People Describe Their Absolute Best Personal Flex
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Most of us were taught that nobody loves a braggart or a show off, but let's be honest: if we don't celebrate ourselves, who will?

Weirdly, the answer seems to be "strangers on the internet."

Reddit user tzhumanbean asked:

"What's your biggest flex?"

So listen, just for a minute, forget everything in you that wants to be humble. Toot your own horn. Brag about whatever seemingly-silly thing you're amazing at.

If you need some inspiration, Reddit will go first.

Balance Champ

"You know the game at the carnival where you climb the wobbly rope ladder and ring the bell?"

"I've won it twice"

- ThunderousBeats

"Nice, I watched a mark rober video about that, and it's supposed to be near impossible because physics."

- SnooCapers5361

"The trick is to only have 1 hand and 1 foot on the ropes at any given time and said hand and foot need to be opposites. Get that technique down and you will win everytime."

- Radicalkoopa

"Or just walk directly up the center of the ladder on only your feet. That's how the people that run the game do it, and it was the only way I could do it as well. I've won twice that way."

- JustABugReport

"What’s the secret?"

- lilfindawg

"I kept my feet and hands close to the edges. I moves opposite legs and hands as close to the same time as possible. Near the top its very hard to balance so I sprinted/jumped for the bell."

- ThunderousBeats

Grampa Flex

"My grandad used to build space shuttles/spaceships."

"The company he worked for would send the spaceships to nasa. The company was doing a private time capsule thing where the workers could send their name to the moon on a piece of paper."

"My grandad wrote my name down, so i’m now on the moon."

- dollsrot

"That is f*cking sweet!"

- Prestigious-Ring4978

"15/10 Grandpa!"

- randomPH1L

"Aw wow 🥺🥰"

- Catbug94

Moon Landing No GIF by Arrow AcademyGiphy

Rich In Stem

"When I donated bone marrow (stem cells) I had 6 times the normal amount."

"They ran the tests 3 times to confirm."

- Kharn0

"You got more stem than a sunflower"

- mechy84

"So, you're like a potent human being?"

- Cold-Account

"Damn, leave some stems cells for the rest of us."

- YellowCarNoHitBacks

"You’re probably Force-sensitive and should seek a mentor from the Jedi Council."

- AngularChelitis

​Literal Flex

"I can flex some muscle in my neck and make myself look like a croaking frog. It scares kids"

- glossyballs69

"Upvoted for scaring kids"

- cephalicrush

"flex within a flex"

- Far-Classic-4637

"My 14 year old son does that to annoy me. Haha"

- jn29

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Flick Some Cents

"I’m so good at flicking pennies (P E N N I E S) that I can flick them into peoples pockets without them knowing."

- Kitsune_sits

"Dude one of my friends is a phenom at flicking pennies. We worked together 18 years ago at my first professional job. He was the underachiever of underachievers, super capable guy but he was purposefully lazy and pretended to be incompetent so nobody would ask him to do anything."

"One day I caught him flicking pennies across the facility, hitting random people in the head from afar just to cause a stir. He could do it so stealthily that nobody else could tell where they were coming from, but I caught him. I wasn't technically in management at the time, but I was the designated engineer for that department, so I had to talk to him about it. For months leading up to me catching him, we had an ongoing phenomenon of "magic pennies" appearing randomly around the facility. Everywhere you looked, there was a random penny. Friggin' everywhere. This was a high tech facility in the medical field, so random pennies laying around isn't a good look... Management was getting aggravated by it."

"Hey, that's a neat trick... How long you been doing it?"

" 'A long time' *Big Smile*"

"As a friend, I have to ask you to stop."

"Ok, ok, but I have one penny left and it's going to be a one in a million shot."

"Damnit... You need to promise it'll stop. The flicking and the random pennies everywhere, I don't want you getting fired over it and there's a lot of eyebrows getting raised right now."

"He flicked that penny through the air right as one of the warehouse guys was driving through on a tugger (it's like half golf cart, half fork truck). The penny popped the driver right above the ear with an audible WHACK. The driver jerked, turning the tugger and crashing it into three large material hoppers and busting a water line off the side of a machine. This caused 4 production lines to get halted and maintenance called in for about 4 hours of downtime."

"I wrestled with it but ultimately said nothing. The warehouse guy said a wasp must have got him and he did not get in trouble at all. My friend stopped flicking pennies after that."

"Sorry for the long story, I type super fast and it gets away from me at times..."

- crapgarbage

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Double Flex

"In the 4th grade I won one if my countries biggest math competitions. I can also lick my elbow"

- FriendshipSad1623

"The duality of man"

- arkesko


- itzhumanbean

"Not gonna lie I'm more impressed with the elbow licking. Like how the fuck? Do you have a really long tongue or weird ass ligaments or something?"

- Puluzu

"I’m more impressed by that too."

- SparklyRoniPony

"I actually tried. Could not lick my elbow. Impressive."

- L00k_Again

The Flex We Need

"I’m a marine biologist and my research has been used in the conservation of both sea turtles and whales."

- Myctophid

"That’s the nicest flex on this thread, solely because I have been obsessed with whales ever since I was born. I love talking to marine biologists and expanding my knowledge as well as knowing what I can do to keep whales safe and happy! Thank you for your work!"

- PoutineMaker

"I’m happy that I get to do this work. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows, but it’s pretty cool."

- Myctophid

"real life super hero! keep up the good work"

- christophersbooks

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Kicking Some Serious Behind

"I kicked cancer’s ass"

- Quiet_Goat8086

"Now that's a flex that everyone is happy about"

- Narrow_Active5934

"So proud of you!💪 hope i can achieve this as well soon"

- nellako

"F*cking fair play mate, as we would say in my part of the world."

"well done mate."

- Quickbrownfoxjumper


- Lowgwano

"Long live you! 👑"

- param_T_extends_THOT

Hard Flex

"Throwaway here, I come from former meth addicts. I say "former" because my dad hasn't been using while in prison and my mother is disabled with a heart condition."

"I got a full tuition ride in undergrad, and I'm starting grad school @ Tufts this fall :)"

"Edit: Thank you all so much for your kindness! You guys made me cry. My acceptance was after some time working in human welfare, and being selected to assist in the creation of U.S. policy regarding health initiatives with the feds. I wish I could tell you all more, but I can't be too specific."

"But really, thank you. I'm doing the best I can with what I have, and I'm grateful for all the support. :)"

- Prize_Camp985

"Wow, well done! Just from an internet stranger to another, I felt proud of you while reading this comment and I'm genuinely excited for your future."

- moonlighttravel

"That’s awesome! you’ll enjoy Tufts, it’s a great school and fairly fun location."

- gregrainman314

"That’s where I go! Incredible school, great community, you’ll love it!"

- chartman21

Teacher Flex

"Going into my 17th year teaching high school physics."

"I would bet money that 75% of all students I've taught would put me in their top 3 favorite teachers of all time."

- cesarjulius

"What is it about physics teachers? They were always the coolest, in grade-school and in college..."

"My physics teacher in high school used to play Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and stuff from Dr Demento while we were taking tests. He'd randomly quiz us on song names and lyrics for bonus points."

- crapgarbage

"We had an amazing physics teacher who is a legend, such a hard working dude, used to be very patient with us. After two years of teaching our class, we gifted him an Armani watch which costed like 2400$."

- praneshwar

"Did you bring in your collection of electric guitars, dismantled and have us reassemble the pickups while you lectured about electromagnetism and how strumming induced current?"

"That was an amazing day, thank you Mr. Holzwarth!"

- ThinkIGotHacked

"Thank you for your hardwork!!"

- itzhumanbean

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