Humanity is always way more complex than Hollywood wants it to be. A narrative loves a hero and a villain with no room for sympathy for the villainous.

But people don't usually act like that. Most people act out of what they truly, deeply believe to be right. So chances are, we've all seen a villain on film or TV that we relate to just a little bit.

So when Redditor Winologue asked:

"In which movie did the villain actually have a point?"

Here were some of those answers.

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

"Baby's dad in Dirty Dancing. He just wanted to keep a sketchy dance instructor from diddling his daughter."-Willy-Wanger

"Watched this after not seeing it since I was a kid, and realized Baby's dad was also pretty open-minded for the time."-spinderella1780

The Villain Of Tenacious D

"School Of Rock. Principal Mullens definitely had a right to be concerned, No Vacancy had a right to kick him out of the band, and Ned and his girlfriend had a right to be pissed at their roommate for not paying rent."-lomlomlom

"Jack Black characters are often a**holes in his early years if you look at it. He makes a convincing one but without actually being one."-Junckopolo

The Wrath Of Loneliness

"Khan was right, Kirk could have at least sent a fruit basket a long over the years."-MAJORMETAL84

"He probably reported it to Starfleet. 'Oh, btw I found SuperHitler and instead of beelining it to Earth where he can face trial for genocide, I decided to drop him on Planet Australia to see if hard work will mold him into a better person.'"

"'Just figured I'd say something, check up on him or don't, I don't care.'"-captainedwinkrieger

If a movie was made from their point of view, how would the audience feel then?

The Black Pearl

"Barbossa, he just wanted to be uncursed. Granted he was being a real a-hole about it..."-ItssHarrison

"Well, he had been dealing with Jack Sparrow for decades. No one actually likes Jack Sparrow except the audience. His former crew mutinied. He constantly betrays everyone around him."

"He tries to abandon ship by himself when the kraken comes. He makes out with another man's fiancée. And he drinks all the fricking rum. He's only tolerated because he's clever, has a magic compass, and is extremely lucky."-user deleted

Darth Tyranus The Traitor

"Easy. Attack of the Clones. The Villain, Count Dooku, straight up told Obi-wan that the Galactic republic was under control of a Sith Master."

"Which, this bothered me. Ok, so you think Count Dooku was lying. Couldn't like one Jedi double check the vetting on the Chancellor, just to make sure? Wouldn't that have been prudent 'hey, just in case guys, let's look into this.'"-encyclodoc

Hyuckin' Worried

"Now he wasn't really a villain, but he was the antagonist, Goofy in A Goofy Movie had understandably good reasons to be scared for his son from his perspective."-Ussh06

"The real villain was a lack of communication. 'Hey dad before we go on this road trip can I go to this end of the school year party first?'"

"'There's this girl I really like whose going to be there and wanted me to be there too,' was all it would have taken for Goofy to delay the road trip a bit and avoid all the shenanigans."

"Or if that was out of the question, later on he could have said 'Hey dad can we add a stop onto the road trip and go to a concert?' instead of having to get all underhanded and weird..."-Wooper160

I'll Get You My Pretty

"Wizard of Oz. Yeah, she was a witch but c'mon. They were her dead sisters shoes. She should have them. Not some stranger who just showed up and wants them."

"Oh by the way, this stranger that just showed up, was the one that killed her sister. Sad really."-paulvs88

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Can you imagine an entire perspective into the people society truly wants you to villainize? How would you perceive them?

Ruined By Sam Raimi

"Flint Marko (AKA Sandman) from Spider-Man 3. He's a desperate father with a daughter on her deathbed, just trying to amass the funding necessary to bring her back to health."-CorgisDie

"They really screwed that one up. He coulda been a great sympathetic villain if the studio hadn't forced them into adding Venom. Damned story was pulled in all directions, Marko's character never got any proper development."-jake106

Manifest Destiny

"A really underrated animated film called Battle for Terra. The human race was dying and basically was going to colonize the nearest planet their refugee ships drifted toward, but they would be committing genocide on the native inhabitants due to terraforming."

"The villain was a heartless killer but he made a very good point for doing what he did."

"'Future generations may call me a monster... But because of me, there will be future generations.'"

"I didn't like him, but I couldn't deny that he cared about humanity."-nooshdog


"I don't know if you can really call him the villain but Andrew in Chronicle was right in a twisted way."

"Nobody helps him, everyone does whatever they want with no consideration for how it affects everyone else simply because they can."

"Suddenly when he finds himself with the power to take what he wants and do what he wants, he does just that."-Purplewizzlefrisby

Did you recognize any of your own traits in the ones described as villainous above? Do you relate to any of the villains in the movies you have seen in your life?

If so, you might be catching onto the idea that humanity is not as simple as we'd like to make it in Hollywood.

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