People Break Down Which Things Are Far More Disgusting Than Anyone Realizes

People Break Down Which Things Are Far More Disgusting Than Anyone Realizes
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Ew ew ew ew. Warning, this piece is not for the squeamish.

We do things on a daily basis that we are just used to.

We've grown to accept them as a part of our lives without question.

But if we thought deeper about these things, would we find that they were, in face, disgusting?

Redditor voxangelikus asked:

"What something that is way more disgusting than most people realize?"

Here were some of their answers.

Mmm, Carbonated Mold

Soda fountains.


You're so right. Mold/black stuff will grow on the inside of the heads and you can't see it unless you take them off to clean them. I had a job where we would remove them, scrub them inside and out and soak them in solution over night, and even then, we could sometimes find some buildup. I shudder to think what people are drinking from soda fountains at 24hr restaurants where they never remove the heads.


Less Space For Bacteria

Shower loofah. It's a great place for bacteria. Buy a couple of wash cloths and then after you use one just throw it in the washing machine. Or just put on some shower gel on your hands and rub it over your body. That's how I got rid of my body acne



"The crevices on either side of your stove. You would not believe what kind of crap falls down those narrow cracks. Pull your stove out and you'll find that you'll need to clean the sides of the stove AND the sides of the cabinets. Eww.

Also, when was the last time you cleaned the area between the glass of your oven door? If you can't see through the glass window of your oven door, it's because of all of the grease and other nastiness that's found it's way inside. You can unscrew the inside of the oven door to access that middle area between the glass.


It's Raining Gunk

At work, lift up your keyboard, turn it over and tap it about 5 or 6 times on the hard lower edge near the space bar (not the keys themselves) over your table.

For extra gory effect put a couple of sheets of white paper on your desk first.


What's Under There?!

Your jewelry. Old ladies love to brag "I've been married thirty-five years and I've never taken off my rings."

So... How many kids do you have. How many Grand babies diapers have you changed? Have sex? Get weird with it? Toilets cleaned? General dirt accumulation? Hair products and hand cream are just oily binders for... Oh never mind. It gets gross.


The Green Plague

Money, I guess a lot of people realize it now but cash is disgusting and bacteria can live on it for a surprisingly long time. Also restaurants are super gross



Picking your nose, it's not your nose that's dirty, it's your fingers that are flithy and your basically shoving germs and bacteria into your nasal passages.


Not My Lunch, Please

Buffets. Countless people could have sneezed, coughed, etc. all over whatever pile of unidentifiable left-out-too-long mush that's sitting there


Always Close The Lid

Not closing the toilet lid before you flush it, especially if you have a small bathroom. Do you know how far your fecal bacteria can fly out of that toilet?

I watched a video on it a few years back and my life has never been the same


-Gurgles Cautiously-

Water from the faucet.

Don't get me wrong. That's pretty much the only water I drink and I don't care that's it's disgusting.

But after reparing a bunch on main water supply in a lot of buildings, I'm always amazed that we don't simply die from drinking this thing.

The conduits are full of filthy, rust bubble filed with black smelly liquid and stuff. It's disgusting.


Mites Everywhere

Pillows are nasty AF, even w the cover they're constantly collecting dead skin and serve as a breeding ground for mites. I had a teacher in high school who told us to weigh our pillows once every six months


Best Get On That

Refrigerators. Some people almost never clean them. I completely remove ALL of the shelving and drawers at least twice a year, wash everything in soapy, hot water, then wipe the entire inside (walls, ceiling, floor) of the refrigerator with a mixture of hot water and bleach.

For areas I can't reach, like the rubber weather seals on the doors, I use a toothbrush with hot water and bleach. Also, don't forget to clean out the drip tray under the refrigerator with hat water and bleach (that tray gets REALLY disgusting), vacuum the floor, underside, and back of your refrigerator to keep it running smoothly.


Duly Noted

I wasn't worried about the cleanliness of my butthole or anyone else's. I'm never licking one. Period.


Don't Do It!

Eating at a buffet.


Oh No

Eating out. I study Nutrition & Food safety. For projects we test the microbiomes of different restaurants. We swab the counter, knives, cutting boards, etc. Nearly 99% of the tests (no matter the restaurant) were positive for bacteria that stems from human feces.


Think Before You Get That Tat

Some very popular tattoo and piercing shops. I have worked in one that was very clean and it was a big part of my job to keep it that way and I did, but there were some that I visited that in my area are very popular that should be shut down for how disgusting they are.



How chicken nuggets are made.


Some People Still Don't

Not washing your goddamn hands.



I worked at a burger joint and people would just put ketchup right on the tray their food was on. We'd wipe them down with a bleach rag, but they didn't get properly washed until the end of the day, after being manhandled by the employees who handles cash and god only knows how many customers.


We Will Never Sleep Again

The mattress. It doesn't even take bed bugs to make a hotel mattress nasty if you think of the last people getting hot and sweaty and shedding skin and other things into it.


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