One of the surest ways to not overeat is to only eat when hungry.

We're all guilty of falling prey to a snack attack.

They call to us.

But are we actually hungry or just in need of an activity?

Redditor Saibotnl1 wanted to know what menu items give the illusion of hunger.

They asked:

"What's your 'not hungry but mouth is bored' snack?"

Pretzels and brownies. I'll eat them forever.


Hungry Chips GIF by AwkwafinaGiphy

"Potato chips. Trying to make healthy choices so sometimes I pick almonds."


Worth It



"So expensive but so good. Preferably shelled if watching TV as taking the shells off becomes a good hand distraction."


"After the post the other day showing the bug in the pistachio I’ve had a hard time thinking about all the funny (pistachio) nuts I’ve tasted in my life."


That's It!

"Cheez-its. It's a problem."


"Ah yes, nothing like snacking on those during a movie, realizing you ate almost the whole box, are completely and utterly dehydrated for the rest of the night no matter how much water you drink before bed, have a hard time sleeping because of it, and then wake up feeling like shit the next day."


So Zesty

"Corn nuts, they are so crunchy it's like eating zesty aquarium gravel."


"I ate corn nuts for a whole month for lunch back in elementary school and one day ended up cracking my back tooth and choking on the corn nut that did it all. Haven’t eaten corn nuts since."


"I came here to say this and was so pleased to see it’s the top comment. It’s the best road trip snack ever."


Flavor Town

Send It Atlanta Braves GIF by MLBGiphy

"Sunflower Seeds."


"Along the same vein I'm pretty addicted to sunflower nut butter, don't even want it on anything but a spoon and I'm off to flavor town. It's so good."


Sunflower seeds are annoying. I don't get them. Yuck.


Happy Food GIF by Subway SverigeGiphy

"My daughter has an abundance of cherry tomatoes so she puts them in a paper bowl in the kitchen for everyone. I find myself snacking on these constantly. Forget lunch & dinner, i am full on cherry tomatoes and some celery sticks."



"Four saltines with either cheese or peanut butter on them. (not those little packages of orange crackers, I just make them myself)."


"Peanut butter and apples on saltines is my go-to I've been throwing up for a few days and need calories option. Cheese and apples if I'm feeling much better."


"Saltines with cream cheese. Sounds weird but it’s bomb."



"Eating ice."


"My daughter was severely anemic and chewed ice all day, every day. When we ask the hematologist about this they said yes it is due to being anemic. He said there are people that will chew gravel or even sheet rock."


"Same. I'm anemic and go the crushed ice all day. I have a pop top Yeti just for ice."



"Cereal. I love munching on both dry cereal and a regular bowl with milk! I find that nowadays I gravitate towards more 'grown up' cereals like Honey Bunches of Oats, Cheerios, Mini-Wheats. And I love Grape Nuts! Only with milk and sugar though. However I will always love Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Pebbles and Captain Crunch (all versions)!"


Pop Away

Bill Hader Popcorn GIF by Saturday Night LiveGiphy

"I like cheesy popcorn but can't buy cause I'll eat the whole damn container in one sitting."


A Nice Boost

"Edamame, entertainment for your mouth and your hands... Pop pop pop... Perfect little protein boost. You can salt them for an electrolyte assist, or add gochujang/sriracha if you need a slight sugar kick. Regular hot sauce or chilli garlic sauce is great if you're just looking for extra spice without the refined sugar. This ad has been paid for by Big Soybean."


Now I'm starving. Or is my mouth bored?

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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