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People Break Down The Weirdest Flex They're Strangely Proud About

Reddit user Alynatek asked: 'What is a weird flex you are proud of?'

Whether we want to think so or not, we all have something to be proud of.

We've all accomplished something or are good at something that we can easily say not everyone can do.

But some of those abilities might be a little more strangely received than others.

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Accomplishments prove we tried to do something and did something.

A little flex every now and again doesn't hurt.

I did this.

I tried this.

It proves we lived.

Just don't be arrogant about your success, but sometimes you want to show off just a little.

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People Describe Their Absolute Best Personal Flex
Robert McGowan/Unsplash

Most of us were taught that nobody loves a braggart or a show off, but let's be honest: if we don't celebrate ourselves, who will?

Weirdly, the answer seems to be "strangers on the internet."

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Ice-T Has A Tip For Amazon's Flex Delivery Service After He Claims He Almost Shot Someone
NBC / Contributo/Getty Images / @MelissaJPeltier / Twitter

There has been a significant amount of criticism of the way Amazon gets packages delivered to customers, but a recent tweet from Ice-T brings a new problem to light.

The multi-talented performer tweeted last night about a recent package delivery that used Amazon's Flex delivery service.

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