People Divulge The One Thing They Wish They'd Never Discovered About Their Significant Other

As relationships get serious, it's understandable that one will want to know as much as possible about their significant others.

That is, until we make a discovery about them which might forever change how we view our relationship.

Sometimes, it might be a discovery that might just take some getting used to, even if we'd have been better off not knowing.

Other times, however, this newfound information makes remaining in this relationship untenable.

Redditor Mr_MightyMouse was curious to hear what people wished they'd never learned about their past and present relationships, leading them to ask:

"What is the one thing you found out about your S/O you wish you never did?"

He was anything but faithful

"He cheated on me."

"When I had cancer."- stolliolli

'That he is, and likely will always be, a cheater."- incognitocarer

Her one true love... wasn't me

"She drunkenly admitted to her friends that her ex-boyfriend was the one and she’ll never get over him."

"Still not sure how to handle that information."- FreeFoot_

Complicit without knowing it.

"She was an opiate addict."

"I was funding her addiction unknowingly."

"I was helping her destroy herself and I was too stupid to realize that."- Local64bithero

Moving way too fast

"Not that it was that traumatic as we were only dating a few weeks, but she started real deal crying when I wouldn't put her on my life insurance."- Toasted_Bagels_R_Gud

Someone needs to sharpen their aim...

"I hang up a towel to dry my hands in the bathroom."

"Sometimes I would find it on the floor and think hmmm the towel fell off the rack."


"One day my husband casually says 'you are always so quick to do laundry, like if I accidentally pee on the floor and clean it up with the towel it is gone so quick'."

"I'm like what.... what?"


"So yea, I've been drying my hands with pee towels for 10 years."

"FML."- kperkins1982·

max greenfield towel GIFGiphy

A club no one wants to belong to

"I was dating my ex for two years and she drunkenly confessed that she had cheated on every bf she had ever had."

"We broke up not long after."

"Then found out she was also cheating on me with multiple people from the office."

"I’m now happily married!"

"She also hid her then current bf from me when we first hooked up, he was asleep in another bedroom and we was in a different bed."

"She told him I missed the train home and needed a place to get my head down."- JancingSalmon

A stronger connection than they knew.

"He once dated a girl that he was getting fairly serious about until he showed up to a family event and she was there."- rowenaravenclaw0

What was he up to?

"He had a notebook of every detail of my life, including menstrual cycle, and also kept all the details of my friends and family members."

"Even ones I had never mentioned."

"And we were only together for two months."- totalfranmove

The news no one wants to hear

"That she had Cancer, which ultimately took her."

"That is literally the only thing I found out about my late wife that I ever regretted."- d20gamerguy

A happy anniversary indeed.

"This is NSFW."

"She gave me her phone to look for an address and make a restaurant reservation for our 7 year anniversary."

"I don't know why she gave me her phone, but I guess it was just destiny."

"Someone sent her a video on Whatsapp, and the next message says 'tomorrow again?'"

"From the same person."

"Now I am not one of those people who checks my partner's phone, I don't like that."

"But I was curious and clicked on it. It was a full 2 minute video of her hooking up with someone"

"Needless to say there was no anniversary dinner."- kmiaw

Too close with her family?

"Not my SO but my ex."

' She had a crush on her cousin."

"She told me this at her sister's wedding."- Goopgoblin

"My ex once told me that he touched his cousins boobs when she was asleep, when he was a young teenager."

'I never looked at her or him the same."- Fif_007

Love wasn't what it once was.

"I'm normally quite laidback."

'However, I wish I didn't know just to the extent of how un-romantic my partner is."

"I love him so much, but he claimed to love romantic things when we started dating and now suddenly says he's never been romantic."

"He's very sweet and everything, but I feel a little cheap when we wrestle sometimes or we don't go on cute dates, even just a late night stroll."

"I feel like I'm missing out on lovely things I've seen people have and I want us to work but I don't know if I can go on feeling kind of deprived."- NecessaryRhubarb1724

An undeserved memento

"He blindfolded and nude photographed every single woman he’d ever slept with, including me, on a Polaroid camera and kept them in a photo album he has never shown a single person.'

"This is thankfully now my ex, and a rather regrettable one."

"I hate to think he still has me in that album."-

Sexist priorities

"Ended up unexpectedly pregnant with my kiddo."

" Ended up being a boy, which was what my husband and I had hoped for, just because both of our families were so girl heavy, but obviously were excited at the prospect of either."

"I ended up with horrible, horrible PPD and knew very early after having my son I wouldn’t have another."

"Baby daddy was disappointed but accepted it."

"We struggled and knew another baby was a bad idea."

"My son wasn’t even 1 and after a casual convo with friends about babies, we had a friend who was expecting and getting ready to find out the gender, my husband informed me 'I’m just so happy, it’s a good thing we had a boy, because if we had had a girl, I would have made you try again until we had a boy."

"'And you saying you don’t want anymore kids, If you would have refused to try again I would have left you'."

"'So I’m soooo glad we got our boy'."

"I think about it all the time, and I wish I never knew, that his g*ddamned blood line is more important and worth more than our marriage."- ProfTreeLawnee

True colors came forward

'That for nearly 2 years, I thought our relationship was picture perfect."

"Turns out he was aggressive, violent, rude, offensive, and straight up malicious."

'The whole time he was just cheating on me with numerous other girls, downplaying my emotions, ruined nearly every relationship I had, psychopathic, and was in reality psychologically, verbally, and sexually abusive to me."

"Luckily, we have split up with zero intentions of talking to ever again, not even as acquaintances."

'His ability to manipulate me to such a drastically contrasting image still scares me."

"To actually answer the question, when he admitted to cheating on me and also mutuals admitting he only talks about me in a sexual way, bragging that he has me and sees me as a toy."- Violet_Blossoms74

Unresolved feelings

"They admitted ON THEIR INSTAGRAM STORY that he still finds his ex hot."

"This hurt a lot especially after I told him that I'm really insecure of myself because his ex is a straight 10 for looks."- i_want_toaster

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