We're all not geniuses.

Everybody has varying degrees of knowledge and brain power.

And that is ok.

Though some of us are really lacking in any sense and every once and awhile people like to sugarcoat that fact when they call us out.

"Bless your heart."

That's a big one in the South. Means... "I like you, but Lord are you missing marbles."

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People Share The Dumbest Question That They've Ever Been Asked
Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

Have you ever looked at someone after they've asked you a question and wondered,"How have you managed to live this long?" Or, even better: "Did I really just hear that?"

It hurts even more once you realize they're not pulling your leg.

I wish I could say this hasn't happened to me more times than I can count, but the human race has a way of disappointing me in ways nothing else can.

Sadly, we all run into these people (and their questions).

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People Describe The Dumbest Way They've Almost Died
panyawat auitpol on Unsplash

Death is coming for all of us. One way or another we're going to leave behind this mortal coil.

The hopes for most is to either go out a hero or peacefully.

But we certainly don't want to be taken out by a situation that could read like an Onion article.

You know like... "Man killed by flying toilet. Looks flushed."

Don't have your life cut short by being an idiot or by not paying attention.

Our deaths are the last ways we're remembered, better to be accompanied by warm smiles and not a lifelong meme.

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People Debate The Widely Shared Advice That Is Utter Bullsh*t
Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

Truly believe only half of what you see, and almost nothing that you hear. This is sage advice that has followed generations upon generations of people. Truly only filter out the things you know are going to work for you.

Unfortunately, not everybody has the self-possession to claim their own path. But we can teach those people what advice NOT to take. And some of that advice you should ignore is actually the very advice some people really believe in.

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What the hell made them think of that?

You've probably asked yourself that from time to time, especially when looking through history's weirder moments. And guess what?

Your average Joe has had to be a creative problem solver at least once or twice, too. Whether it's to avoid losing a job or to get out of a crappy meeting, we must never doubt human ingenuity.

Join us as we roll our eyes yet nod appreciatively at people who somehow made it through despite committing acts that would otherwise be seen as glitches in the matrix!

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