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Women ripping a receipt in a restaurant
Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

Sometimes we get a little lost and in need of help in our daily travel destinations.

That can be especially awkward when you're a customer.

How many of us have stumbled into a place thinking we were somewhere else?

I can't imagine being such a diva that I would stroll into a Burger King, stone-cold sober, and expect a Big Mac.

Or run into a Pizza Hut demanding an egg roll.

But... it happens.

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Children Of 'Let Me Talk To The Manager' Parents Share Their Embarrassing Experiences
Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

Parents aren’t doing their job if they’re not embarrassing their kids. However, there are different levels of embarrassment.

It’s bad enough when your parents go around telling humiliating stories about your childhood or insist on hanging out with you and your friends. It’s also pretty bad when your parents are overprotective and either won’t let you do anything fun or force you to keep in constant contact.

However, one of the most embarrassing things your parents can do is ask to talk to a manager when they’re not satisfied with their service.

It’s one thing if the experience is actually a bad one, but when your parents or other relatives make a stink about a simple mistake, you tend to wish the ground would open up and swallow you.

I know I did every time my dad yelled at a manager so scarily that they couldn’t form coherent sentences anymore!

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People Break Down The Most Ridiculous Complaints They've Ever Heard In The Service Industry
Artur Voznenko / Unsplash

Some people strongly believe that everyone should be forced to work at least a year in the service industry to teach them patience, self-awareness, and how to properly deal with rude customers.

Think of it like an entitlement-diversion program.

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Children Of A 'Karen' Break Down The Worst Thing Their Parent Has Ever Done
Julien L/Unsplash

When you read the name, "Karen," you might think of viral videos of middle-aged white women berating an employee and demanding to speak to the manager. It's become somewhat of a meme because of the viral videos, but its intentions are to point out the privilege white women can use to get what they want or weaponize it against people of color.

The image of the "Karen" has evolved into the "Coronavirus Karen" since the pandemic has begun.

What you might not be realizing is these "Karens" are mothers (or even fathers) who may be embarrassing their kids, or even treating them with the same manipulation at home.

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Children of Karen-esque Moms Explain How They Cope With That Behavior
Image by John R Perry from Pixabay

Over the past few years, but especially the past few months the video parade of Karens has been non-stop. The phrase-which is now an infamous part of our lexicon-labels a person due to their hideous public behavior. Too many moms (and dads) seem to believe the world is beholden to them and they let the world know it with each breath they take. These people seem to have no shame with such actions, but the people who know them and have to claim them as a loved are embarrassed and cloaked in shame. Children of these people are especially affected.

Redditor u/Matster04 wanted the children of "Karens" to share how they tend to the day to days with their moms by asking.... Children of "karens", what is it like to be their child?
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