Have you ever found yourself in a conversation, when someone brings up a topic they aren't too familiar with, but you are?

This gives you the opportunity to sweep in and share your knowledge on the subject.

While one would imagine that your relative expertise on the subject might result in thanks and appreciation, more often than not, the reaction from your friends is "why do you know that?"

Awkward as it may feel at the moment, there are very few people who don't carry some unusual areas of expertise and trivia on subjects most others are most likely unfamiliar with.

Redditor quadruple_b was curious to learn the random facts others have shared which wound up bringing their conversations to a halt, leading them to ask:

What is a really weird fact, that makes people say "why do you know that?"

Octopuses... they're just like us

"Octopuses are usually very antisocial but when they’re under the influence of ecstasy they are more willing to spend time around each other or even hug other octopuses."- Stab_That_Ukulele

The body compensates

"When you are starving, and have little body fat left, your body can grow almost fur-like hair to insulate itself in absence of fat."- A_Stupid_Fish29

"Your body’s normal functions can slow down to accommodate organ disease."

"For example, I have 40% lung function, but my O2 is completely normal at 98% saturation."

"They didn’t discover any lung disease until I had a ct scan done for other reasons and my lungs happened to show up in that."- nocturnal_numbness

What this would do for humanity!

"Cheetahs are so genetically similar that supposedly you can draw blood from one and inject it straight into another one without any health issues in the receiving animal."

"I.E. no blood type or clotting factor variations."- 0ttr

big cats cat GIF by BBC EarthGiphy

So strange, that it makes perfect sense?

"Coca-Cola can help with blood stains."- Buzzed_Woody

Good thing they don't need a toilet...

"Guinea pigs average pooping around 100 times a day."- morgandanso


"In Phoenix, Arizona, you are legally allowed to bury a dead body on your property without asking for permission/getting a permit/etc."

"The city asks that you contact them beforehand so they can send someone out to stake for gas/electric lines, but it’s not required."- hedalexa12

digging sarah chalke GIFGiphy

Who wouldn't?

"If provided with a mirror, dolphins will admire their own genitals."- Cymiril

The brain is a delicate creature

"There is a chemical called MPTP that specifically destroys dopaminergic neurons in the brain."

"About 3 days after someone ingests it, they get Parkinson's disease."- SheilaBoof

Gruesome with good intentions?

"In the 1960s or 70s, the Swiss Air Force dropped severed chicken heads all over the forests of Switzerland."

"The chicken heads contained the rabies vaccine, and the airdrop was to vaccinate wild foxes against rabies."- EnormousPurpleGarden

fennec fox GIFGiphy

One never knows when learning this newfound information might become useful.

Especially for parents of children eager to buy a Guinea Pig...

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