken with a thick bbq sauce on it. It exists, but I still don't really crave it much even at its best."


Snot mud

"Eggplant. To me, it tastes like mud."


"Honestly, it’s not even the taste for me, it tastes good. It’s the texture, I just prefer not to eat congealed snot."


"Ugh...the texture too"


Olive without them

"Olives I’ve tried to like them but I just can’t"


"Same. Literally the one food I’ve had I just can’t do. I try every year or so (even posted this same comment elsewhere recently), but just can’t get into em."


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Agressive water

"sparkling water"


"I’m a soda water addict but I’ve heard people say it tastes like static electricity."

"Ever since I quit smoking I crave that burning throat feeling so soda water and hot coffee are my best friends."


"angry water"


OK so ... what absolutely grosses YOU out?

Sound off in the comments.

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