People Divulge Which Things Some Folks Fervently Defend That Don't Seem Worth Their Time
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Why do we keep standing for things that have proven unworthy?

We as humans are gluttons for punishment sure, but there should be a learning curve by now.

Some aspects of life are just not worthy of our time and energy.

Or some people.

Redditor hippolyte_pixii wanted to hear about what many of us are wasting life on by championing the obsolete. They asked:

"What do people defend so fervently that you can tell they know it actually sucks?"

Ipods. I miss Ipods and still want them back. But I hear we're past them.

It's Over

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"Bad relationships."


"Trauma bonding is real and so sad."


It's All Fake



"Sunk cost fallacy. By the time you realise you're further in the hole than you'd intended, you convince yourself that your success is just around the corner."

"Also a read a blog a few years ago about someones adventures through an MLM, from the start to finally getting out and the impression I get is that there is very much a 'fake it till you make it' situation. Yes maybe there are some people who do well in MLM's, but the vast majority that appear to do well are faking it on social media with the goal of recruiting as many suckers as possible to be part of their downstream. Stay well away."


It's Round

"Flat Earth nonsense. We watched a documentary about the flat Earthers, and it was obvious that many of the higher profile 'celebrities' in that community no longer believe their bull (if they ever did), but they've invested too much of their lives in it to be able to admit they were wrong, and for some of them, it's become their income source."


The Grind

"Working super long hours - despite all your talk of ‘grindset,' I know you know it sucks."

"Burn-babies-burn. My dad gets 20 Vacation days a year and brags about not taking them. I'm like bro, that's not a flex but he just doesn't see it that way."


"I was like that until about 2 years ago, I'm 28 now. From 19-26 I laughed at people taking vacation days and thought 'How lazy are you that you need to take time off other than your scheduled 2 days?' Well, thankfully I'm not like that anymore as I finally realized loyalty doesn't buy you anything and the business could care less about you."



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"Some lady tried to sale my wife and I this supplement or whatever called 'thrive.' It was just some dumb pyramid scheme. Those who buy into it really drive home how great it is, way too extensively."


I tried Thrive. And I don't want to talk about it.

Off the Road

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"Jeeps. (modding Wranglers, specifically...)"

"Don't get me started on those things. If you find a Jeep addict driving a mall-crawler, if you just keep asking them about their mods, they eventually start to crack and barely admit that they made the vehicle a pain in the butt to drive, for off-roading capability that they will never use."


Soda Brainwash

"The Coca-Cola marketing in Mexico is extremely overbearing. It has been for a very long time. it has gotten to the point where they have convinced Mexicans that Coca-Cola is part of their cultural traditions. To shy away from Coca-Cola is to shy away from your friends, family, and community."

"Basically, they have convinced a large portion of the Mexican people that if they don't like Coca-Cola, then they are odd and/or unethical people. That being said, my Mexican wife refuses to acknowledge that she likes Pepsi better. I've given her Pepsi in a cup without telling her and she has praised how good the 'Coke' was."

"After I reveal that it is Pepsi, she throws it away and claims she didn't really like it. If her family is around, she won't offer Pepsi to them if it's all we have. It's not just Pepsi either. RC and store-brand is the same. If it's not Coca-Cola, then it's an insult to her heritage. The brainwashing is remarkable to say the least."


'pay our dues'

"Being a 'company man.' At FedEx I met a lot of old men decades deep into their, erm, 'careers' as mail sorters. They seem to think that just because FedEx will throw them a couple cents more per hour every year they stay, that makes hard work and loyalty to the company somehow invaluable."

"Then they freak out at us young guys all the time for not taking the job seriously because we have bills due NOW, not 20 years from now when we 'pay our dues' and eventually get a comfortable wage."



"Nursing. Don't get me wrong, those people do a thankless job and deserve a lot of recognition. But my best friend is a nurse and she's told me that 90% of her job is wiping @sses , and a lot of her coworkers are ex-high school mean girls who love to martyr themselves."


Apple Life

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"Living in New York City. Sure, there are all sorts of fantastic things to do… theatre, concerts, comedy, clubs, nightlife, authentic ethnic cuisine… it’s just a shame you can’t afford any of it."


Somethings are just meant to go by the wayside. Everything can't stay in fashion forever.

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