People Divulge The Dumbest Thing They've Ever Heard Someone Say

People Divulge The Dumbest Thing They've Ever Heard Someone Say
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I can't anymore, I just can't. Sometimes I feel like I want to turn my ears over to God and say..."I'm done... thanks."

I just can't believe what I'm hearing when among company, or listening to the news. I can't tell if society is crazy, dumb, naive or all of the above.

Too often I'm truly left speechless by the things that fall out of the mouths of others. Either education has fallen to the bowels of life or the human brain has deteriorated through time.

I just always want to ask... "Do you hear you?" Maybe I'm the crazy one.

Redditoru/PrettyRefrigerator83wanted everyone to share some of the things our ears I've heard that left us... speechless by asking:

What's the dumbest thing you've ever heard someone say?

I've had to stop watching CNN because they keep slipping in comments by Marjorie Taylor Greene and I'm sorry but that woman, I am stunned, STUNNED by what she says.

Oh Birdy!

Steve Carrell Thumbs Up GIF by PeacockTVGiphy

"Watching an old movie and a bird comes on the screen. 'I didn't think birds were invented back then.' Literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard and not sure it will ever be topped."

- fatleon5


"When I was a little kid my older sister told me color didn't exist until Wizard of Oz came out and that's why everything before then is in black and white. I was so confused about how everyone was able to start seeing color. Then Pleasantville came out and I love that movie so much because it brought to life a question I had pondered for years."

- makadvisor

And H40?

"College level chemistry. Legit asked in front of everyone what H20 was. Teacher laughed a bit until she saw his embarrassment."

- Yogurt_Slinger_

"H20 is a kinda okay Halloween movie that was considered canon for a while. Was made 20 years after the original and had Jamie Lee Curtis back playing Laurie Strode using a different name."

- Tempestw0lf

It was Me...

"I'll fess up. Once I was searching for a word to describe a length of time and I finally gave up and said 'a half a fortnight'."

- theshizzler

"If I get a free reward anytime in the next 12th of a year I think I might give it to one of the commenters on this. Laughing for a solid 50,000 milliseconds is nice."

- YHDiamond

For Queen...

english olympics GIFGiphy

"England shouldn't play in Euro 2020. They're not in Europe." Wow, just wow."

- Kind_Mulberry_3512

It's Pepper...

Very Funny Reaction GIFGiphy

"Is this saltwater?" We were at the beach. Swimming in the ocean."

- socks_in_jail

I can't stomach it...

"Omg I have been waiting for this question. My boyfriend who, in general is a smart man with common sense. But today he told me humans have 2 stomaches. Apparently, in his mind, the small intestine is 1 stomach and the colon is another. We even had a disagreement about it. So if you are reading this my beautiful idiot I posted your shame bahahaha..."

- My_fair_ladies1872

A 12 Inch

"Way back, I stopped at a Togo's to get a 12-inch sandwich to split with my wife. Asked for half without olives (I don't like them). The young blonde sandwich maker: "Do you want half with olives or half without?" Uhhh... that's the same..."

- RealisticDelusions77

"I could see why they might be clarifying tho. The general public, especially in fast food or retail, can be stupid. Sort of a "just to make sure I heard you right so you won't yell at me later" kinda moment."

- GodsGenome

High Temps

water cooking GIF by South Park Giphy

"Cold water boils faster than hot water" - Former roommate."

- Saustrichroll

In Space

"A woman once asked me if Mars could be classed as a country."

- Mckenzie98

"What 😂? Ah yes, we have so many countries with diverse cultures on our planet. Romania, Scotland, Canada and Mars are the first ones to come to mind."

- PrettyRefrigerator83

Can we send some of these people to Mars? Earth is really stressing me out. And humans, well I give up on y'all. Please keep reading people, and not about Kardashians, read about science, and philosophy, etc.

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