People Divulge The Worst Excuses They've Ever Heard To Justify Cheating

People Divulge The Worst Excuses They've Ever Heard To Justify Cheating
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I've always said, if you're gonna cheat, then please just break up.

Having sex with other people is not the problem... lying is.

If you're cheating, you're lying.

There is no excuse, it's just selfish behavior.

But people sure can get creative with their reasons.

So this should be good...

Redditor Shinfekta wanted to break down all the reasons people may have to step out on a partner.

So they asked:

"What’s the worst excuse for cheating?"

I mean... go ahead... try and explain. This should be as good as the dog ate my homework.


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“'You aren’t exactly my type.' -Actual quote after 3 years of living together."


"A bit late to recognize that huh? What an ass, sorry you had to go through that."


Oh Lord...

"I’ll never forget my first semester in college I met a girl in psychology 101 that shared with the whole class that her boyfriend cheated on her. She said she was going to forgive him because his reason for cheating was because he had never slept with a black girl before and wanted to know what it was like."



"Came home early from work to my last EX in bed with another gu 'I wasn’t trying to hurt you I didn’t think you would find out I came home early because I spilled a frier on my leg and she ignored my call for a ride because she was busy being f**ked. I’m still mad when I think about it."


2 of a Kind

"'She's your twin... does it really count as cheating?'"


"I dated a girl with an identical twin. One night I came up behind her, wrapped my arms around her, and planted a gentle kiss on her neck. Normally she liked that a lot, but this time she said, 'What the f**k are you doing?' It was her twin. So embarrassed lol. Luckily they both saw the funny side because it's happened before."



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'"It just happened.'"


"'The storm was so strong it shredded our clothes off and we had to hold on tight to not fly off, I guess a gust of wind pushed my penis into her.'"


The scandal of it ALL!!

For U!

for you hello GIF by Music ChoiceGiphy

“'You’re too nice. I’m doing you a favor.'"



"I deserved to have sex with a hot guy. It was tough to hear. I didn't think I looked that bad. But it messed with my self-image pretty badly. I had problems with body dysmorphia before I even met her. But between that and a few other comments she made, it came back pretty hard. Most days I do pretty well now though."



"The lights were off, I couldn’t see."


"I actually know a guy whose wife used this excuse."


Phil it UP!

"One that I heard from a former marriage counselor was a woman who claimed her husband was so affectionate, hard-working, and considerate, she developed an inferiority complex and dealt with it by cheating."


"I saw something like that on Dr Phil. This woman was saying how her partner doted on her, did all the dishes, did everything for her. It was disgusting to her how much he loved her, so she felt the need to cheat on him."



I See You Soccer GIF by UEFAGiphy

"I thought about you the whole time."


"Never understood that one. It makes it worse surely."


Sometimes you just need to be single.

What are some of the craziest examples you've ever heard? Let us know in the comments below.

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