People Share Their Worst 'People Are Disgusting' Experiences
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Humans are gross. We do gross things all the time, like checking our used tissue for boogers.

People have a strange fascination with the disgusting. There was a whole show in the 90s around people getting slimed.

Now that seems pretty harmless, but what if you caught someone doing something so disgusting that it made you re-evaluate the way you look at those around you?

If it make you feel disgusted to think about gross things humans do, it's actually evolutionarily hardwired in you to feel that way. We feel disgust to protect ourselves from eating rotten food that could hurt us.

Redditor k1rky25 asked:

"What was your 'people are disgusting' realization moment?"

You're not going to want to read these if you get nauseated easily.

Taking a dump into the trash can.

"Last month, our manager walked into the hallway leading to the break room only to find a customer with their pants around their ankles sh*tting in the garbage can."

- lieslmarie

"I used to clean at Home Depot. One store had a secondary set of smaller bathrooms on the other side of the store from the bigger, regular bathrooms. These bathrooms were mostly used by employees."

"At least once a week (because I only cleaned 4 days a week, while someone cleaned the other 3) I would find sh*t filled underwear in the trashcan of that bathroom. I wasn't that grossed out the first time I found them because, hey accidents happen and that was just a bad day for that dude. But after the 3rd week in a row, I realized this dude was just sh*tting himself for the love of the game."

"I quit soon after."

- Shoddy-Quality-767

Disgusting gym shower.

"Have you ever seen a gym shower absolutely covered in smears of shit? Literal handprints and finger trails of human excrement, from the floor to the ceiling? Like someone had a fight with a poop monster and lost?"

"Because I wish I hadn't."

- Inferno8429

"Janitor at psychiatric hospital I deal with that almost every day people are nasty it’s worst when they don’t take anti psychotics."

- Revolutionary-Row784

Please, don't eat in the bathroom.

"In the navy, enlisted folks clean the toilets on the regular. Depending on the ship and location, they get real disgusting even at the best of times. Some dirty guy ate Spaghetti-Os while he was taking a sh*t and left the can and spoon on the toilet paper rack. People are irredeemably disgusting."

- reactor_raptor

"Guy on my ship soiled his underwear and flushed them. Sewage on a ship goes into a tank and is eventually pumped overboard. The pump got clogged and the Hull Techs had to fix it. We knew who was at fault because all your clothing is permanently marked."

- Shadeauxmarie

Military medic.

Warning, this one is really bad.

"Patient with an anal abscess that he got shaving his a**hole a couple hours before a 45 day field exercise in the New Mexican desert. He hadn't showered or even attempted basic hygiene. His whole body already smelled like a barrel of fermenting jock straps, and he was face down with his rotten a**hole stuck up in the air. PA lanced it and it burst outward, splattering rotten pus all over the other medic, who promptly vomited all over the floor and my boots. I have been severely grossed out by people since then and left the military to do a series of plant science degrees."

- Con5equences

Child Protective Service workers have seen some things.

"Working as a caseworker for CPS."

- the8itch

"Had two friends that were going to save the world via social work."

"One left after three months and has since developed PTSD and Chronic-Fatigue Syndrome and the other lasted a year and went from a freewheeling hippy to the coldest hardest heart you ever met."

- karatebullfightr

"I work in healthcare, doing lab testing. One of my first days doing STD testing we had a 3 year old test positive for GC/CT. Both of them, and we retested them at least twice to confirm. Contracting both at birth is possible, but doubtful. It was definitely a case of abuse."

"I don't think I could concentrate at work for hours after resulting that out."

- Aldroe

Men in the DMs.

"My ex-girlfriend once showed me the messages she receives on a daily basis. It led me to one basic question:"

"What the f*ck is wrong with guys? Outwardly, y'all look and act normal. Behind a keyboard, you send peen pics, solicit threesomes, ask for nudes, hit on taken chicks etc…"

- Slyest_of_Boots

"It's sad that women are even too scared sometimes to dismiss men like this these days, but who can blame these women? They get sexual messages like this, tell the men ''no,' and then the women receive both sexual and life endangering threats. It's the worst and it makes me sick."

- TheBostonKremeDonut

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Trashing the bathroom as a trend.

"I work retail, and a few months ago some teenage boys trashed the men's restroom. They left a few movies stolen from the nearby Walmart on the floor, dumped every paper towel into the toilets/urinal, and got either toilet water, urine, or both all over the floor."

- Funny_Alternative_55

"The trend is so f*cking annoying. If I want to go to the bathroom in school, there is no toilet paper, no toilet seats, no mirrors, and even if you can go to the bathroom with have of it missing, you cant even wash your hands because guess what? Mfs took the damn soap."

- IEatBruhMoments

People Explain Activities They've Added To Their Post-Pandemic Bucket List | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

While we've all been cooped up for the better part of two years, many of us have been dreaming up exciting plans for the future. Maybe it's finally time to s...

"Picture it: Fashion Bug, 2005. I’m a young assistant manager, making shit money and just trying to make it to closing. I start refolding Henley's and discover a bloody, snotty paper towel shoved between the shirts. F*ck people. F*ck society."

- StrangerKatchoo

"At least once a week I clean off bare footprints off the tables at my fast food job."

- ItsMyB1rthdayToday

"Why are people like this?"

- hellahater

Being a jerk to animals.

"I witnessed a grown man spit on a rhinoceros at a zoo, I've hated humanity since that very second."

- jalapenocupcakes

"That’s why Lamas spit at us, they hate us."

- PaleGravity

Those were some dark times.

"Beginning of Covid when all of the toilet paper disappeared."

- hateful73

"About that time I went to the store to get some baby wipes… everything was gone; baby wipes, boogie wipes and any wipe related to babies. That’s when I truly lost faith in humanity. I didn’t care about the toilet paper, I can work around that but leaving no baby wipes for people that need to wipe baby a**es? Go to hell."

- zwhiz

COVID really shed some light on this.

"At the height of the pandemic I was in a shop and saw a man sneeze in his hand and then wipe it on the shop conveyor belt. I had a pretty low opinion of people before that but that really destroyed what was left of my faith in humans."

- killingmehere

"Seeing masks all over the ground."

- Owen420xD

"I can safely say that is not something that in all my years I have EVER seen as litter. Until about a year ago, and they're now everywhere. F*cking animals."

- dr_freudenstein

"Try telling an a**hole to wear a mask inside a shop and you’ll have a pile of them outside as they angrily cast it aside as soon as they leave."

- reb0014

"At the grocery store. Middle aged lady opened all the rotisserie chickens (that are sitting under heat lamps), touched them all then picked one that was to her liking and left."

- Hentai-Flag

"Just last month I saw some older lady in the produce section 'sampling' the fresh herbs. She would take a small piece of cilantro, stick it AND her fingers in her mouth. Then she proceeded to do it to multiple bundles until she found the one she wanted and put her mask back on and walked away."

"I told my wife I was going to skip the cilantro when making tacos this time."

- -PM_me_your_recipes-

Corrections officers acting inhumane.

"When I worked in corrections, it was announced during briefing one day by a supervisor that one of the dorms was on hunger strike. An officer blurted out, “good, let ‘em starve to death” and many in the room laughed and some gave him high fives. The supervisor, who is supposed to keep things professional, so instead added, '[dorm officer’s name] feel free to write that we offered them food and they refused if they start to annoy you today.'

"An entire shift of officers were willing to purposefully lie on paperwork to force those on hunger strike to not even be given the option to end it."

"Myself and two medical officers went to talk to the dorm reps, found out the reason they were on strike is because the dorm hadn’t been allowed onto the yard for over a week because the dorm officers simply wouldn’t open the door for them."

"We contacted the captain (our boss’s boss’s boss) and told him that we were willing to stay an extra hour for voluntary OT to let them go on yard and thus give them reason to end the strike. The captain said, 'Why would you want to help those a**holes.'"

"We did it anyway because as medical officers, and more importantly as human beings that aren’t f*cking monsters, we wanted to give these guys a chance to get outside and a reason to finally partake in a meal, so, the strike ended, but I won’t ever forget the fact that multiple officials, of multiple ranks, and over multiple days not only made no effort to help solve a problem, but that many of them actively were seeking to worsen it for the sake of 'lol because we can.'"

"A lot of people seem to forget that an officer’s number one function in corrections is to 'ensure the safety and security of the facility and ALL persons located within,' not just the people you like."

- TheRavingRaccoon

Only cared about money.

"Went to an appointment and saw what a previous contractor had done to flip a home did everything the cheapest way and easiest basically screwing the next home owner to the point where they're paying a lot more now to fix all issues. Just showed me how much money matters to some and the safety and well being of others doesn't."

- CardiologistLimp7948

This was a truly horrifying list of things that people have actually done in the world.

If you made it this far, don't feel bad that your curiosity was peaked. We don't know why we are fascinated by the disgusting but there are a few theories. It could be "benign masochism," or the value of learning about a threat to protect yourself in the future.

Whatever your reason, we can agree that people are disgusting.

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