Cashiers Break Down Which Items Cause Them To Silently Judge Customers

It's human nature to have various opinions about the people we come across.

What sets us apart from heathens is that we keep our judgments to ourselves–especially when they are not of the flattering variety.

The people who probably interact with strangers the most are those who work in any type of service industry, and they should be good about keeping their mouths shut if they don't have anything nice to say about a customer or of their purchases.

But Redditor gracoal gave those who worked in retail the opportunity to share their anecdotes by asking:

"Cashiers of Reddit, what items make you silently judge the people who buy them?"

When it came to the sale of beverages, these Redditors had some interesting thoughts.

Repeat Customers

"When I worked at the liquor store we only judged people if they came back several times a day."

"Edit: I only did this because it was illegal to sell alcohol to drunk people, when you have someone making multiple trips during a shift they may be drunk, whether or not they where an alcoholic wasn't my concern, but yes I had to judge them."

– RenegadeOfBonk

Evasive Customer

"When I was drinking heavily every night I’d go to a different store each day so as to avoid judgment lol"

– musetoujours

Quality Of Water

"The ethos water at Starbucks. We literally give out free water and it’s way better than the ethos water like sir."

– Sweet-Ad1906

Got Milk?

"I was in a 7-11 at 1:30 in the morning on a Tuesday I had the next day off, and a plan to to hang around my apartment all day and play video games. But in order to avoid going out again, I was gonna need some beer. I headed up to the counter with that beer, and there was someone in line. The lady in front of me had 3 kids with her. They were all in between about in between about 4 and 7."

"And they each had had a single serving box of sugary cereal. Like the little boxes of fruit loops. And the mom was buying a pint of milk. Not a half gallon, or a quart... just a pint. I'm pretending not to notice her, thinking what are these kids doing up at 1:30 in the morning? And 3 single serving cereals and a pint of milk? You could just get a Box of cereal and a gallon of milk for like an extra couple of bucks."

"And anyways, that's not enough milk to fulfil the goal. What blew me away, is she paid for it all with a crisp new $100 bill. And then told the cashier to give her all the change in scratch tickets. The combination of all of those bad decisions Amazed me."

– TimoWasTaken

Some of these are examples of how cashiers shouldn't comment on items being purchased.

Because Priorities

"This was about ten years ago, but the only time I judged someone was also when I lost a little faith in humanity."

"Guy in his late twenties comes through the line. Belt is filled with junk food; chips, chocolate, popcorn, candy, etc. The whole time I'm ringing him up he's saying how glad he is to be out of the house, that the baby has a flu or something and hes at his wits end."

"Fair enough, I suppose."

"I get to the total, tell him, and wouldn't you know, he's short a few dollars. So what does he put back? The only non-juck food item: children's cold and flu medicine."

"I still judge that man, and I don't even remember his face."

– Remembermybrave

Saving Face

"At the pharmacy I had a guy not buy an epipen for his child with a $50 copay but pay $100 for tretinoin which was not covered for his own acne which, honestly wasn’t that bad. He really could have used an OTC med. I felt sorry for his offspring."

– ImNotYourOpportunity

Giggly Teen

"I bought toilet paper and laxatives at the same time. Teenage cashier looked at it and got the giggles. This got the bagger laughing. I just stood there stupidly pretending it wasn’t funny."

– goldyblocks

Arduous Scanning

"Not judged as much as hated when people bought dozens of those individually wrapped snack sized cheese slices. At my store we had to scan each one of them."

"🧀 Beep 🧀 beep 🧀 beep 🧀 beep"

– dustbunnee

A Lesson Learned

"Currently working as a cashier and I was reading thru these thinking 'what was something I really judged people for?'"

"Then I remembered this one customer I judged wrongly. Every morning this one guy would bolt into the store, go to the drink aisle, and come out with 5-6 energy drinks. He would come everyday so one day, I made a joke and said: 'don't drink them all in one setting.'"

"He then proceeded to tell me that it's to help with his ongoing chemo therapy. Stopped judging people based on their items after that one."

– Enchanted_nerd

Concern For Pets

"I was a cashier at a pet store. The main thing i'd judge for was buying way to small of a habitat. Whether it was a gold fish bowl, or a critter trail, i'd be upset. I'd try to use it as a teaching opprotunity when possible but not everyone would listen because 'its just a fish/hamster/rabbit/etc.'"

– Avbitten

It's not always the merchandise that prompted judgment.

Checking The Attitude

"I was a cashier for 3 years, and I can't think of a single thing that anyone bought that I judged them for."

"I certainly judged people for their attitudes, for inappropriately asking for a discount, or for various other petty things, but never for the items they were buying."

– Amikoj

Entitled Customer

"back when i worked nights at a gas station, i had a lady come in wanting a sale that had ended the previous week. when i refused to give it to her she did the whole 'DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!' bit, and swore her uncle owned the gas station chain and was going to have me fired. i really didn't give a damn. i made $12/hour. i told her go for it. then kicked her out."

"talked to my boss the next day who was a little peeved i didnt give her the discount but said i did the right thing by kicking her out because she doesn't tolerate customers being rude to her staff. never did find out if she really was the niece of the gas station owner, and never got fired. quit a year later for a better paying job."

– rocket___goblin

These former cashiers couldn't be bothered with assessing the behavior or shopping preferences of customers.

On Auto-Pilot

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I barely pay attention to what im scanning most of the time. You could point a loaded gun at me and leave a note saying you're gonna rob me. So long as I swipe it through and hear a beep, I won't even flinch."

– occpotato

Free From Judgment

"I cashiered at a grocery store for 4 years, same. I never judged people for what they were buying. I did judge people for being rude, for complaining about paying for disposable bags, for eating produce before paying for it, and for lying to my face to save a couple pennies. You can try switching the produce stickers but I can tell the difference between a Fuji and a Sweet Tango."

"Something I always wished people knew that we DO NOT judge people for"

  • "having their card declined. If you only knew how frequently this happened all day long. No one cares and I do believe you when you tell me the account has money. I believe you. Cards get declined for all kinds of reasons, all day long. It is not a big deal at all."
  • "I do not judge you for bringing a reusable bag from a different grocery store. People seem to think it’s bad etiquette or something and would always apologize for using a trader joe’s bag or something. No one cares. At all. Use whatever reusable bag you like, it’s just a bag."

– dumbname1000

The Wild Lovers

"I worked as a grocery store cashier many years ago when I was in college. I saw lots of weird stuff, but never judged what people bought, but did judge them if they were a-holes. Even people on wic and foodstamps buying beer or steaks didn't bother me - sometimes you have to enjoy the little things, and who am I to deny or judge someone wanting a small enjoyment if their life is already rough enough?"

"But there was this one time that was freaking hilarious. Late on a weekend night, a really trashy couple were all over each other as they bought a 12 pack of beer and a box of condoms. Hey, at least they were being responsible. But the funniest part was when they came back not 30 minutes later and bought smokes. I still laugh thinking about that."

– DonkeyHodie

You never know what a cashier might be thinking, but that shouldn't stop you from buying the merchandise you want for fear of being judged.

Just make sure you treat them all with kindness. Because the positive impression you give will be something that stays with them after a long shift dealing with wacky customers.

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