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People sure are silly, aren't they?

Not to say most people are dumb, as everyone has knowledgeable blind spots, but it can be hard to accept that someone just said something so stupid to you. It's a situation we've all been in. You have to stop, realign your thoughts, take in what the person just said, and ask a follow-up, "What did you just say?"
Because no one could be that stupid, right?

Reddit user, Loudersmoke420, wanted to know when someone was just so wrong when they asked:

What's the dumbest thing someone has asked you in full seriousness?

Social cues and graces are learned on the fly, where you gain that experience by actually talking to people.

That doesn't mean it always goes smoothly, however, as evidenced by these interactions.

...You're Either One Or The Other

"I'm an identical twin. When I was in primary school a classmate asked if I ever forget which one I am." ~ Grace_Omega

Unlikely, But Within The Realm Of Possibility

"I had a brain fart once when I was a teen and asked someone if they had ever died." ~ Xtrminated-Maverick

"If it makes you feel any better I actually died from Sudden Cardiac Death and was brought back to life. So, it's not an entirely idiotic question. It happens." ~ NoBallsNoBabies

That's A Grand Total Of...

"I once told someone that I could count the number of women I'd been with on one finger. After a long moment of silence that I mistook for comprehension, he asked "so how many?"

"EDIT: To give a better idea what we're dealing with, this guy, at 20 yrs old, made serious inquiries into getting his healthy teeth pulled and replaced with dentures because he was tired of having to brush & floss." ~ PerfectionPending

Can You Say It More Slowly?

"How do you pronounce your last name?"

"*Are you sure?" ~ Mini-Heart-Attack

You're...You're Standing In It.

"When waitressing a patio shift people would stand, literally on the other side of the fence, debating whether to eat inside or outside."

"It was very common for them to ask "what's the weather like on the patio today?"

"As if they weren't currently the outside weather." ~ Soulretrieval101

Maybe the stupid question comes from their lack of understanding? After all, it would be silly to expect everyone in the world to know everything about everything all the time.

Even still, does make these questions a little odd.

You Know The Gas Isn't Found There, Right?

"How do they know there is gas under gas stations?" ~ tigerllort

One Isn't The Other, You Know That Right?

"I am blind. I was staying over at my cousins house once, and one of them asked me, do you know sign language? I said, I am Blind not deaf. They responded, I know that you could talk to deaf people that way. I said, yes, I can talk to them but I wouldn't know what they are saying." ~ Nisa4444

Do you fry frozen french fries in boiling water. My roommate ask me this one evening. He was 24 and didn't know that you use oil to fry things. This goon thought you boiled them in water, lol.

Perhaps people should have spent more time paying attention in geography class during their school days. Probably could have saved some of these people a lot of time an embarrassment. ​

You Speak English? Where Are You From?

"When I lived in America I was complimented on my English and asked if it was hard to learn a second language. I'm from Australia." ~ Zygomaticus

"I have a Yorkshire accent and when I was in America a group of people tried to guess what country I was from and they named literally every single English speaking country in the world except for England." ~ TehBigD97

Do...Do People Not Understand How Hawaii Works?

"Not me but I live in Hawaii and someone I know said a tourist once asked him if the water went all the way around the island."

"Another friend said a tourist asked if they could just swim under the island (snorkel, actually, not even SCUBA) to get to the other side."

"My husband's cousin once said she wanted to get her dad's RV and drive from California to Hawaii to see us."

"Yeah." ~ geckotatgirl

Yeah, This Is Dumb

"I'm British and when visiting New York I was asked if I came over by plane or car. She insisted there was a bridge between Britain and the US." ~ justwannapoopinpeace

Think before you speak.

That's the easiest way to avoid any of the previous mistakes. Just, think.

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