People Divulge The Things They Think Are Completely F**king Stupid
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People have the tendency not to recognize that the very activity they're engaging in could be very odd, or extremely idiotic, depending on the person.

But because this is not a judgment-free zone, thanks to the anonymity of Reddit, strangers gave their unsolicited opinion about the things they're gobsmacked about what other people do.

No one held back when Redditor Cascading_Neurons asked:

"What's something that's completely f'king stupid in your opinion?"

This is a popular practice where people throw their money away for the sake of striking it rich.

Line Hogs

"People who do lottery scratchers at the counter of the gas station while there is a line of people behind them."

– Amy-Paradise

Money Down The Drain

"I worked at a corner shop for a bit and it was always depressing to see old people come in and get their pension/benefits and spend it on scratch cards. Even if they won anything they would immediately spend it on more scratch cards until they had no money left."

– Cyber_Connor

Winning Perspective

"It never failed to baffle me. People would buy $200 worth of tickets, scratch them off, then come back and happily say they 'won' $150. No…you just threw away $50"

"Then there were others who were aware of how much money they were burning. They’d always say 'oh well you never win if you don’t play.' Like yeah I guess but you also never lose if you never play."

"People would be over the moon when they scratched a ticket for $1,000…but as the cashier who always served them you always knew they’d spent that much or more playing over the previous moths. So their 'win' on that ticket was just them breaking even. It’s a losing game. If the wins don’t significantly cover the amount you’ve lost in the long run then they’re not wins at all. If you performed an ROI analysis you’d see that you’re still in the hole, even if you just 'won' $1,000."

– Mrminecrafthimself

Behaviors and certain conventions get the stink eye.

VIP Treatment

"Giving celebrities, i.e. rich people, discounts for being famous."

– Worgenator

For The Sake Of Matrimony

"Cost of wedding."

– snoopyeeebee

"Lets add funerals to this list as well."

– PoetBoye

The Raucous Crowd

"How people treat politics like it is a sport."

– the_nimble_36

When Applying For Jobs

"The hiring process ok give us a resume, ok now make an account, ok now answer all these questions thats the exact same thing on the resume you gave us. Also unrealistic expectations for what they want job is entry level 10+ years experience, advanced degree, 5 years experience with a program that came out last year etc."

– bustersquash1

It's all a waste when you really think about it.

Colorful Air Pollution

"Balloon releases."

– Lorf30

"When I was in high school way back in 1990, I remember there was an assembly held for Earth Day. At the end, they released what was probably over 100 white balloons for absolutely no reason."

– SexySadieMaeGlutz

All About Presentation

"Bananas sold wrapped in plastic."

– reptrept

Finally, people's obsession with the internet gets a mention.

So Much Investment

"The fact that people care way too much on anything social media."

– Who_Gives_A_

Power Of Influencers

"People who religiously follow streamers."

– dogmaDRP

Beware of harshly criticizing someone for what you may think is cringy behavior.

Chances are, you may have a habit you think is completely normal but actually raises eyebrows unbeknownst to you.

Now, don't mind me as I load a new roll of toilet paper that dispenses from under instead of over.

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