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I can't anymore, I just can't. Sometimes I feel like I want to turn my ears over to God and say..."I'm done... thanks."

I just can't believe what I'm hearing when among company, or listening to the news. I can't tell if society is crazy, dumb, naive or all of the above.

Too often I'm truly left speechless by the things that fall out of the mouths of others. Either education has fallen to the bowels of life or the human brain has deteriorated through time.

I just always want to ask... "Do you hear you?" Maybe I'm the crazy one.

Redditor u/PrettyRefrigerator83 wanted everyone to share some of the things our ears I've heard that left us... speechless by asking:

What's the dumbest thing you've ever heard someone say?
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I am severely concerned about the level of brain power left on this rotting ball we call a planet.

We are in some serious trouble people. Simple facts are being distorted and obvious truths ignored. In the immortal words of Oscar winner Ms. Whoopie Goldberg as the brilliant Oda Mae Brown in "Ghost"... "World (Molly) you're in danger girl!"

Red alert, theories are not fact. So please do your research before you fall down a rabbit hole and follow the lies.

It's not that this sort of behavior is new, it's just gotten really out of hand as of late.

Redditor u/Superfrogboy wanted to discuss some ideas floating about that just don't add up by asking:

What is the worst and dumbest conspiracy theory?
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Finance and financial management really needs to be a part of all school curriculums. Seriously, who needs PE every single year?

And what in the world is the point of a free period? Also, trigonometry... just no. Learning about how to make and properly handle money would change the outlook for everyone.

Learning that it doesn't grow on trees or that one day we'll have to make our own and turn on into survival... that seems like a more dire and useful life lesson.

Too many people make far too many stupid mistakes that keep them in debt and unhappy, and that can be avoided.

Redditor u/viKiKing0 wanted everyone to own to some mistakes involving money by asking:

What was the stupidest financial decision you ever made?
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Some people just seem to enjoy nit-picking. Whether it stems from their own insecurities or they are truly offended, it can be frustrating being on the receiving end of such complaints.

The most frivolous one I experienced was being sassed at work for a dress I had on. It was summertime and very warm inside the old, big retail store that most not be named. All of the young bright young 19 and early 20 something-year-old ladies were in mini skirts or mini dresses that barely covered their bums. No shame-they rocked it and were more comfortable in the heat.

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I'm always surprised to find myself surprised, even today. I know most humans are idiots but I can still be stunned by what will dribble out of the mouths of others; especially from those I thought were a tad... brighter?

I know we can be gullible but eventually, we catch on. Don't we? By a certain age, there is information we realize is just too bizarre to be real.

But I will say truth can often be stranger than fiction. So who knows why we think what we're thinking.

In this day and age of "alternative facts" I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. But I am.

Redditor u/Roerbakgroente was wondering what sort of "bizarre" facts and info people out there trust as true by asking:

What's the dumbest thing someone you know actually believed?
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