People Share Facts That Sound Comforting But Are Actually Highly Disturbing
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Have you ever had someone try to comfort you, but ended up feeling worse after what you just heard?

It happens more frequently than people would like, when what were meant to be words of comfort and encouragement end up having the exact opposite effect.

Indeed, sometimes we might be better off, or able to sleep somewhat easier had we not been told a certain statistic or recent study, which paints an optimistic light, but is bad news nonetheless.

Redditor Soupmandog589 was curious to learn what optimistic facts aren't quite as comforting as they seem, leading them to ask:

"What’s a fact that sounds comforting but is actually highly disturbing?"

I'd rather not crash at all.

"You’re statistically more likely to die in a car crash on the way to the airport than you are in a plane crash."- 593shaun

Cold comfort at its finest.

"You did your best."- a_fortunate_accident

The possibilities are endless...

"You never truly know what anyone really thinks about you.'

"I mean this like super literally."

"Like you never know if your spouse is planning on killing you, you never know if a stranger is keeping an eye on you thinking about assaulting you.'

"Several possibilities that you could never know."- bluburry420

"There are hundreds if not thousands of versions of you in the minds of other people."

"Depending on how many people you have met in your life."- He-Who-Laughs-Last

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I hope that day is a long time coming...

"One day you'll never feel pain again."- Antdawg2400·

Ignorance is bliss... or is it?

'The most peaceful way to die is in your sleep, but you’ll go to sleep not knowing you’ll never see anything ever again."- Hkro-2

We won't live to see it... but others will...

"There will be a point in time where humans go extinct."

"We wont experience it but imagine our future generations will see the 'end of the world'.

"You saw... nothing."- SunTzy69

End Of The World Netflix GIF by LOVE DEATH + ROBOTSGiphy

The truth is out there... maybe...

"Either alien life exists, or we are totally alone in the universe."- ALA02

Don't get too excited

"You're really really sick, you have no energy, no appetite, and just the will to do nothing at all."

"Let’s say this is your grandpa in this situation."

"All the sudden grandpa calls you and says he wants to eat so much that it hurts and he wants to go do some fun projects, this sudden burst of energy kinda thing."

"Well you drive to the hospital to find that your grandpa has just died minutes after he called you."

"The nurse will then explain to you that this is very common when people are dying to just have a sudden burst of energy."- ReaperGrin

Either way, we're screwed

"While we're losing a lot of forests in the tropics due to climate change, we're actually gaining a lot of forest in the northern latitudes, and into formerly grassland areas as more available CO2 allows them to grow in more arid regions."

"And everyone loves trees, right?"

"The problem is the climate crisis is also a biodiversity crisis, and habitat loss, like grasslands or tundra becoming forest, is arguably even harder on species than changes in weather patterns."- RIPEOTCDXVI

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Kind as it is to offer comfort to those who need it, it is also wise to think very carefully when choosing your words.

After all, as the saying goes "when you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

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